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    Thenne's post above should be a stickie. With everyone having this problem the solution stated works - iTunes needs all that space to finish the installation. I had to sync without music, video, photos, etc.. to get the capacity bar below "exceeds capacity" - let it sync and it deleted the 11GB "Other" I had. Now I'm reloading all my music and stuff.

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    Brilliant! But why should this happen - you would have thought Apple could have figured this out and not make us search or answers on forums. Agree?

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    Dogfood1, That isn't really a fix, that's just a way around it..


    Mine automatically fixed itself, i just turned itunes off, restarted phone and then connected to computer again and it fixed itself and removed all the over capacity.  Doesn't really make sense that it would have problm if you used over half the space on your iphone nonsense, i mean, everyone would have the problem then.,.

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    I was able to fix my issue by using the white Apple Dock Connector to USB Cable. I had mistakenly used a black cable that was for powering my iPhone in my car. The point is that the iPhone was recognized in iTunes, but the different wiring specs of the black power cable caused the sync error in iTunes.


    The Apple reps did not ask any questions about the cable being used. Having taught Cisco networking classes for over a decade, I have learned that cables (like beer) are the cause - and the solution - to many of life's problems


    Always have another white Apple Dock Connector to USB Cable handy if this issues occurs, and Apple reps should always ask about the cables for errors of this type.

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    @Thenne, thanks SO much.  My "other" went from 2.2GB to 0.59GB, can fir all my music on now.  Cheers!

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    I agree, different cables can do a whole world of difference, especially with apple hardware, as they tend to be very specific about what cable you use and what amount of current that gets to them, they seem to count each individual difference in compared to how you can make a cable. Though it should work anyways, atleast via wifi.


    But i see the problem! I myself am only using "designed by apple in california assembled in china" cables with my computer when i sync. I use other cables and docks in the car though.

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    I'm not sure cables are the problem. I experienced the overcapacity issue using a standard white cable. I restored the software and it cured the problem

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    I didn't have to restore mine. I synced it a couple of times with no success, and then left it alone for 2 hours. Synced it again and then it was fine.

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    My laptop is my main computer, but due to space issues my desktop is where all my music and videos are. So in iTunes, all data is synced to my MacBook Pro except for music and videos, which are synced only to the Mac Pro. I have been very careful to make sure no sync categories are turned on for both Macs, and this means I have no conflicts. Syncs run smoothly. Except...


    ...How come the Mac Pro always says there are 2.7GB of space available, but the MacBook Pro insists I'm over capacity by 0.7GB?


    Does anyone know why iTunes on one Mac would count the free space of an iPhone differently from another Mac? Because this is happening very consistently.


    Don't tell me to restore...that happened when I upgraded to iOS 5, and the problem is there.

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    My two cents, I had the same problem my "other" was taking up 8.3gb I uncheck the music and everything else. I backed up, I restored and restored again and again about 10 times (maybe more since I lost track after all day doing this) and it did not work.


    My solution was to downgrade, jailbreak (tethered) , and on my search for large files, I found that there were multiple copies of Voice Memos which were showing on iTunes as unmarked but were still on the phone - as an example one of them had 12 different copies of the same file! - I deleted the duplicates from the phone using iFile (from cydia) since no software from the iTunes store allows to view all the root folders (wasted my money on iDisk, USB Disk and Phone Drive).


    I don't typically suggest you jailbreak your phone but if the solution suggested above doesn't work (like on my case) and Apple doesn't seem to have a solution either then perhaps jailbreaking is the option to fix this issue.

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    Actually, I found the solution to my problem. One Mac had podcast syncing turned on and set to sync all unwatched episodes of a certain video podcast (big files). When I turned that off, the two Macs agreed on the free disk space.

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    Had same problem, synced it then tried a different usb which fixed it. Still says its over cap on the first usb, weird but I hope this helps someone lol.

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    Jailbreaking is no solution, ever. It causes worse issues on devices, and means you can no longer use ANY Apple services.

    Restoring as New, without retrieving a backup should always resolve this issue. 'Other' which is generally the big contribution too the Over Capacity error, is usually filled with information that doesn't fit in another category, including Corrupt Data. Data Corruption on iPhones usually occur if there's a hiccup during restore, sync, or activation even.


    So my question too those who say they've had the issue even after restoring, how many were doing so as a standard Restore as New, and not retrieving a backup at any stage?

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    software are, as many other things, sometimes doesn't work as intended. Apple does a great job of simplifying technology for those that are not computer savy. However even iOS can fail and cause errors. That being said, software can be replaced, upgraded, hacked or jaikbroken. You'll run the risk of damaging you phone but jailbroken phones CAN USE ALL software/services from apple and other vendors. The biggest issue would be that your phone is no longer covered by Apple's warranty, if you can live with that, then is a personal choice, and a legal one, to modify you software as you wish. read the following article: d=11254253

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    So anyone has a definite solution for this problem? My "other" is at 9.5gb....