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    I tried that and it did work for most all of my songs, however, there are still some that werent removed....itunes shows I have no audio on my phone, but I have about 40 songs that werent removed and can still play! I have one song on there that is deleted from itunes, my hard drive, etc, and is on my phone! I can't play it, but it shows the song. How can I get rid of ALL of them. This is frustrating!! any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    HI does it really work to delete a single song from ur iphone using the swipe-delete under 'songs' (found in taskbar under music)? Too lazy to test this. Thought songs keep appearing under itunes without syncing after reconnecting my phone to my desktop. The songs are even playable! And play from my iphone cuz the songs are deleted from my desktop after copying to the smartphone.


    Under music on my phone when playing a playlist i get the list option upper right corner. This displays a list of songs not even in current playing playlist. Swipe-del songs here will remove them from my iphone not just theplaylist?


    Furthermore not all songs on my iphone are in this 'black-grey' list. Why is this?

  • Mac Level 1 (115 points)

    Excellent tip - this has been frustrating me for ages...

  • Ramhorn Level 1 (0 points)

    I did just that, after hitting apply, it gave me a warning that nothing is in my library and thus all music will be deleted on my iphone.....


    So just bc the library on your computer is empty it will also delete the songs form your iphone. APPLE PLEASE WHAT THE F ARE YOU THINKING??????


    Apple has a bunch of idiots working for them. What the **** are these starbucks drinking morons thinking??

  • Ramhorn Level 1 (0 points)

    The songs are never deleted from your iphone when you swipe-delete. It is still playable under itunes.


    Unless I deleted form a playlist on my iphone. That would make sense. But  APPLE are idiots. great phone but the software stinks.

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    Thanks swiping left works a treat

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    Hi iUser619, I see you wrote this thread a year ago, but was wondering if you had a working way to do this now. I have an Iphone 4S and just did the IOS 7 update. When I did this, it synced all of my purchased music to my phone via icloud. I took my phone off the icloud, when to Setting>General>Usage>and deleted music, the restarted. The music is still on there. So I went back and sure enough the Music was back with the same usage as before. I did the same... cant get songs to delete. Any ideas?

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    When I updated my iPad 2 to iOS 7 I had a similar problem. The installation of iOS 7 went smooth, but music on the iPad would not play so I restored and re-loaded my backup.  Then iTunes told me it didn't have enough room to sync the selected playlists I'd chosen, even though they previously fit with >1 GB to spare.


    It ended up that >1800 past iTunes purchases made directly from the iPad were trying to sync, and they could not be removed even though I had changed my settings to not sync any music.  To clear this up I ended up doing the following:


    1- Changed to manual sync mode.

    2- While connected to iTunes, selected all 1800+ stubborn songs and deleted them.

    3- With no music loaded I saved my backup to iTunes.

    4- Restored again and loaded the backup from prior step.

    5- After confirming no music was loaded, changed back to auto-sync to my selected playlists.

    6- Several hours later, all music I wanted was loaded, and plays correctly.


    A royal pain, no doubt, but at least I didn't have to restore as new without a backup (which would have required a lot more work).


    My iPhone 5 had no such problems with the iOS 7 update, which is set to sync the same playlists as my iPad, so it is either a random problem, or one that is specific to certain hardware platforms.

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    Another IOS 7 update causing problems with my ITunes.  When I plugged in to Itunes it downloaded an album I didn't want on my Iphone.  Went into Iphone hit the delete to remove songs, still there.  Synced my phone again, no songs in my playlist on ITunes but still showing on my phone.  I do not use Icloud for my music.  I have tried everything shown in the previous posts.  Problem is the songs do not show in my playlist on Itunes.  I even made a seperate playlist of these songs and did another sync on my phone.  The new playlist shows on ITunes but is empty but on my Iphone it is still there with all the songs.  URGH!!!!  Any ideas sure would be appreciated.

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    Finally fixed this by doing a manual sync and it removed the songs from my iphone.  Whew, only took 2 hours to fix IOS 7.0 issues on my iphone.  Apple needs to leave your settings alone when you update to a new IOS. 

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    Thanks very much iUser619

    I had a song on my iPhone that I could only delete using your method!

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    thank you so much, I was literally sitting here crying because I couldn't figure out what to do. Itunes is NOT easy to use.

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    This has been driving me mad for ages, finally figured out that:

    1) You tick the 'manaully manage music and videos' on the summary screen when the iphone is connected

    2) Go to the 'On This iPhone' tab and select the unwanted music

    3) Now delete the songs you couldn't remove

    3) Sync the iphone and the songs should be gone.


    My issue started with manually adding songs away from itunes.

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    Best and easiest way to solve this incredibly annoying problem. Thank you so much!!

  • rockmyplimsoul Level 5 (6,767 points)

    crispesqueira wrote:


    Best and easiest way to solve this incredibly annoying problem. Thank you so much!!

    No, do NOT do that (Settings/General/Usage/Music, swipe to Delete).  You'll find that your music playback will be all screwed up and you'll end up having to restore your device.

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