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  • Matthew Morgan Level 7 Level 7 (22,595 points)
    On a side note, why does it always have to be MAC vs PC? Why can't both sides just realize that both have their cons and pros and that people have the right to choose their preferred system without attack,


    The world is big enough for all of us!!

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    Well said. That's why I'm glad Apple finally took down those "I'm a MAC, I'm a PC" commercials. Those were the worst adverts I'd seen on TV in a while, and only perpetuated one side being more superior and so on and so forth. It definitely gave Apple a bad rep in my eyes but I'm back on board since I ceased seeing them. I couldn't live without my iPhone 4 lol

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  • Matthew Morgan Level 7 Level 7 (22,595 points)
    That's why I'm glad Apple finally took down those "I'm a MAC, I'm a PC" commercials.

    I must confess, I did like those adds.

    Even so, I love John Hodgman and have all his books!!

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    Checked mine. No issues.
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    nooo camera flash/led light doesent work
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    I'll agree with others that plastic on it's own cannot scratch steel. By "scratch" I mean leaving a scar in the metal. Not possible without some form of debris sitting between the plastic and the steel. However, I do have a few small, shiny "scuff" marks that have started to show up in the past couple weeks, which are most likely caused by the constant pressure and rubbing of the plastic against the steel in those areas. Scuffing is inevitable with pressure and rubbing between any materials, regardless of how hard they are. The way I see it, it's not a big enough of a problem for me to go through the hassle trying to return/exchange my phone, it's not something immediately visible on the occasions I take the bumper off for full phone cleaning or to show it off, and it doesn't effect the functionality of the phone in any way. Besides, unless you leave your phone in it's box with the factory film protection on it and never touch it, it's going to get scratched. It's a reality. It's going to happen. Live with it.

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    I have the same problem. I took out the bumper to clean the phone after one month having it, and the corners were scratched. Is there any solution for that? It's not a matter of dirt. I'm studying for an opposition and I don't take the phone out very often...
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    yes i am another person who has the same issues of scratched aluminum directly resulting from the apple bumper case. yes all phones do scratch, but these cosmetic damages will lower the resale value of your phone if you choose to sell back to a company such as i probably would have gone case free if apple had not offered them for free....
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    Man!! I Hadn't took my Bumper off for more than 3 weeks, I just took it off and I have so many dings and scratches around the power port, and many around the volume area, and some at the top!! *** did Apple make this ****** bumper??????? :@!!

    I am so ******.. I got it from the free Apple Case program.. Is there any way I can switch it by telling them that it gave me scratches... I am never never ever going to buy a bumper every again......
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    For anyone trying to prevent scratches on your iphone from the bumper ......put a piece of scotch tape over the metal band this will protect it.
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    yep definitely bs.
    took off the bumper for the first time and mine is all scratched to ****.
    And i take care of my phones. Not a single scratch anywhere else on it except for where the bumper was.

    For those of you who say its not a big deal you much not value your belongings. When I buy a 200 dollar device (which is subsidized heavily) i like to take care of it. I consider this a pretty big issue and apple will be receiving a call.
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    Sorry to hear about your problems with your iPhone. But if it's such an "EPIC FAIL" as you claim, why buy another? Doesn't sound like it's such a failure to me. You could have just went with a different phone altogether.
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    So pretty much you are one of those kids that believes apple can do no harm?
    Such a fool. The bumper scratches the **** out of the phone and its quite clear that its an issue

    the phone is just fine but the bumper is not.

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    You shouldn't go onto public forums and call anyone a fool out of common courtesy for other humans. Your mother should have done a better job raising you and perhaps then you wouldn't need a stranger on an Apple forum to teach you this. Beyond this, though, Michael has contributed a lot more to this community than many others (especially you). He takes time out of his day to assist strangers, and he has a consistent track record of providing useful info. Just click his name and read some of his posts if you'd like to see how you should behave in a public forum.
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    I said it before and I'll say it again...the laws of physics and chemistry that govern the universe we live in do not allow plastic to physically "scratch" steel. That being said, and speaking from both pictures I've seen and my own personal experience with my iPhone 4 and Apple's bumper, it IS possible, given enough time and friction, for the plastic to "buff" small spots on the stainless steel band, removing it's dull texture and leaving a dark, shiny spot behind that some may misinterpret as a "scratch". For those that say they can feel a scratch, by way of rubbing their nail over it and feeling it catch, I'll say again that it was NOT caused by the plastic bumper itself. Basic chemistry proves this. A piece of foreign debris with a hardness level equal to or higher than that of the steel MUST have been present between plastic and steel for an actual, physical "scratch" to occur. And it doesn't matter how well a person protects and cares for their phone. Unless it's kept in a sealed, sterile, particulate free environment, no amount of protection will keep debris off your phone.