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From a thread that was just deleted, probably because it exceeded 100K in size.

My iPhone 4 works with no antenna problems, as long as I have it in a case. I bought a Body Glive case yesterday, and everything had been great ever sense. Before that the antenna problem was quite bad.

Be patient: Apple will do the right thing.
In the mean time, get a 29.00 iPhone 4 case from a local AT&T Store.
Or, online for $22.

Also, appreciate that based on their history,
Apple will make it right.

No, I do not work for Apple, AT&T, or Body Glove.

But, putting the iPhone 4 changed everything!
Works 100% now in last 28 hours since buying the case here in the Pittsburgh area.

Just trying to help!


iPhone 4, 32Gig, iOS 4
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