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  • Graham Kerr Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for sharing SteveInTexas, I'm going to try and take my battery out later as the problem has not resolved itself after most of the day in hot press, ah well worth a shot! Would be interested to hear what apple will do for you. How old is your laptop?

  • SteveInTexas Level 1 (0 points)

    Graham, My laptop is just under 3 years old. 


    I will absolutely need a new battery one way or another from Apple.  The problem with the trackpad for me was so bad on flights, that the laptop was unusable. 


    Makes sense, right?  With the change in air pressure, the battery may have been swelling even more at high altitudes, putting the trackpad in a mode that it sees as "fully pressed"


    Since I need the battery in while sitting on a plane, it's a must fix for me.

  • i eat apples for breakfast Level 1 (0 points)

    Good luck with battery replacement. My problem extends to the mouse as well. It faults the same way even if I don't touch the trackpad at all. So this points to a software issue for me. My Macbook Pro will not boot up off the startup disc so I can't run disk verification and repairs. Waiting waiting waiting now for new iMacs to come out - as that will be my replacement computer - then will try to somehow fix this problem with clean install etc. when I have the new computer up an running. Really lucky to get in 10 minutes of activity before it craps out over and over again.

  • Graham Kerr Level 1 (0 points)

    Steve, Great news (crosses fingers, toes and touches wood!). I decided to try take the battery out and see what would happen using the power just through the mains. I unscrewed the screws the whole way around the case as my model is a full cover with no quick release to take out the battery.


    When you take off the case I found the black coloured battery which is 10.95V with 63.5WH. Model is A1322 and it's APN is 661 5557.


    Undo the 2 screws either side of the battery(these are special 3 sided screw not a flat or philips style). All screws(normal philips) were at an even torque level up until this point. The screw directly above the trackpad (3 sided screw) was noticeable a LOT tighter than the screw on the other end of the battery indicating minor swelling.


    After taking out the screws I took the little black cable from the motherboard and then took out the battery easily.


    Put the case back on with just 2 screws temporarily to avoid any short circuits etc to the internals.


    Use the power cable to power the laptop and turn it on. The date will not be right and you may find one or two programs not working properly but don't worry.


    After satisfied that it was working totally normally now I was certain it was the battery that caused the problem to the trackpad by swelling.


    I turned off the laptop and put eveything back together but this time left the screws holding the battery in a little bit looser than they were but just enough to hold it. I tightened the case screws as they were originally.


    Powered up and it is currently working fine. I did this 5 minutes ago so if any further problems happen I will post here straight away.


    I hope this post helps you all!


    P.S. I also priced a new battery from the apple website and it is lookng like $140 ish. New genuine one from ebay is about $50.

  • SteveInTexas Level 1 (0 points)

    AppleCare saves the day.


    I went to the Genius Bar,

    they validated that my problem was a swolen battery,

    they replaced,

    & my track pad works & clicks like new.


    Thanks to the guys in the Frisco Stonebriar Apple Store.


    Well done.

  • windyp Level 1 (0 points)

    My trackpad troubles also turned out to be a secondary problem caused by a swollen battery. My trackpad had been acting glitchy for weeks and finally in the past day or two got worse and worse. Hanging as if I was lock-dragging, showing right-click menus everytime I tried to click, etc.


    After some short searching online, I found this thread and yay, the posts by SteveInTexas and Graham Kerr that pointed at the battery as a potential source of the problem. Sure enough, popped the battery out and it is swollen and the trackpad now works properly with the battery out.


    To those having issues, don't assume your problem isn't related to a swollen battery just because you're experiencing problems with a mouse, too. I use a wacom tablet and it has also been acting poorly and seeming to "hang" and otherwise do hinky things. The thing is, if the trackpad thinks it is locked or being right-clicked due to pressure from the battery, it translates that state to the mouse or other input device. I know this is the case because even before my trackpad issues began, I would sometimes oops, lock the trackpad like I was highlighting text (using it to scroll with my other hand) and the tablet wouldn't input correctly till I unlocked it (hopefully that makes sense...). So definitely check your battery to make sure it isn't swollen if you're having trackpad/mouse/tablet woes.

  • i eat apples for breakfast Level 1 (0 points)

    I finally found my old wired mouse and plugged that in. Then disabled Bluetooth (as somebody suggested) and this has resolved the problem. So in my case I don't think it has anything to do with the battery - but a software glitch that occurred after updating the system software.

  • Jamie0345 Level 1 (0 points)

    My trackpad is working fine, except that when you look at it and feel it the lower right corner (and entire right side right up against the edge) of the trackpad is noticeably lower than the left side making it quite ackward when clicking. It also feels loose and you really have to press it in order to click anything on the right side of the trackpad...


    Should I make an appointment at Apple to have this checked out or just ignore it?

  • Alvar0 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Jamie0345,


    I had the same problem when an official reseller repaired my trackpad for the first time. You got this problem after a repairing? Anyways that is not normal. Go to an Apple Store and check their trackpads, you will notice that all of them are at the propper level. I wouldn't ignore it because you paid to have everything working fine. In my case, I told my reseller this problem when I they repaired my trackpad and they told me they only needed to adjust the screws again. In my case I guess the technician was careless. It took them 5 minutes to repair it.

  • Jamie0345 Level 1 (0 points)



         No, it wasn't after a repair. I've had my macbook pro 13 since September 2011 and I just happened to notice the difference the other day; I don't really know how it happened! But thank you for your reply! I'm making an appointment to come into Apple this week! 

  • wistful_wench Level 1 (0 points)

    Similar issue...


    My Macbook is 1.5yrs old. This morning the trackpad started acting funny as if someone else had contol. Right clicking, creating new folders, selecting, highlighting etc... Every reboot only made it work for less than 5 minutes.


    So far the only thing i tried is turning the bluetooth off..And restarting... Its been an hour now and seems to be working fine.... fingers crossed!


    Will keep posted!

  • i eat apples for breakfast Level 1 (0 points)

    I found disabling the bluetooth improved things a bit, but didn't solve the problem. Because both trackpad and mouse were affected, I assumed it would have to be a software issue, but after taking the computer to the apple shop - they tried a new battery and it solved the problem straight away - $150.


    The battery had gotten fat and was pressing up against the trackpad and this overrode any connected mouse as well.


    My Macbook is 3 years old, so out of warranty and extended applecare. Even being 3 years old, I still view this as a design flaw. I haven't actually fried an egg on my computer but am sure I could with the heat it generates - no wonder the battery expands.


    With so many people experiencing the same problem, I hope apple address it in future design. I believe the function of the battery was still fine - just FAT - so maybe a bit more space in the casing would solve the prob.


    Again though - who knows if apple reads any of this stuff? Spose not.

  • billfrommt Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the cursor keyboard problem, strted a week ago.  Did you get help?

  • wistful_wench Level 1 (0 points)

    You are right. Disabling bluetooth only helped for a day. Back to the same issue ! Guess need battery replacement... $150 :(

  • chris Techead Level 1 (30 points)

    go onto system prefference and trackpad and apply all the features in every tab

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