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    Guess its a work round but thanks

    That worked

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    oh, thanks so much for that advice...

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    Hey, this worked for me. It's in the different album, but it's better. Thanks!

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    Yes, the Dropbox download link is greyed out for me to. I also tried an auto sync with Iphoto and selected "include videos", but got an error message on my iphone "contact Itunes Store" Apparently there is a way to take video files from  elsewhere and put it on your camera roll.... People are beginning upload short commercials, ads, etc.. into Instragram via camera roll. I WANNA DO THIS. Lets figure this out




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    If you are using a Mac, you can drag and drop the a video or movie to your Camera Roll on your iOS device by using Pic Share It.  It's free.

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    iMessage it to yourself on your mac and save video on your iphone

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    Yes! That worked for me, I had to favorte it, back out of the video, then go back in and I was able to save it to my camera roll, FINLLY!

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    This worked for me as well thank you!!

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    Also, if this helps anyone:


    If you can get your movie into iPhoto on the computer, then...


    1. Plug in iPad/phone/pod to computer

    2. In iTunes, click on devices then photos

    3. Check sync photos

    4. Make sure 'include videos' is on

    5. Choose the event with your movie

    6. Sync the same way that you would music


    This will put the movie into your camera roll!


    I'm not sure how you would get the movie from iMovie to iPhoto.

    This method helped me because the movie that I wanted on my phone was taken with a camera and was already stored in iPhoto (not iMovie).

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    This one is my favorite solution.  Simple, sweet, worked without a hitch. As far as iPhoto vs iMovie, it doesn't really matter where your movie is, as long as iTunes can see it.  Currently, my iTunes Photo import works from a folder I specified that happens to contain (you guessed it) all my photos.  I don't use iPhoto; I use my own personal photo library folder.  Within the folder, I keep several sub-folders, and in iTunes, those subfolders show up as options for import.  I select only the subfolders that I want copied to my iOS device.


    I then created a new subfolder called "Camera Roll Movies" within my main photo folder, and it became an additional option in iTunes.  I checked that subfolder, and also clicked the checkbox for "Include videos" (as mccabefamily suggested).  Now, I just moved the movie I want copied to my Camera Roll to that "Cameral Roll Movies" folder, synced the device, and viola!  The movie is now available in my camera roll.  Unbelievably easy.


    If you're using your own Photo library photo as your Sync Photos option, and if you're movie was created in iMovie on the Mac, simply export the movie to your own "Camera Roll Movies" folder (if you don't have one, just create it).


    If you're using iPhoto as your Sync Photos option, then you will need to do as mccabefamily suggested, and get the movie into your iPhoto collection.  Not being a user of iPhoto, I'm not sure what that entails, but I imagine it is relatively easy.

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    IT WORKED!!!!


    if you want to upload a video to your instagram.


    just install dropbox on your computer


    and install the app on your iphone


    then put the .mp4 video you have into your dropbox folder


    and then on the app on your iphone, save the video, it saves it into camera roll BOOYAH!

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    I email videos to myself and then open the email on my phone and save it. Works good for me.

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    For large movies, rather than email, you can iMessage from Mavericks or Yosemite to the iPhone. I just transferred a 62 MB movie this way. From Messages in the iPhone, you then save the movie to your Camera Roll. No downsampling!

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    Video to Camera Roll


    You can try this one.

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    Thanks mate..

    The app you suggested worked perfectly