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  • idelgado782 Level 1 (0 points)
    I just started having the same problem yesterday. I am in the process of restoring my phone although from the looks of it, that wont fix it. And I will try the phone with another sim card as well to see if thats the problem. Theres a horrible snow storm out there and I can't even head out to the apple store to get a replacement phone. This ***.
  • gothe Level 1 (0 points)
    I´ve searched many forums and there are many users affected by this error.
    This must be an enormus hardware bug on iphone 4. To have in mind that problaby less then 1% actually goes to an forum and search for an answer.
  • jjmdejesus Level 1 (0 points)
    Took mine to Apple and they replaced it. Said it was a hardware problem.
  • dpgvan Level 1 (0 points)
    Having the same issue. Just started tonight. No one can hear me when I call. Very very frustrating given I spent the full price on this!!
  • HagarO Level 1 (0 points)
    Having the same annoying problem with a new iphone 4.
    Tried to restore with no success.
    Apple, please do something about this, for now it seems like I paid a lot of money for nothing!
  • kec0 Level 1 (0 points)
    I've experienced same problem since last week. I've been trying all the solutions exposed here but noone was the correct one. Sometimes it works, but i havent found the exactly thing that makes it work. If I finally discover the solution i'll post it here. But, for sure, Apple should publish a solution to this problem... This is very annoying for a 600€ phone...
  • Rhea91 Level 1 (0 points)
    I have experienced the same problem two days ago. I got my iPhone 4 in September. I've been calling without problems for hours and I've never had this problem before. Two days ago the problem started while I was talking >.< People can't hear me but I hear them. I can use Skype & the mic app without problems. I've tried everything. I haven't called AppleCare yet because I'm not at home right now and I'm afraid after reading this huge post about apple-doing-nothing. I don't know what to do. I live in Madrid, Spain. My last phone was an iPhone 3G and I've used it for 2 years without any problems >.<

    I just can't understand why Apple hasn't said anything about this big problem yet. Now I've got iBrick 4.
    I need my phone for work, and I can't use it!!!
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    I have bought an Iphone in france in last august and a week ago I just had the same problem. As I live in Brazil, I have no other choice other than fix it or buy another phone. So, I'm trying hard finding a solution.

    Not to restore the phone again and again (as I would an eagerness to JB again) I tried different things, with some methodology testing .

    First I gave up the chance of being something on software, it shows almost for sure it's a hardware issue.

    1) By switching cells, the micro-SIM used, with DX adapter used in a smartphone Samsung, I ended up switching to iphone with the iphone still on.
    I removed the tray and insert the SIM, he quickly recognized and decided to begin testing.
    It worked. I made some calls simulating proximity sensor error , muting, speakerphone, BT headset ... the connection lasted much longer than the initially reported: 30s
    From 10 to 10 minutes retraced the test successfully

    Hypothesis # 1: Bad SIM contact with the mainboard.
    I thought about it much until a phone call to my girlfriend - he failed to 3min.
    I repeated the test, the SIM, removing it and inserting it again, I returned to the initial problem - SO? No success at all.

    2) When reading about the problem and see what works the thing about tapping-bottom, I decided to investigate how frequent and heavy taping should be trying something different.
    I figured that squeezing the iPhone (screen x rear end) the bad contact could be reestablished by magic or something.
    I tried to tighten and tighten at my full strenght... Little success, made some noise when it worked, which reminded me of the tapping process and returned to the original test.
    Tap here with finger tap, tap it on my knee...

    Hypothesis # 2: Error function / connection mic speaker connector bundle to the motherboard.
    Actually this is a bad contact or else oxidation of components in a connection through radiation, I guess it must disable sound components.
    SO? No success, but with little success or future damage as possible coming from the tapping process.

    3) I used a tip from this forum to test 3G connection problems, wifi etc ...
    Really seemed to make sense, since issue # 1 had to do with SIM card, and run for almost an hour had been over a wi-fi network.
    I decided to experiment with different connection scenarios, thetering, etc..

    Hypothesis # 3: problem of connection types and antenna hardware error and inferring than in the microphone.
    No effect any change connection, disconnect data over network and so on...
    SO? No success at all.

    4) Returning to imagine a possible problem with the mic speaker connector bundle I imagined that a poor contact between the tracks of the connector being a troublemaker, and this was the reason for my Motorola v600 fail miserably in 2003.
    With a magnifying glass and flashlight, I noticed that there was but a small spot of rust or oxidation on the connectors then - especially those that were used.
    My intention was to take an eraser and clean these connectors, indeed impossible because of their location.
    Plugged the cable and removing them from an angle position, so I decided to clean by scraping these connectors.

    Hypothesis # 4: Bad tracks in connector.
    The tests were promising. The mic came back to work without the violence of the tapping process but the duration of the solution was not the most satisfactory, but I avoided smash the phone on the wall each phone call.
    Another test in this regard was to twist the connector as the turning of a key in the ignition of a car. Oddly enough it worked well - especially in a clockwise direction, literally firing up the car ...
    SO? It worked relatively well. Now I carry a USB cable connected to the iphone all the time, so I give links in a little twist and the problem is reduced.

    I'm looking for spare parts to try to change something, being cheaper than buying a new iphone, or maybe study how the primary connector and the connections with the main board to try to reestablish the connection if it is compromised.

    Please apple... help us! Will'ya?
  • pedrodk Level 1 (0 points)
    I have the same problem here. Only during calls. When I try to use skype, it works perfectly. I guess my mic is not the problem.

    BhLoucao, when you said twisting the connector (#4), wich connector are you talking about?

    I didn't find a solution for this so far. Sometimes I only press the iPhone but I'm not sure it works.

    My iPhone is also imported and I'm also from Brazil =)
  • zgirl1988 Level 1 (0 points)
    Hi all, I had this problem only in one location (my dorm). It turns out that if I take my phone out of its case (Belkin Shield Micra), callers can hear me just fine. Maybe the case was interfering with reception in this particular location for some reason?

    Maybe the problem will start happening again, but as of now, my iphone is working fine.
  • zgirl1988 Level 1 (0 points)
    ok scratch that -- now it stopped working again.
  • Depue Level 1 (0 points)
    I too have had this problem. It isn't all of the time however, it seems to be pretty consistent as of the last week or two. Apple replaced the phone with a new one and still later that day it happened again. I switched micro-sims with another iphone 4 while it was having the problem, and it still had the same problem. I went back to the Apple store and they said to try a restore and set-up as new phone (not happy to lose my back-up, but if it fixes the problem... I can deal). Restored the phone and it appeared to work fine. I have hands free calling (Microsoft Sync) in my 2010 F150. After making several error free phone calls, I paired the phone with Sync. Again I made several error free calls. After a couple of start/stops of the truck, the phone began acting up (mic crackling- on their end- and then cutting out). The problem even happens when truck is off and I am far away from truck (and this is on a fresh restored phone). I have since turned off Bluetooth, restarted phone, and can again make error free calls. I am going to hold off on pairing to Sync and see if I can run error free. Problem- "Microphone appears to work in voice memo and other apps, callers cannot hear you and you can hear them clearly, if problem happens mid-call the caller complains about static and then they hear nothing, the mute button IS NOT on, mic input could be set to phone or hands-free device with no change, restarting phone does not fix problem (not even temporarily), switching Sims does not work.... I am leaning towards a bluetooth problem here. I guess I will try running it a day or two with out pairing to Sync and see if it works okay. I use my phone fairly often (about 3000 minutes/month) oh, and I love my phone, have no regrets, and will work through this problem
  • PowerG Level 1 (0 points)
    Some days ago I wrote that turning 3G off worked. That is not working anymore.
    I've been more than 24h unable to do a simple phone call. I've tried to reinstall the iOS and make the phone work without any app except those that came by deffect but the problem continues.

    I am very, very frustrated. My boss is tired of my iphone and had to buy me a simple phone. This is a shame, and it's starting to affecting my job...
  • crstevenson76 Level 1 (0 points)
    Those of you who have had your phones replaced and still experienced this problem with the new phone--did you ever get the issue resolved? I'm on my second phone and it's doing the exact same thing. I've been on the phone with applecare and at&t all day, along with two visits to the Apple Store (once in a blizzard:/) and nothing has worked. So frustrated. Continuing my love/hate relationship with Apple...
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    I’m still facing the same problem : I phone 4, people can’t hear me when they call me on my I phone.. I have requested Apple Care UK to try it for making calls more than once then you’ll find the problem.

    I sent it to apple care UK and they send it back to me saying that they couldn’t find any problem with it. When I received it, it still has the same problem. Then I send it back again to them with more explanation asking them to try it more than once as the problem sometimes appear in the second call, but they do NOTHING. They just send it back in an unbelievable time without fixing it, it still has the same problem while the service status is : Diagnosing product . How can they send it back to me while the status and the problem still the same .

    my Serial number: 81034RF7A4T

    Please tell me how to contact Apple care administration because I’m complaining that nobody is having a serious action regarding my problem.
    I have spent money and time for nothing. Now I’m asking Apple to replace my IPhone 4 if they cannot fix it.

    It’s a shocking for us here to know that Apple have a very bad service and that they don’t care about their customer’s benefits. How can a huge company like Apple waste my time and my money for noting.

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