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    Hi Jonathan:

    If you have scratches on each corner, it sounds like you need a new front & back glass. I did this recently with my iPhone 4S and went to iQue Repair for the repair. They have a mail-in service and as soon as they got it, they did same day repair and my phone was shipped back to me. My phone was back in my hands right away - although I missed it as soon as I shipped it off

    Here is the link for the mail-in service for them:


    They were super easy to work with, great and friendly staff, they called me and told me what was wrong & how much it would cost before they repaired it - they were outstanding. I highly recommend them for your fix.

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    What is The Apple Genius? Is that someone special at the Apple Store? How do you book an appointment?

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    You can replace the back glass extremely easily and cheaply. Just order a replacement online along with the correct screwdriver to open the screws holding it on.


    When you get the screwdriver, remove the screws and gently slide the back glass screen up and off the iPhone.  Then, slip the new back screen on the same way in reverse. Make us it clicks into place and is solidly on.  Then reinsert the screws.


    Cost me a total of about $5. Only do it if you're out of warranty though.

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    I dont know what the bickering and confusion is all about, but Apple does not make you buy a replacement phone if you only crack the class. In fact they will replace the glass there, while you wait, for only $30 (under warranty or not). Just make an appointment online at your local store.


    That's a very fair deal if you ask me.

  • Frozo Level 2 Level 2 (270 points)

    Be careful though... Ive seen home kits sold online and have read reviews that the replacement "glass" is actually a cheap plastic ripoff, not OEM as advertised (and the screwdriver didnt fit). You may have bought from a reputable source though. Just warning anyone else to be aware.


    I'd say just have Apple do it for $30 if you have the cash, since its not that much considering its true OEM replacement and being installed by an Apple employee.

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    Apple replaces the iPhone4 screen for 30$? Is this something new they started recently? Last time(mid 2011) I went to the apple store in NJ they offered me a replacement phone for 150$.  They do not replace the screen at that time. Same has been reported on this forum by other people. If it's a sure deal that's just awesome.

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    Well I just got off the phone with the local store yesterday and they told me I can replace the back glass for $30. Im going in to have it done tomorrow.


    Keep in mind that this is an iPhone 4 (I hear earlier models are not as easily servicable) and also that it is the back glass (Ive read conflicting reports online regarding the ability for instore front glass swaps).

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    The BACK GLASS has always been an easy, cheap repair, although I don't know if previously Apple would replace that.  The part is cheap and can be ordered through Amazon.  You can easily do it yourself if you have the correct screwdriver (I have the early iPhone 4 so I only needed a phillips head)


    The FRONT SCREEN is another matter entirely.  You have to get the glass & digitizer and as many previous posters stated - Apple wouldn't repair it, they'd only replace the ENTIRE phone.  It is possible to replace the front screen as a DIY (which I've done for my phone), but it's pretty complicated.  It's worth DIY if you want to save the money.  You can do it for around $30 versus forking out $150 to get a replacement phone, if this policy is still in effect. 


    Did Apple recently change their policy???

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    Thanks for the reply. I was obviously talking about the front screen. Please post a reply if you know Apple is replacing the front screen for iPhone4.

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    OK, i thought Id get the info from the source to clear any remaining confusion. I spoke with an Apple Store employee who seemed pretty sure about the policy. This is the info I got:




    FRONT Glass


    No Applecare

    iPhone 4: $150 phone replacement

    iPhone 4S: $199 phone replacement



    With Applecare (you are allowed 2 incidents of front glass breakage):

    iPhone 4: $50 for glass replacement

    iPhone 4S: forgot to ask



    BACK Glass

    Under Applecare or not




    All above can be done in-store as you wait (10-15 min she said)



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    Not sure why you were replying to a 2 year old post and ignoring everything in between.


    With AppleCare + you get 2 replacements for a $49 deductible, doesn't matter whether it is broken screen, water damage, etc. that is user damage. Cost is the same for the 4s. They do not replace the glass, they replace the phone with a service unit in almost all cases.

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    Did you buy your IPhone directly from the Apple store or from a carrier like Verizon?  I just shattered my screen too and is wondering what I can do

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    Dan did you have Apple Care? Will they replace if you are still under the 12 month warranty but don't have the Apple Care?  I too live far away from an Apple store, but is willing to travel if they will replace mine. My coverage is through Verizon.

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    If you bought insurance through Verizon you can collect on that. If you have AppleCare + you get 2 replacements for accidental damage for a $49 deductible. If you just have the warranty with the device, or AppleCare, it will be an out-of-warranty replacement for $149 for the iPhone 4

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