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I synced my iPhone the other night the same way I always do. However, after the sync, all but 5 emails were gone both from my iPhone and my Yahoo account. I looked on my Yahoo account on the internet, and they weren't even in the Trash. I contacted Yahoo immediately, not even telling them that my emails disappeared after an iPhone sync, and they wrote back stating that their records reflected my emails had been permentately deleted by a type of server utilized by an iPhone or Blackberry. They said messages deleted in this way are unrecoverable. How in the world could something like this happen? I didn't make any changes to the settings on my iPhone.

iPhone 3Gs, iOS 4
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    I can only share in your frustration as the same thing happened to me on the 18th of September. Without warning 500 emails in my Yahoo inbox disappeared. I was traveling and couldn't access the web easily. When I finally was able to email Yahoo about it, their response was, "According to our records, it appears an IMAP client may have deleted your messages. An IMAP client is a mobile device such as a BlackBerry or iPhone. Once a message has been deleted by a mobile device, it's removed from your Yahoo! Mail account. Messages deleted by a mobile device are not recoverable." So it's Apple's fault. How can they create a device that has no back up mechanism to prevent this from happening? How could they delete 500 emails all at once without user permission? I'm so angry at both Apple and Yahoo that I will likely switch phones when my contract expires and although it's too late now in future have a back up sync system with Outlook in place.
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    All my Yahoo Inbox emails (about 100 of them) also disappeared 10/11/2010 around 11pm Pacific while my iPhone 3GS running iOS 4 was normally checking for Yahoo mail.

    The emails no longer exist in my Yahoo account at all, not in any folder, nowhere. I checked Trash, Spam, did a search. Nada.

    Yahoo says they can restore your Inbox within 24 hours, and I submitted a ticket but so far haven't heard back from them at all. This is completely unacceptable.
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    I use Yahoo for personal mail and gmail for work email. BOTH my inboxes, at YAhoo and GMAIL, were wiped clean. over 12000 emails. I contacted yahoo and they have an online form which can be filled out and they can attempt to restore your inbox as long as its within 24 hours as they will invoke a backup. Did this about 2 hours ago, have not heard from them. GMAIL archives mail in an "all Mail" folder so I was able to restore my work email to my inbox. Seems when I was looking in my all email inobx on he iphone, i was deleting some mail (only about 5) but somehow a request was sent to both IMAP servers (Yahoo and gmail) to delete all my mail.
    I called Apple and they stated they have never heard of this happening. There is no way to delete entire mailboxes as the iphone can only delete a few emails at a time, or at least what fits on screen. I told them they should look at the discussion forums as others have had this same problem. Seems my request to delete 5 emails (as the phone was syncing email)from my "all mail" box sent a request to delete all mail in the invox, at both gmail and yahoo. my other folders that I have created have gone untouched. The technician opened a call to get an engineer to look at this issue. This is definitely an iPhone issue as the request was sent from the mobile device to the the IMAP server to delete all mail in inbox.
    This all happened about 3 hours ago. Hopefully Yahoo can restore it based on the online request form I used this morning.
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    this happened to me too, on the iPad. hit the delete button on an email and it sent my all messages in my Inbox to the local iPad's trash. i fixed it by going to the trash folder in my ipad and moving all of the messages back to the inbox, and then removed the account from my ipad. No more yahoo on iOS for me. scary stuff.
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    +1 for the same situation described - multiple selections for deletion were made while "downloading messages" from "all inboxes", about 9000 got wiped out accross 3 accounts. Fortunately, the gmail messages were only archived, yahoo and work needed to be recovered from server back ups. very serious situation with crucial data loss here.
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    I just had my emails deleted in my Inbox of Yahoo as well! And I was only checking my Iphone's Yahoo email once a day and did nothing different! ALL 300 in my inbox since 1998 wiped out!! I contacted Yahoo immediately and they transferred me over to the Moblile Department and they said they would get back to me, it's been 48 hours! I contacted the regular department again and they said they could not be retrieved! I am switching over to Gmail now. How horrible! I will never check email on my Iphone again!
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    I just wiped out everything in Inbox, Sent Mail, All Mail, and Trash by deleting one email. I am using iPhone OS for the iPod Touch, accessing gmail. Has any progress been made in this problem? Google is not nearly as approachable as Yahoo, so there is no contacting them to see if any recovery can be done. This is not a toy email account, I have some serious stuff on that account over many years.
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    Thank you for posting this!  I couldn't figure out what happened at all because both of my yahoo and gmail accounts had the inboxes deleted.  Just got an iPad last week and was using the all inboxes all of my inboxes are gone.  Apple this is a MAJOR issue.  I'm lucky that I generally keep my mails in separate folders and not just lying in my inbox, but losing what I did still really is a loss to me as there were some photos and contact details in there.  Apple really needs to get this fixed ASAP!

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    My yahoo inbox was wiped clean. I thought the problem was with yahoo until i read the forum. My inbox had close to 9,000 messages. Has anyone devised a plan yet to recover the missing inbox?

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    Just lost all my gmail and yahoo mail!  Anyone know how to fix this?

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    +1... i have noticed that emails in my inbox Yahoo mail account older than a few weeks keep disappearing. i cannot find them in my Yahoo account or iPhone app BUT I am able to see them all on my Mac Mail version of email. Emails that i have stored into folders in my yahoo account are still there... same with my sent emails... it's just the Inbox emails.. strange, very strange. I don't know how to 'move' the emails from my Mac Mail back to my Yahoo account.

    Has anyone got any ideas or replies from Apple?

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    This is happening to me too, and I received the same answer from Yahoo. Has anyone found a way to get the iPhone and iPad to stop deleting emails?  Thanks!!

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    Same story here, except the iPhone chose to just delete the last 6 weeks  - (the most relevant mails)


    I was just checking through some past mails went back to the mail box could see that all had gone.

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    I got the same problem last night (12/13/2011). I got a new iPhone 4S as a Christmas gift several days ago, did several sync last night, then found all my yahoo emails in Inbox were gone the second day morning. Emalis for the last two weeks were put in the Trash folder so I recover them. Others (about 400) are permannetly gone.

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