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    Still does not work that great for Steam games. I just got leopard a couple of weeks ago, and continue to have the same problem with the acceleration when playing games. Its great when im using my trackpad; However, it gets very annoying during any game play. Ive tried different terminal commands and programs, but it still seems to be to slow or to glitchy when playing any first person games.

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    Ok first of all, you guys are really funny! After reading through the first couple of pages, it becomes clear that not everyone on this planet seems to have the required mouse skills to actually notice that there is a HUGE problem. And in fact it is VERY f..up indeed!


    Funny enough, this "feature" actually was one of the reasons (without knowing) that kept me from buying a mac for so such a long time. Years back, whenever I watched someone use a mac they had their mouse set so ridiculously slow and looked so inefficient in what they were doing that I actually though that macs were oldman's computers... now in light of this great mouse behaviour feature osx has to offer, I actually feel for them


    Anyway the algorithm works great on the trackpad, making it the best usable trackpad on the market, but is absolutely rubbish for a mouse! It is embarassing that Apple still has not fixed this in Lion... FIX IT PLEASE!

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    I hope this solves your problem:

    It is an PrefPane that makes you able to adjust the "acceleration curve".

    Works great!

  • Chris CA Level 9 Level 9 (78,005 points)

    This link was already given in this thread 15 months ago (bottom of first page).

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    Many thx for your input! I know about this solution, but it only fixes part of the problem, repectively creates a new one. When disabling the acceleration altogether, the mouse is very slow even at the fastest setting. So you need yet another program to go beyond the limit of Lion. (puke)


    My point was that stuff like this really should be native to the os! I'ts like some linux patchwork... 

  • rewozz Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    robertfromscarborough wrote:


    I don't think you understood me correctly. What I'm saying is every single windows computer even the cheapest ones have an option for disabling mouse acceleration. It's ludicrous to think that adding such a tiny feature to give the user an option to disable in OSX is bloatware. I do not use or own a netbook.

    Mouse response varies on a per user basis. Its obviously an issue with many people. Apple shouldn't be the ones to dictate how I use my mouse. I do not understand how this isn't blatantly obvious to everyone.

    The mouse acceleration is perfect for apples trackpad. But if they are going to let 3rd party mice (I.e. Logitch) run on their systems then why not let them support raw input? Why is it such a big deal to enable a feature that does nothing other than give user preference? Your obviously not a gamer because if you were then you would understand what people here are complaining about.

    Source games rely on raw input for accurate mouse speed and precision. logitech mice in the $100 range have completely customizable configurations relating to these features. Raw input gives the mouse direct control over acceleration curve and sensitivity bypassing OS pre determined curves. Apple blocks this from happening. Without using console comands my mouse is completely un usable in game. Wen I say unusable I mean it literally. It doesn't move.

    Paying for a high tier laptop from apple so that I can work and game on the go I shouldn't have issues like this. I wouldn't with any other OS.

    So reargardless of how apple thinks I should be using my mouse it shouldn't e in their right to control that. And adding a selectable option to simply disable mouse acceleratio. Isn't going to ruin the experience for anyone else.




    I'm using SteerMouse currently, close but no cigar.

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    I don't know if i went into any detail in my previous posts but the way I fixed this was by turning off the mouse scaling & using a Razor Lachesis mouse. The beauty being is that it has the firmware stored inside the actual mouse, which you set up on a windows PC and essentially 'lock in' 5 different mouse profiles and store those on the mouse using various different DPI & sensitivity settings. The 'profiles' can be changed on the fly using the buttons on the mouse, as can the sensitivity. Combined with turning off accelleration using the below command it actually gives me that same windows feeling we are all looking for. Just remember to turn it off when your done gaming because it does feel ackward to navigate after being so used to the osx settings.


    But that's just my experience, no doubt there may be some that don't agree, but to me it's been the perfect solution for some time. This might help at least a few of you that don't mind forking out ~$100 for a mouse to potentially resolve their issue.


    defaults write .GlobalPreferences 0


    Don't forget to log out & log back in for the changes to take effect. To turn it back replace 0 with 1. Yours may not be 1 - u can check first by doing.

    defaults read .GlobalPreferences


    Good Luck, hope that helps.

  • sean.carmen Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    This actually sounds like it could be "THE SOLUTION"


    Many thanks!

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    I hate the OS lion on my MAC for gaming purposes...  Pretty much screwed up my whole steam experience!!!  Any thing out there fix it with out downloading an outside program?  The script doesnt kill mouse accerleration!

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    I totally agree with lomis, I am a big fan of Apple since Mid 1900 but I can't understand and never get used to this stupid mouse movement. many times I feel like bash this stupid magic mouse on the floor.

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    If you want to play games using mouse in Mac OS, you definitely need to adjust the mouse curve using Controllermate.

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    After extremily frustrating couple of months, trying every mouse and driver available, I have purchesed Microsoft Comfort Mouse 6000 and it works like a charm with Intelli drivers. $15.00. For all of you frustrated PC switchers...

  • Dessimat0r Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Please sort this out, Apple. Allow us to disable mouse acceleration, and just set the mouse speed. Do it in the same way as Windows does. Thank you.

  • R C-R Level 6 Level 6 (16,745 points)

    Dessimat0r wrote:


    Please sort this out, Apple. Allow us to disable mouse acceleration, and just set the mouse speed. Do it in the same way as Windows does. Thank you.

    FYI, these forums are hosted by Apple but intended for user-to-user discussions. There is no guarantee that anything you post here will ever reach anyone at Apple that could 'sort this out.'


    To submit feature requests you can use the link.

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    First off, thank you AussieDJ for your informative solutions, this problem has been driving me insane over the last few days.  Having finally purchased a Mac (MBP 15") capable of running modern games, I decided it was time to finally retire my old trackball logitech mouse (you read that right, an actual physical trackball) so that I could play the likes of Diablo 3.  I purchased a Logitech G400 but did not realize the complete lack of Mac driver support until it arrived.  I've read about 30 threads like this one over the last few days and played around with command line fixes as well as both USB Overdrive and Steermouse.  The latter two work fine for reassigning buttons and the like, but I am still unable to really get the cursor movement to be comfortable.  As I understand it, this is both a function of the acceleration curve (its shape AND whether it is turned on at all) and of the polling rate of the mouse (the G400 has a 1000Hz polling rate and Mac OS X tops out at 125Hz.


    So I have a few specific questions for you AussieDJ (or anyone else who has had success finding a workable gaming solution):


    1) Razer SEEMS to have better mac driver support (eg. the Imperator 2012 claims to have Lion compatible drivers) than most 3rd party mouse makers (Logitech has no support at all).  Is this actually true?  And if so, do these drivers let you solve the acceleration AND polling speed issues (by adjusting the polling rate to the native 125hz) IN Mac OS?  If I can solve everything in Mac OS with the drivers, then I could get something cheap, like the DeathAdder (though I see that this model lacks new drivers for 10.7, whereas the Imperator has a 2012 model with updated drivers).


    2) Assuming that the Razer Mac drivers don't quite let you solve all these problems, what exactly CAN you set in the Windows control software?  I assume DPI and sensitivity, but can you also change the polling rate and acceleration?  And if so, do these features specifically (ie. the ones that are really at issue in Mac OS) carry over when you store them in the on-board memory of say, an Imperator or Lachesis?  Can button assignments also be stored in these onboard profiles?  If not, would I have to then use Steermouse to reassign them in Mac OS (and would that conflict with trying to use onboard profiles?).


    3) Since your solution involves turning off mouse acceleration entirely in Mac OS, is there some way to only disable it for USB mice, but keep it for the trackpad (where it is actually helpful?).


    Sorry, I know that's a lot of qustions, but I already ordered one mouse that I will have to send back.  I LOOKS like I might be able to get what I want with either the Imperator or the Lachesis (albeit at double the price), but I want to be 100% sure that I would end up sending those back too.  Thanks in advance!

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