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  • diman Level 1 Level 1
    I had the exact same problem. It gradually got worse until i couldnt stand it anymore. I took it to the genius bar and walked out with a new phone within 10 minutes, no problems/questions. i had my phone for about 2 months and i also noticed it would get worse when it was exposed to heat. he mentioned hearing something about it before, something between the screen and the glass, perhaps the oleophobic coating. i've never had any problems with taking stuff back to apple when it's not working properly.
  • Adrian Chen Level 2 Level 2
    Add me to the list, altho the spots aren't 100% the same, they are similar:
  • daksoy Level 1 Level 1
    I had the same problem her in Turkey. 2-3 weeks ago I took the mobile to the store and they told me this is a regular problem as iphone 4 having weak signal issues, so they can do nothing. And they offered me to use a protecting film. I am very angry now to hear, in other countries they are changing immediately. Will go and argue with the service department now. Most probably there are other customers in Turkey having the same issues and as angry as me.
  • daksoy Level 1 Level 1
    The authorized service company of iPhone in Turkey, GENPA, DOES NOT accept this as an issue or problem. So they refused and offered me a protective film or to charge around $200 to change the glass, screen whatever. It looks as if about a coating (oleophobic coating??) problem. Hope to have it changed before I got mad. Anyone reads or can help in Apple ?
  • cyclone34 Level 1 Level 1
    It could very well be a defect on the iPhone's glass. Make no further questions and take it to the Apple store for a check and very well a replacement.
  • daksoy Level 1 Level 1
    Apple has outsourced iPhone sales, distribution and service repair to a 3rd party company here in Turkey. Apple stores do not sell iPhone.

    So I am stuck with describing this HW issue as a problem to this very well respected company. I am sure they understand but don't do anything but freaking me out.

    Someone really do not care the about customer rights, GENPA or Apple who has outsourced this service to GENPA.
  • Truckster Level 1 Level 1
    I've just realized that tiny dots on my iPhone's screen but my dots are tinier. It's okay when I clean with microfiber, when i blew some warm air from my mouth, they're coming back! And yesterday, I thought the dots placed only bottom side of the screen and around the home button, but now they're almost everywhere on the screen. And those you said about GENPA, made me nervous.
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    This guy/girl is a total troll...stop feeding it!
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    But you know whats funny ?
    When you replace your phone at apple store you will get old refubrished unit. And yeah they will say its new blah blah blah, but dont believe em.
    all units they exchange are used refubrished that start with serial number 5K... or 5L...

    So if you just bought this phone not a while ago, demand a brand new unit.
    Only brand new units come wrapped in actuall iphone box with all accessories.

    i got ripped off like that a week after i bought my phone, they gave me a 'brand new unit' which was old refuberished and battery would not last a day of use....

    Be careful.. demand what you want.
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    Oh an BTW, those white dots look like some sort of chemical has spilled on the phone...

    I had same dots on my car when we sprayed sun screen on it by accident. it looked like it was under the clearcoat, some buffing with polishing compund took them right off.
    Im assuming polishing compound and microfiber cloth should take care of those dots.
  • dj_adamix Level 1 Level 1
    so all of you who got their phone switched. im sorry to say you got ripped off and you have used unit that have the casing changed. lol especially if you just bought your phone few weeks back. you shoulda bought a refurbrished phone in the first place instead of paying $600 for a brand new one lol :P
  • himynameismarek Level 1 Level 1

    Hi there. Same problem with my IP4 since the first month I own it. Gradually getting worse, never used any chemicals until now that this desperation has made me to. I said f*** it, I'll just get replacement glasses and change them myself if this experiment goes wrong instead of getting a refurbished 'new' phone.


    AND IT WORKED. Yes, I believe I found a temporary fix. It should be sufficient for at least a couple of weeks until it needs to be repeated, maybe even longer.


    This is what it looked like:




    Those white spots are very well visible with naked eye, but I found it impossible to photograph them on a larger area after couple of tries.


    I assure you that both front and back in these pictures were cleaned to my best ability using a cotton cloth (dry, damp, with alcohol or dishwashing detergent) and nothing could clean it anymore.


    There was no damage done to the glass, no chemicals used before, no rough use. The only thing it could ever come into contact with was the inside of my empty pocket and my fingers, which I keep OCD-style clean at all times.


    The rear glass has the coating damaged in the pattern of the case, however I had that case since I had the phone and I noticed this pattern only yesterday, when I took the case off. There was no sign of it two weeks ago. I suspect that this damage is more prevalent when the temperature is higher, as it has been in the last few days.


    SO - MY FIX


    I was using a rain repellent on my car's windshield and decided to give it a go on my phone, and voila.. it worked. White spots are now gone. The coating on my phone was so damaged, that those spots were there permanently, now I guess it requires some heavy and greasy smudging to appear again and even that would be visible only in bright light.




    It is as smooth as it was the first day. Fingers of course leave a light trace, but it's nowhere as bad as it was before, it is oleophobic again. It feels really smooth and slippery to touch now. The pattern from the rear glass didn't disappear completely but at least it's not immediately visible now (no pic of that).

  • Oscar_of_Sweden Level 1 Level 1

    The fix, using rain repellent, worked perfectly!


    Thank you for the tip!

  • rawbaker Level 1 Level 1

    Is this what you saw?  Anyone?  Bueller?

    Mine started acting up this weekend, started with one dot, then two, now... many!

    Ugh, I love/hate technology

    Help?213 (600x450).jpg

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    Wow my iPod looks exactly the same when against a black screen but looks horrible against a white screen as shown below.  Mine has spread like crazy over the last two days but at least it's just an iPod and not a phone!  It happened all of a sudden- like one second it was fine and then the spots were there. 


    I'm surprised to see there was actually a hit for "spots on ipod."  I hope a replacement will apply in this case as well as it's spreading like a disese.