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TechFrenzy Level 1 Level 1
It seems there is an issue with OS4 displaying the photos improperly when transferred or emailed. Still photos won't display properly when taken in portrait (upright). They look and display properly on the iphone itself, but not when emailed to someone. They display rotated (sideways). See for yourself

HP, Windows XP, iPhone 4
  • sn4p2k Level 4 Level 4
    I just tested this out and it works fine for me im not seeing the photos getting flipped
  • TechFrenzy Level 1 Level 1
    This may be limited to windows users. I'm not sure yet. I spoke with Apple about this. They did log it as a possible issue. Whats funny is that in the camera roll on the iphone, it looks right. Email it to someone, and it is rotated. My iphone 3G didn't do this, but that wasn't an HD camera. Also the vids don't do it, just still photos
  • w7ox Level 4 Level 4
    My daughter sent me some by email, iPh4 to iPh4. There were 4 and the last two came thru upside down.

    On my MacBook they looked normal. We've not been able to duplicate this.

  • TechFrenzy Level 1 Level 1
    I'm thinking that just like a digital camera, if you rotate the camera, the photo displays wrong and you must rotate it. A mac may know how to display it, which is why it looks and displays fine on the iphone itself. But windows may not. Not really a huge issue. So for me, when I want to email a photo, I will have to hold the iphone in landscape when snapping pics
  • TechFrenzy Level 1 Level 1
    A good test is to take a photo with the phone upright, email it actual size to a windows user, I'll bet he or she tells you it is rotated. Thats what is happening to me.
  • zcuda Level 1 Level 1
    my photos all gt turned upside down when i email them also, even ones taken without turnign the camera.
  • TechFrenzy Level 1 Level 1
    I must say it surprised not to see more people chiming in about this. When I had my 3G, I took many photos in portrait (phone held upright), and emailed them to many people. No issues then. Now, every photo I take in portrait, is displayed sideways. It must be rotated 90 degrees. Yet they look proper in the camera roll on the iphone.
  • marcbyron Level 1 Level 1
    I have the same issue. All photos that I shoot sideways and send to my friend's Blackberry will appear upside down
  • bearbandit Level 1 Level 1
    I took a photo then sent it to my email account. Shows fine via the iphone but when viewed through outlook it is not right side up..Looks like another software glitch of some sort.
  • red555 Level 4 Level 4
    TechFrenzy wrote:
    I must say it surprised not to see more people chiming in about this.

    I have this with screen snaps on the iphone4. They are 90 degrees out when snapped in landscape mode. Same problem on my ipad.
  • jabecker Level 1 Level 1
    I took four pictures, one from each of the four rotations of the phone, and emailed them to my gmail account.

    In the phone, they all displayed upright.

    In gmail in IE, they all displayed upright.

    In Outlook, only the pic taken with the phone rotated 90 degrees counter clockwise was upright. The other pictures were displayed with varying rotations.

    I think it's an issue with the mail client.
  • TechFrenzy Level 1 Level 1
    The problem is not email at all. Even when I plug my iphone into my pc, and view the images in windows explorer, the pics taken in portrait (phone held vertical) are turned 90 degrees. The pics taken in lansdcape (phone held horizontal) display properly.
  • AvgGuy Level 1 Level 1
    First time I tried this and yes, my photo got turned 90 degrees when emailed. Pic taken in Portrait orientation. hmmmmm
  • Mazarino Level 1 Level 1
    My hunch is that the new step of asking if you want the photo to be small, medium, large, or original size is somehow the culprit.

    I can't prove it, but I'd bet money on it!
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