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    Thanks Sharky49!  Resetting network settings dropped my Other from 24 GB down to 1 GB.  And redoing my wifi password was very quick and easy as compared to resetting my whole iPad2!  Your suggestion was the fastest and least amount of headache of all that I've seen in this entire thread!!!

  • CBorJB Level 1 (0 points)

    An hour later and the other space grew from 1 GB to 4 GB.  All I did was watch a couple of shows and then deleted them off my ipad.  Resetting the network settings is easy enough but I don't want to do it every day.  I went to look for the iExplorer others have suggested but it is only available in a demo mode unless I want to pay for it.  Did you other folks find it for free somewhere?  Any one see anything from Apple about a fix?

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    You can use the demo mode but if you want it for free google iexplorer and click on the second one were the link takes you to cnet. This will get you an older version but it will be the full version. You just delete everything into application archives folder.

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    Thanks, I'll try that.  Did find Diskaid that is free too.  Also found a suggestion to reset network info and that did it!  but everytime I delete anything (like video I am done with) it grows the "other" section by the same amount I just deleted.  Is there a way to keep it from saving things in the "other" section that I am trying to delete?

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    Thank you sharky49....I don't know the logistics behind this but it was a smart move and now my "other" has been reduced to almost nothing

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    Why are seven exclamation marks required. How many would be needed to announce, say, an invasion from Mars or an impending earthquake.

    It's a mystery?????????????????????????????????????????????

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    What ever happened to logic? or simple?

      Now are logiistic and simplistic.


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    Here's the solution:


    The only one that worked for me was to restore (solution 3); took about 30 minutes for both the iPad 3 and iPhone 4 (both 16Gb).

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    Try turning off the automatic syncing functions for the iOS device. To do this:

    1. Select the iOS device under Devices on the left side of the iTunes window and click the Summary tab.
    2. Deselect "Automatically sync when this device is connected" and select the "Sync only checked songs and videos" checkbox.


    re "2" there is no such option under the summary tab. Apple confirms the instructions are in error.

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    I tried several of the solutions on this page, Crispywings, and yours was the one that worked for me. I wouldn't have thought it mattered whether you waited a bit after turning it off, but apparently it does - the first time I tried it I didn't wait, and the second time I did wait about three minutes and that time the "Other" went from 5.2 GB to .9 GB. So, thanks for the 4.3 GB and for taking time to post!

  • BryceandDestiny12 Level 1 (60 points)

    Exactly!  I happen to have an Android phone (gasp!) and those, like ALL mobile devices, have the same issue too, the difference is the portable storage...but in the same way as I put in an SD card on my phone I simply sync and unsync content to another storage devices with my iPod or iPad...I don't NEED to have all of my music and movies on my library to be with me ALL the time, so I put it on my computer at home...just like I do with the SD card in my phone, every so often I import pictures, etc and wipe my SD card as best I can because otherwise I only have 8Gb of memory.


    These aren't meant to be storage devices, and if you need that much should have bought more space lol!

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    Well of course that "solution" worked. You could also fix a leaky sink by blowing up the house and rebuilding the bathroom in the new one.

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    Am still wondering why no one has asked why this man requires umpteen exclamation marks for his question. It is THAT massively important. What is something really were, would anyone pay attention?

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    thank you, that worked for me!

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