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Hey all,
I created an intro video I would like to attach to my videos before I upload them to iTunes, I understand the iMovie for the iPhone only see videos that are on the camera roll. Is there a way to import a video TO the camera roll?


4, iOS 4
  • red555 Level 4 (2,550 points)

    With Windows PC: You can drag and drop by opening my computer and then double-clicking on the iphone icon. This will give you the contents of the camera roll on your pc. Just drag to the camera roll from your pc desktop.

    For mac, I assume you can do a similar thing with Finder on a mac. But I could be wrong.
  • winman42 Level 1 (0 points)
    I've tried this with my Windows 7 pc, and while I can see the items such as pics and videos contained in my camera roll, i'm not allowed to drag and drop anything into this area.

    Has this worked for anyone else?


  • roaminggnome Level 10 (95,032 points)
    You cannot put anything into camera roll unless it is taken with the iphone ore saved from e-mail, messages on the iphone.
  • red555 Level 4 (2,550 points)
    Correction to my previous post....
    I thought I was able to drag/drop to the camera roll in the past but I tested it again and was also unable to do this.

    Sorry for any confusion on my part.
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    Ok, with the help of someone on another forum, I found a solution.

    Check the "include videos" option in the Photos tab.
    Drop a file or files into the Movies area in iTunes.
    Do a sync

    Voila! The videos show in iMovie, so you can now edit them.

    I did notice that they DON'T show in the Camera roll, and they also DON'T show up in the iPod area for viewing, nor do they show up when you view the iPhone 4 files in windows explorer.

    However, they are now editable in iMovie!!

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    Your workflow does not work for me. I have the include videos option checked, I copy the file in question to the movies ares of the Itunes , the copy the icon to the iphone icon and a sync is done and nothing shows up in imovie. What type of video file were you using? I have trancoded to an .m4v H264 480x270 at 25fps. I don't know if imovie does 25fps?
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    i have tried exactly this, but it does not seem to work. could you explain it again please as i would really like to be able to do this? thanks for your time, cheers
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    Anyone Figure this out? I'm trying to import a short HD clip converted in itunes from my canon t2i DSLR. I can put the video on my iPod touch 4g but cannont import into iMovie or my camera roll. My OS is windows 7 and the suggestion up above does not work for me either.
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    Yes it worked for me to. Convert the video on your computer first in .mov format. Then it will work.
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    Not like, LUV! This works for me. iPhone 4 (iOS5.1), MacBook 10.6.8.iTunes 10.6. Saved my butt with an upside-down clip on a deadline - flipped in QuickTime Player 7 Pro (still have that remember?) on MacBook.

    To play it safe I did a rename to (bogus number.)

    Imported to "Films" in iTunes, clicked its box.

    In "Summary/Options" checked sync only ticked songs and videos...

    In photos clicked "Include Videos", applied, then synced (via cable - dunno about cloud)

    There it was when I relaunched iMovie on my phone...


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    ...Saved my butt with an upside-down clip on a deadline - flipped in QuickTime Player 7 Pro (still have that remember?) on MacBook.

    You can rotate video in iMovie iOS.

    Use the two finger twist:

    Rotate a video clip


    Imported to "Films" in iTunes, clicked its box.

    iMocie iOS will not see videos in the 'movies' or TV shows area of itunes/iPhone.

    You need to put it in the Photos tab / import.


    In "Summary/Options" checked sync only ticked songs and videos...

    That has nothing to do with Photo / Album Sync.


    Glad it worked for you, but pulling out a year old discussion and answering it wrong is a tad odd.

  • CALG0N Level 1 (10 points)


    The only way it will work is you download the photos you want to place in camera roll from somewhere



    1. Download dropbox on your iphone and computer.

    2. Upload the pictures you want to place in camera roll.

    3. Download it from dropbox on your iphone - Iphone will save them to camera roll.


    Problem solved.

  • Heygenius Level 1 (5 points)

    This seems to want to work but when I import a clip to Dropbox then go into and try and save to camera roll. The icon to do so is greyed out (I kno it's the icon cause when I do wit a photo it's activated a d gives me the option to "save in library")


    The only option it's gives is to "copy to clipboard" when I do i can't save (or don't kno how to) save to camera roll


    "Send as a text" but when I do It send to Dropbox media player and still no option to actually save to camera roll


    Then the other social media options which I don't want to do


    Is there something I'm doing wrong? The file is a (.mp4)

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    I was having the same problem. I marked as favorite and it allows you to download. Hope it works for you - worked for me - finally.

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