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    So what? You are dictating how much the iPhone 4 is worth to some of us? Perhaps for some of us, as sad as it sounds, yes it is worth as much as a expensive diamond. So what? What's your beef with us? We are here to expose the facts that we are not happy with. Does that bother you? OMG, people a calling us anal... At least we are anal with objects not with people like some of the posters!! Love your phone kids!

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    Has anyone noticed that when using the bumpers, you cannot get a good connection either when charging the phone or using Aux cable in car? I have to keep taking the bumpers off when doing those activities and then putting them back on for normal use during the day.
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    I have the speck case. It makes the iphone4 much bulkier however is a great design for this phone. It has a nice rubber lining that isnt capable of scratching the stainless "steel" band or the glass. I have dropped my phone twice and this case has done a great job protecting the phone. I am happy with it and will not be using the bumper.
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    I have this issue as well. I called Apple regarding this and have yet to take my phone to the genius bar. However they did say this isn't under warranty. I hope they do something about this, when i first reported it it was just ONE scratchy/dent and then I had to cancel my genius appointment due to scheduling conflicts. I took off the bumper today and it had THREE. I've only had the phone for one month and i've never dropped it. I'm pretty disappointed about this. If I were to use the bumper case for months it would seriously ding up the phone and I'm more concerned because the steel band is part of the antenna. I'd put up pics on here but I don't think we can.
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    I thought I have OCD but after reading this thread, I feel better about myself. LOL
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    No kidding! I've had my bumper on my phone for two weeks now and there is not one scratch.

    I'm OCD about fingerprints so I ordered an anti glare film for my 4. After a month, those fingerprints are really getting harder and harder to wipe off.
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    My bumper left light marks all around the metal band also.
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    I have a bumper on my phone and no scratches at all. I don't know what you guys are talking about the bumper having sharp plastic inside of it. I'm a happy iPhone owner with no problems at all!
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    For those concerned about the bumper scratching the metallic band, maybe an extra layer of protection would be the Zagg 4FIX (tiny strips that go on the metal band). You can potentially get them for free from Best Buy. I put mine on a few days ago. Tedious, but seem like they'll stay in place. If you're careful with the install it looks great and adds some grip when the phone it out of a case/bumper.
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    Are you kidding me? This has to be some kind of joke, right? I just can't believe that people would be so petty and anal about a cosmetic issue. Who in their right mind would return a fully functioning ip4 knowing they could receive a defective one all for a few scratches? No one that doesn't deserve to be in a white jacket in a padded cell, that's who.

    If you're going to be that psychotic about the cosmetic condition of your phone then you should probably get a grasp on reality. The point of the phone is to function, not to look flawless all the time. On top of that, the bumper has never been promoted as a protective case, so it shouldn't be treated as such.

    There are people who would die to have an ip4 yet you cry about such a minescule problem. I hope all your future phones are nothing but problematic. Your selfishness and petty attitude warrant nothing less.
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    I just received my Apple black bumper case, and have carefully examined the entire inside of the bumper, and don't see any hard sharp dots or ANYTHING protuding that would scratch the metal band. Is it possible the bumper case has been revised?? The inside looks totally smooth to me. The only thing I noticed was a center canal that runs around the middle of the inside of the case, but that is inverted, not something that sticks out.
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    Fusion of Ideas is offering free stick-on strips for the antenna. Check it out here:

    Not sure if they'll leave anything when removed though. It's a brushed aluminum looking sticker (I have it, but unfortunately don't have my iPhone yet so I can't test it out).
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    Plastic harder than steel? Next we'll hear that glass backs break and will all be amazed

    No, but it is possible that a spec of dirt or other material came between the bomber and the steel band.

    That could account for scratching.

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    Has anyone tried metal polish to remove the marks? Did it work? If so, what brand was it and how did you apply it?
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