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    LOL, I think you're asking the wrong person. Asking Steve is like asking the puppet what the puppet master is doing.
  • cuellar Level 1 (0 points)
    Hi all,

    of course this is unacceptable. I was just writing down about the recent history and talking about facts with no judments.

    There are two possibilities:
    1. returning your computer
    2. waiting for the patch.

  • Steve Dorsey Level 4 (1,170 points)
    It's a Dell 30" - System Profiler says it's a DELL3007WFPHC
  • Steve Dorsey Level 4 (1,170 points)
    Hey man - pobody's nerfect.

    I expect there to be occasional flaws in design of software and hardware because releasing a perfect machine is impossible. That being said, I also expect any issues to be addressed as quickly as is realistically possible. If they were not, I would no longer be an Apple customer.

    I am still an Apple customer.
  • Steve Dorsey Level 4 (1,170 points)
    This is unacceptable if it persists without a fix.

    So far, Applecare has been incredibly helpful. I'll continue to work with them and I'll post the answers. For the record, the issue persists with the second 5870 that they sent me.
  • Steve Dorsey Level 4 (1,170 points)
    It did not take care of the issue.

    The problem persists with the new card. I'll be contacting Applecare and posting updates here.

  • Steve Dorsey Level 4 (1,170 points)

    The problem persists with the new card. I'll be contacting Applecare and posting updates here.

    Powering the screen off and on alleviates the issue without a restart. But it's annoying.

    Stay tuned...

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    2008 it was the ATI 2600XT that also had trouble. So nothing totally new here, or changed in products and expectations for first 3-4 months. See if the ROM revision firmware changes or any SKU. Drivers can be used to patch all kinds of little issues present in firmware, chips, etc.
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    The hardware IS perfect. Just not the drivers. Sorta sounds like "every PC ever made" now. So you could put Steve in your flame camp or Bill or LInus. But you really should be putting ATI and Nvidia in that group.
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    wow loads of ignorant fan boys around here (ofcourse) It doesn't really even mather if PC's have the exact same problem (they don't) i'm a customer and i pay hard earned money to get a working computer without loud pops coming out of the speakers or without dodgy video cards.

    Apple claims to be the best blablabla best quality best build, talk the talk, walk the walk, only thing Apple is doing is fooling the world that they are the best, unfortunately i got caught up in it and it coasted met 4000$+

    If the machine worked i wouldn't be complaining here, going trough all the postings of how great Macs are, and that its normal newly released Apple stuff is never going to work as it should, wish i would have read it earlier than i wouldn't have ended up with this crap box

    and before everyone start accusing me of being a pc fan-boy, i'm not, at the moment i don't even own a pc since obviously i made the switch, i'm complaining because as a customer I'd like to have a 4000$ machine that works, out of the box. isn't that what macs claim to be anyway (out of the box computer that work

    now lets all wait for Apple to give us drivers and updates, in the mean time i'm working on a computer that needs to have the volume muted if i don't want to have the living daylights scared out of me like every 40min. and a videocard that sometimes gives nothing but static...some of you guys are some piece of work

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    I feel ya, it can be very frustrating. I haven't really read through your whole thread, but I also have a new 12-core Mac Pro, no pops or audio issues and no video problems with a Radeon 5870; thing is, I'm using dual 24" Apple Cinema Displays on MDP, which seem to have no particular issues.

    New hardware often exhibits driver problems and occasional hardware issues, Apple does their best to address the problems, often not until a fire is lit under their *** and many people complain and some of the larger sites write some copy about the problems, but overall their gear has to work, or nobody would buy it.

    If you read through the forums here, you'll obviously see this whole huge tidal wave of anguish and anger about a variety of issues. That tends to be because people experiencing problems eventually find their way onto the forums here, whereas those who aren't having any problems, just go about their lives, using their gear.

    If I were you, I'd be pretty unhappy too. You really only have two options, as I believe somebody previous mentioned.

    1- Return the Mac Pro. I think you have something like 2 weeks to return it with no questions asked, you can say you don't like the way it looks, and they'll take it back. You're obviously experiencing significant issues, and it's doubtful you'd have any trouble getting your cash back and then buying a PC or whatever you want.

    2- Just accept that it's new hardware, new drivers, and that no matter how many new units they send you, it's not going to start magically working with the display you want to use, until the drivers are updated. If you can live with it, Lloyd offers a workaround for the issue here:

    I'm not sure anybody with a dual-hex has experienced the audio popping issue, thus far that one seems to be relegated to the single CPU 3.33GHz boxes.

    Sorry your experience has been so crappy so far, you obviously have your reasons for wanting to own a Mac Pro, so you should consider what they are, what you can live with, and if you can't accept the current situation you are dealing with, just return the Mac and buy something else.
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    Richard, I completely agree.

    I am not experiencing the audio issue, so no worries there.

    As for the video issue, well, I plan to report it as an issue with the support folks (I already have, and they sent me a new card which also has this issue). I'll work with them and they will take care of me. I'm a long time customer (over 30 years) and they know it. This will get resolved.

    In the mean time, thanks for the screen saver trick. That may give me the temporary solution until this is all taken care of.

    The fact is, I work faster on a Mac. I would never even consider moving to Windows (even though I have Win 7 installed on a second hard drive on this Mac). I'd rather work on a slow Mac than a fast PC. Fortunately, I have a fast Mac! (weeee!!!)

    This Mac with this video card is considered to be the best platform for running Maya 2011 x64. That paired with CS5 and FCP and I have a great moneymaking machine in front of me.

  • Steve Dorsey Level 4 (1,170 points)
    I called Applecare and they sent me a new card which also has the same issue. I'll continue with this and post details of the issue's progression.
  • Steve Dorsey Level 4 (1,170 points)
    The issue has been escalated to the higher levels of support. They are looking into it and will get back to me on Monday.

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    Good news, Steve.

    I'm trying to open a repair request but what I find always is a "system error" when I enter my serial # at apple's care page.
    Hope they find a software solution for this issue.
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