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Question: Notes not syncing or uploading to iCloud After iOS 13 Update

I'm having an issue where, after updating my devices to iOS 13, notes from the Apple Notes app are either not syncing, randomly syncing, or syncing only after a prolonged delay (e.g. days) between my iPhone and iPad. I've tried signing out and back in to iCloud and have removed and reinstalled the Notes app on both devices. I've ensured that the OS on both devices has been updated to the current version. Interestingly, If I have the notes app open on my iPhone, I still get the notification in the dock on my iPad that the notes app is open on my phone, but the notes still fail to sync, or at best, some notes randomly sync hours or days later, between the two devices. I noticed that if I create a note in the notes app through the iCloud website, the note downloads to both my devices immediately, but notes created on my devices fail to upload.

Has anyone else had this issue and found a solution? Is this a known bug in iOS 13, similar to one with the Reminders app (which I don't seem to be having)?

Posted on Oct 8, 2019 3:55 AM

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Hi all,

I have resolved the issue.

I have had the same problem as everyone  - Notes not syncing between my iPhone, iPad, MBA - all with the latest OS. I tried everything recommended and ended transferring all my notes to sit on my iPhone - then deleted all notes out of the iPad and MBA and switched iCloud off for Reminders and Notes on all three devices.

I then backed up my phone so at least I had a copy of my notes (I used iexplorer to look into the backup to make sure all of my Notes were there).

I periodically switched iCloud back on in the iPad and iPhone and attempted to create notes and see if they would sync. They did not. My wife created a note on her phone and shared it with me - and that synced as we both made changes, although it was not instant as it had been prior to the iOS upgrades.

So until yesterday things were still not working.

Then I did the following:

  • switched off iCloud again on all devices.
  • deleted all notes on the iPad, MBA and deleted any notes in the 'recently deleted folder'.
  • logged into the iCloud account to access Notes via the browser and deleted all notes/folders - including notes in the recently deleted folder.
  • The only notes left were the 480 notes I'd transferred to the 'On my iPhone' folder on my iPhone. If you don't have this option in Notes you have to go to Settings/Notes and switch it on.
  • Then I did this (this is what I think resolved the issue). I went to Settings/Passwords & Accounts/iCloud/iCloud/Manage Storage - and I looked down the list to see how much data Notes had stored in iCloud (obviously it should be zero as I had deleted all Notes out of iCloud). It was 2.2GB - ranked 5th after iCloud Drive, Photos, Messages, Backups. Obviously something was jammed in there.
  • So I swiped left and the option comes up to Delete Data. I hit that option and I think it says 'This will delete all Notes in iCloud and on you iPhone' - I say yes or OK or whatever it asked. It didn't delete the Notes I had 'On my IPhone' - but I guess it deleted whatever was stuck in iCloud.
  • I waited for 30 minutes. Then switched on iCloud on my phone, and tested making notes on my phone, and in iCloud via the browser and it all synced immediately. I then added my iPad - and the same - all synced immediately - then added my MBA and notes synced immediately between all four. I then copied a folder from my 'On my iPhone' folder - to the iCloud folder - and it immediately synced the folder and all the notes it contained between all my phone, iPad, MBA and iCloud. I then copied all the folders - and all other notes have now synced between all devices. Each account has 480 notes.
  • If you are going to follow these instructions the only thing I would do differently is use my MBA to hold all the notes in the 'On My Mac' folder. If you don't have this folder you have to switch it on in Preferences. It is easier to use a mouse to move folders around.

I'll report back if I have any problems, but it seems I have resolved this issue.

Good luck all.

Posted on Oct 31, 2019 6:12 PM

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Oct 9, 2019 3:40 AM in response to Pescatore58 In response to Pescatore58

Just to be clear, the original issue of my post was actually referring to notes from iOS Notes app and not the Reminders, and was only between my iPhone, iPad, and iCloud.com. Reminders does seem to be syncing between my devices (knock on wood). I do not have a mac computer, so can't say if Catalina is affected.

To me it seems like the issue is that the iOS devices are not uploading the notes to iCloud.

Another issue I'm noticing is that hand drawn notes, while named on my iOS devices, are simply named "New Note" on iCloud.com.

Oct 9, 2019 3:40 AM

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Oct 9, 2019 9:39 AM in response to smccorkle13 In response to smccorkle13

Same here. iOS13 on ipad pro and iphone X are not syncing with MacOS Catalina Mac pro. I've signed out of icloud on all devices and signed back in, resynced all notes and that did not resolve the issue.

Also, Reminders had already performed its upgrade prior to this issue so Reminders upgrade is not the root cause of this issue.

Oct 9, 2019 9:39 AM

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Oct 9, 2019 12:42 PM in response to smccorkle13 In response to smccorkle13

Notes were working perfectly across my iOS devices (iPhone & iPad) until I upgraded my MacBook Air to Catalina. Now the sync is taking forever or not at all. Interesting point is that the time/date stamp is updating but not the content of the handwritten notes.

Oct 9, 2019 12:42 PM

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Question: Notes not syncing or uploading to iCloud After iOS 13 Update