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    I've had this problem as well. My bumper has left small gray marks and scratches all around the band. I have had some success in removing the marks by applying brasso to the band then buffing off with a clean duster or cloth. You will notice the amount of black residue that comes off!!

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    Just checked. NO SCRATCHES. It's possible that the scratches were there when you received the phone. Hard to belive rubber or plastic will scratch stainless steel
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    Now who wants to tell me that I'm crazy again? I thought not! My phone didn't have a mark on it anywhere (remember I'm "anal")...I know what my phone looked like before I put the bumper on.

    I've decided to just live with it as the bumper covers the marks anyways, but everytime I take it off to give the front/back a good wipe there are more marks on the steel...another defective product from Apple!

    Love it! Also to the moronic nitwit (you know who you are) who attacked others on here who are complaining about cosmetic issues and you thinking we are stupid and cry babies...get a life bro! A case is not suppose to scratch a phone, it's suppose to protect it...what about that do you not understand? So what if the case is covering the scratch marks on the steel, what if I want to use my phone someday without the bumper? I'll have to do so with black marks/scratches all over the steel band. Also for resale purposes,'s not cool! Are you seriously that stupid or did you just graduate from stupidist? If you bought a NEW car and it had scratches on a part of the car that wasn't seen unless you "opened it" would you still keep the car? Man suckers are born every second on here!

    P.S. For those asking "how can plastic scratch or mark up stainelss steel"...there are certain areas INSIDE the bumper that is sharp and those sharp points/edges are rubbing up against the steel when the bumper is put on the phone. It doesn't take a genius (no pun intended Apple) to figure out that is what's causing it! I tried sanding down the edges with a fingernail file but no go, I can't even get the **** file in the holes lol.

    EPIC FAIL APPLE...360 degrees! Btw...wonder why all the bumpers have been "unavailable" now for weeks? Figure it out lol...

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    Just do a google search for this and you will see site after site, forum after forum of complaints about this. To the fanboys however, it's not real...they will buy anything from Apple and say nothing is wrong with it even if it catches on fire and torches their hair off!

    Anyways this is too funny...I'm off to least I know I'm not nuts when I reported this! Thanks Steve for my lovely black marks/scratches all over my steel...I guess that's why you gave me the case for free, huh? LOL!...

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  • zum Level 1 (0 points)

    noticed today after having my bumper installed for 2 weeks that it was scratching the stainless

    so are they still offering to replace the phone?
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    I doubt they will replace the phone because of this. I'm just looking at it as if I didn't have anything on it the steel would have gotten scratched anyways so I'm over it. I just think it's funny that the first repliers to my thread were calling me a liar and trying to make me think I was nuts, when all and all I knew exactly what I was talking about.
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    I found a solution that works very well. My bumper caused the same thing on my i4. After reading this post and others like it I set out on a Google adventure to find a solution. After reading up on Stainless Steel care I found a product that will give you very favorable results and I would think the more time you spent the better your results would be. It is a product called BARKEEPERS FRIEND. You can read about it here:

    It is very cheap and is as close as your local ACE TrueValue Hardware Store.

  • boone51 Level 1 (20 points)
    I also use the bumper. I ahven't seen any issues with scratches or imperfections with it yet. However, it's probably important that I mention that I have on teh side shields from Best Buy as well. They wrap plastic shield (Zagg) aroudn the metal band of the phone. I assume this is adding a nice layer of protection from any potential scratches the bumper might be trying to cause.
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    I've had exactly the same. Now, I wouldn't call them scratches per-se, however they do look like scuffs. Now, I am incredibly careful with all of my worldly goods, Apple or not.

    Having recently sold my 18month old iPhone 3G in box fresh condition (used every day for the 18 months) I even surprised myself! but the only thing I can attribute the scuffs on my stainless iPhone 4 band to is small particles of dust or grit which have somehow managed to get under the sides of the bumper (which I have had on it since new) or have somehow managed to get in through the dock slot or headphone slot.

    I'm going to see Apple in my local store tomorrow to see what they say about the scuffing, but I'm not going to hold my breath for a replacement. Anyway, I know how irritating it is as I was a little peeved when I saw the marks on mine, but I will say one thing... the glass front and back are absolutely immaculate, so if a little scuffing from the bumper case means having crystal clear glass, free of scratches for the next 2 years, I'll be a happy camper!
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    I have scratches on the band from the bumper too.
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    This is getting to be rediculous i have contacted apple about the issue. they told me that it was MY fault there product is destroying my phone! they also told me they would be more than happy to fix it; for 200 dollars! I dont understand isnt this case suppose to protect from scratches not cause them. they also have no disclaimer on the case stating that it causes damage. thanks for nothing applecare! i want my 90 bucks back cause you dont care about NOTHING!
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    Not to defend Apple, but I have owned iPhones since the first one in 2007. Since then, I have always had cases on every single one of them phones and not one of those case has ever been able to protect the phone from scratches.
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    Dayvidpriddy wrote:
    Just do a google search for this and you will see site after site, forum after forum of complaints about this. To the fanboys however, it's not real...they will buy anything from Apple and say nothing is wrong with it even if it catches on fire and torches their hair off!

    Anyways this is too funny...I'm off to least I know I'm not nuts when I reported this! Thanks Steve for my lovely black marks/scratches all over my steel...I guess that's why you gave me the case for free, huh? LOL!...

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    You keep calling them scratches, but have failed immensely to provide any proof that they have any depth. It's not a case of the case (all pun intended) "scratching" the phone as it is those sharp parts of the case grinding down and leaving a nice thick (and often hard, but not impossible, to remove) mark. A similar analogy would be if you apply force between a new pair of black shoes and white tile/linoleum; it's going to leave a nice black mark, but by no means is the rubber sole of the shoe "scratching" the tile and by no means is it impossible to remove. Instead of crying about it, here's something even an idiot could do; take the case off, forcibly remove the marks (not scratches) from the antennae, and put an entirely new non-bumper case on it. But, instead of actually doing anything about it, you've done nothing but cry, and wow! Look at what happened! That's right, nothing happened! You are still using the same "scratched" phone with the same exact bumper that caused this whole fiasco to begin with. All that whining and the results remain the same? Go figure!

    Anyways, I think it's safe to say that you've done absolutely nothing to help yourself. You came in with a problem, cried for 3 pages, and have yielded nothing different in the way of results (you're using the same case you're complaining about). In fact, the only thing you've managed to do successfully is have most everyone on the Apple Discussion boards see how crazy you truly are. Bravo! Good show! Now take a bow, and move on. Your act is over.

    P.S. You said the case was supposed to protect the phone? Well, that may have been the intention, but anyone with half a brain and an internet connection would know that the Bumper is one of the worst cases to protect the iPhone 4, as proven time and time again by studies and tests in which dropping the phone from very low distances results in disaster. You should do research on a product before using/purchasing it, especially since complaints about the bumper's lack of protection goes back to mid-late June and you got your bumper in early July. I mean, did you really think a piece of plastic that doesn't cover most of the phone was supposed to offer protection? Am I to just believe that you, of all people, took Apple's word for it when they said the Bumper would protect the iPhone 4 upon purchasing it? Wow I guess suckers are born every second on here, huh?
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    i dont think anyone cares about the fact it doesnt protect the phone (to the person who thinks he knows all) we care that the case its self is putting scuffs on the phone. your worse than apple care
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    Then remove the bumper and replace it with another case. The solution is simple; I don't see why everyone is making such a big deal out of it.

    In case I have to spell it out, here is the solution to the scuff marks on your phone:

    Step 1: Remove Apple Bumper case from your iPhone 4
    Step 2: Get a damp scratchpad and remove scuffs from antennae, making sure not to get water in any port of the phone
    Step 3: Get a new case and put it on your iPhone 4, making sure to rid of the bumper
    Step 4: Lesson learned

    Problem solved. If you're too afraid to put a little work into restoring your phone's antennae, then it must not be that big of an issue to begin with. The fact that people want a brand new phone for free over a few scuffs is nothing short of insane. The Bumper never was a good case to begin with and it amazes me people would even contemplate using it, let alone complain when something goes wrong with it. Every company has a specialty; for Apple, that doesn't include phone protection. Just like I would never buy a phone by Sony (Ericssons suck), I would never buy a case by Apple. Not sure why anyone else did.

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