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  • sexytiger69er2k3 Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    It's not neccessarily photo related as it could be video related - you idea is specific to your usage and I wouldn't consider it to be a universal solution as specific to photos

  • obigen Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Tried all the fixes here and this is the only thing that worked. I had over 4GB in Other. I downloaded a movie from the iCloud and it was interrupted during proccessing. When I deleted the movie from the iPad, the other didn't go away because it held the download cache of the movie and didn't purge.


    I downloaded iExplorer, clicked on Media, then Downloads, then look in each of the subfolders and identify the culprits (in my case it was the 2.95GB file, but it also had the artwork from the movie that failed at the last minute as a seperate file), then delete each file. I didn't delete the folder itself. It's not taking up any space and didn't want to risk it.


    Having to go through a Restore is nonsense.


    My Other is back down to 1.3GB, which is where I would expect it to be due to Documents and Data.

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    You need to quickly double tap the button at the bottom of the ipad....all open programs should then be displayed.  Hold you finger or thumb lightly on one of the icons....when done successfully, the icons for all open programs should start to quiver, and display a circled x on each one.  Click the x to close the program.  When I last checked, closing all open apps reduced the "other" memory from 9+ gigs to just over 3.  To conserve memory as well as battery, you should do this process regularly.

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    Thanks Obigen, how does this program work?  Is it free?  Just d/l to my pc and clean out the junk?



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    Yeaaii.. i try this session.

    i'd download iExplorer for Mac (try for free demo for 7 days). Then connected to your iPad/iPhone. Probably the  "other"capacity increased of photoStream also PhotoData Sync. To do deleted the history Sync data on iPad, install the iExplorer App on Mac, then plug ur iPad/iPhone then go to "Media" - PhotoData - Sync folder. Then deleting one by one Sync folders in. Example folder on my iPad file are 100SYNCD , 101SYNCD, 102SYNCD .....

    and now go to PhotoStreamData folder too.. there is some few useless folder you could remove permanently.


    Good Luck

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    Did you test the new app "icleaner" released this week in the app store?

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    This app is $0.99. This is obviously not expensive enough to be a problem if it works, so I tried it. Of 8GB in "Other" on my iPad, it cleaned up 200MB. Not a bad job, but not a solution to the problem being discussed here.


    Some advice to the author of icleaner (based on experience with the effects of pricing and timing on app sales): While $0.99 is cheap, it's still a barrier to many people who won't try it unless it's free (approx 50% of iPhone users, depending on app category). This app is a perfect example of one that's worth a lot more than $0.99 to people who need it (if it works). So you offer a "lite" version for free and a fully functional version for $2.99 (or whatever). If it works, people will be glad to pay the higher price. In fact, if it had actually solved the "Other" problem, it would be worth a lot more than that. A LOT more. And there are a LOT of people who have this problem. Imagine selling 200,000 copies of your app at $4.99 ...


    So go back to work on the Other problem, and set up the pricing as described. Good luck!

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    after you unchecked syncing for all movies, tv shows and music did you resync it? and after you unchecked the F folders did you sync your ipad again? also did you unplug your ipad before restarting it? when you say restart, did you reboost it or did you turn it off then back on again? sorry for so many questions but like ive tried deleting the F folders and the other would reduce but after i sync my music back to my ipad the other section would go back to 4.7 GB help please? :/

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    All "other" space taking have on any applications folder . For example, when you upload photos, video etc to publishing from camera roll on facebook, Path, Tumblr, Youtube, Grindr, Manhunt, iPhoto, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, Vmeo, Yahoo Messenger, iMessage file sent, iBooks, Photo Stream.. and many apps which connected to upload any files, email, direct from your iPad/iPhone/iPod. So, the size those capacity located on "Other" Space..

    So, to reduce it all, you must deleting any application which the most you using to published any files directly. The you can re-instal the application again.!


    Hopely its work for you guys!!!


    Greeting from Jakarta forum!

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    The "other" problem is not definitively solvable by the user. That is, you can reset your iOS device to total newness and then restore the various applications and other objects (photos, videos, music, documents, etc.). That absurdly onerous effort will get your free space back to its theoretical maximum. All of the other tricks discussed in this topic will accomplish some amount of that recovery. None, aside from complete reset to blankness, will recover all of it.


    If you then never do anything but make and receive phone calls or listen to music, you *might* manage to keep "other" from growing rapidly. But if you use your device normally, for the things that you bought it for - the things that it was advertised to be able to do - you will soon enough find it crippled by little or no free space.


    The solution to the "other" problem, as Apple is currently offering it, is the 128GB iPad or whatever the largest size iOS device of the flavor that you want is. Sorry to say, but that's the way it is, and the way it will continue to be until Apple decides to do something other than just sell us bigger devices. And why should they?


    As I said before, hardly anyone is going to forego buying an iOS device because of this problem, and competing platforms have different problems that are just as bad (or worse). Apple has nothing to lose by ignoring the problem and "solving" it with new, more expensive devices with more memory. If you think this is cynical, you're right, but it's also reality. Get used to it, it's here to stay.

  • CBorJB Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Like I think I've said before on this topic, the EASIEST way to get most of the "other" space back is to simply power it off, wait a minute, then power it back on. 


    It will at least take a large "other" back down to about 1.4 GB.  That way you don't have to spend a ton of time doing resets and reinstalling your programs.  Like any computer, you occasional have to do a reboot to clear the built up junk and release memory. 


    We shouldn't have to do it as deleting stuff should really DELETE it but for some reason it goes to the "other" block and we can't see the individual contents without going to more trouble by down loading a special program to see it. 


    I watch and delete a lot of video on a regular basis.  For every video I delete, the size of the "other" grows by the size of the video I just deleted.  So I just let it ride until "other" is taking up more space than what I am willing to let it have.  Then before I add new video to my iPad, I free up most of the space being taken up by "other" by doing the power off/on routine before I add new video.  No restore needed.  No need to reinstall programs. 



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    ok, so like my ipad's 'other' section kept increasing and i tried SOOOOO many ways to get rid of it but none of them worked. then i tried bking up my ipad to my computer and then i did a 'restore bkup'. its rly easy and i got my other space down to 2.6 GB which is normal for an ipad. (i have the 3rd generation ipad HD) it took me two restores tho. ive tried everything else and this is the only solution that worked. :-)

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    I've been having this problem for months and I followed the sort-of instructions on this blog post and I see a very big difference.  Thanks so much for all the help!

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    Hey Guys I have figured out one good reason why "other" takes too much space in the first place.


    In my case my iPad Mini WiFi 16GB showed 600 MB remaining and a huge 3GB "other"


    I noticed that "other"  increases dramatically, if you interrupt Syncing, in particular the process called "transfering purchases"


    My solution.


    1. Reboot iPad Mini

    2. Connect to Laptop and wait for the itunes to lock on, i.e. start up.

    3. Once itunes backs up iPad Mini, the syncing will start, but you need  "transfering purchases"  to start as well later on. If it does not start after synching finishes, the manual start "transfering purchases"  by File Menu, the Devices, then "transfering purchases"

    4. Wait for it to finish, can take a while if you purchased several apps via the app store on the iPad Mini.

    5. During the "transfering purchases" , you will see the yellow "other" go back and forth, i.e. decrease and increase (clearly showing that the size of the "other" is affacted by "transfering purchases" )

    6. Once "transfering purchases"  is 100% complete not 99%, the yellw "other"  went from 3GB to 900MB. It did not got to zero, but at least, I still got increase in space from 600MB to 2.9GB  wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. Now disconnect, fingers crossed.


    2.9GB still holding, after iPad mni discinnected. I now dread using itunes now to back up or sync. Maybe too much synching is the problem.


    What I will do is connect my iPad to iTunes once every few weeks, instead of every few days. This means though that I will have a long "transfering purchases"  wait next time I connect my iPad Mini to my laptop.


    Thanks ok. Got precious space back ....Huray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I feel Good.........


    Miss iPad,

    London, U.K.


    P.S. I checked the space on iPad Mini, a few hours after I did the "transfering purchases" , no problems, it is still 2.9GB free space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Thank God!!


    Dear Apple, please , please, please, "transfering purchases" works but looks like a bug issue to me, please update this issue when you roll out iOS 7 in September 2013. Thanks.

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    Thanks Crispywings! this worked for me, such a relief not be have to reformat....again!!

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