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    I don't know if this is a fix for some of your problems but this fixed mine


    Go to


    System Preferences



    Mouse and Trackpad

    Trackpad Options

    Make sure Scrolling with Inertia is marked


    I don't know why mine was unmarked but I just thought my trackpad suddenly stopped working, did the cleaning the trackpad thing and was just about ready to check my warranty when my husband suggested I look into this.


    Thanks and good luck.

  • grootsss Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    ok so my trackpad on Mac Book pro 2011 went NUTS/jumped, skipped, erased/entered a dance contest on its own. all these 'self help chats' indicate APPLE has a problem. am heading to the not so GENIUS bar nex

  • chpeak Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    So here is my story about the ghost track pad. Mid 2011 MBP, no problems at all. I live in the northeast, its now November and quite cold. I walked to my house from work this evening, which is 3.5 miles, or about a 70 minute walk.


    I put my laptop in a small case and put that case inside a regular backpack. No insulation, just your typical backpack. Took it out when I got home, noticed it was quite cold. Trackpad issue ensued. At first I thought, ''its still cold, perhaps it just needs to warm up." Well, 5 hours later I stumbled on this discussion.


    SO..... I cleaned around the perimeter of the trackpad with my nail, I then took off the bottom and cleaned the components with an air can. Probably did nothing but get rid of some dust.


    I then took off the battery and perhaps noticed the culprit. The battery, though not swolen, had it's wrapping slightly pulled away from the battery itself. Do you get me? The wrapping that wraps the batter itself, the adhesive, was slightly pulled away from the battery itself. Picture placing a sticker on an uneven surface, that bulge you get where the difference in level is, is what I am talking about. And where the two individual batteries meet, a more noticeable bulge. Quite possibly could be caused by the cold air. So I took about two minutes to restick the wrapping around the battery, put the bottom back on, and for good measure used an anti-static (for glasses) wipe on the trackpad.


    Booted up, and the trackpad is operating as new. The real test will be tomorrow as it is now 11:45pm. Should the issue happen again Ill post another reply tomorrow. But it very well could be the adhesive wrapping on the battery that pulls away over time, creating a 'bubble.' Directly under the trackpad, it could be the reason.


    And p.s. if so.... what a dumb *** place to put the battery.


    Hope this helps someone. Some of these replies helped me.


  • chpeak Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)



    I wrote earlier (page 11) regarding my issue with the ghost trackpad. Since my last post (last week?) the ghost has only happened once or twice and each time, for a mere few seconds.


    I am convinced that static electricity buildup is the root cause for this problem. Living in colder climates, carrying the laptop around, S/E builds up quite frequently.


    I would still however, reccomend retaping the battery so its wrapping doesnt now peel away, thus creating a bubble like affect which could also add to the issue.

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    Thanks for the tip. I removed my battery and the mouse and trackpad are now working fine.

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    As trivial and funny as it might sound, in my case it was because the settings FOR WHATEVER REASON got changed by itself to a left handed person mode!!!!

    So, folks, check that out too.

    Otherwise it could be damage, including liquid damage, static electricity (rare), or batteries are out.

  • chpeak Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    This is my third post. It's happened maybe twice since I retaped the battery. But each time it was coming in from cold weather. I put my entire and on the trackpad, grounded myself essentially, and voilla.


    So there is some relation to cold weather (sub 40) and static.


    But it hasn't been an issue with me since I've figured out what to do.


    Thanks for the help, which forced me to experiment. 

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    I am having the same issue, the wrapping is a little bit loose where the batteries meet, which happens to be just under the trackpad. The trackpad is working fine so far without the battery. I noticed that the trackpad started to fail randomly after the Macbbok was powered on for a while, or if I rested it on my lap, this leads me to consider that the problem is that when the battery gets hot the loose wrapping actually expands and presses the trackpad. When I restarted my Macbook after leaving it off for the night (and thus cool) the trackpad worked fine again.

    How did you retape the back of the battery? What did you use? I am afraid of using regular electrical insulation tape since the adhesive might melt and cause a mess.

    Maybe another approach would be to make a little hole with a pin on the battery's wrapping, just where it's loose, thus letting the condensed hot air come out without making it expand, anyone think this is a terrible idea that could make my battery explode...?

  • chpeak Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Hi Zindra-


    I really don't think it has anything to do with the battery heating up. Sure the heating and if youre in cold climates, the cooling can pull the wrapping away, but when it happened to me, the laptop was off for 90 minutes and cold. Physically cold from being in my backpack.


    It happened during this one week about 4 or 5 times. I did what I did and I think its only happened once since then, and again, it was taking it from an outside temperature of 40 degrees into a house. I put my entire hand on it, as someone suggested for a second and it was fine.


    I used black duct tape. As to whether cutting the wrapping could hurt the battery itseld, I cannot give you information on that end.

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    Please forget about my posts! I am so frustrated, the trackpad went nuts again and this time with the battery removed from the computer, so it's clearly not battery related. I don't live in a cold climate, my trackpad is clean as can be, and resting the palm does nothing (this will seem like I've gone ga-ga, but yesterday I was so mad that out of desperation I decided to rub my nose on it and... it worked for a while! go figure). I am starting to believe that it's just that the trackpad's hardware has gone bad for whatever reason and it just needs to be replaced with a new one, apple's hardware test says there's no problem, though. USB or bluetooth mouse works fine. I was hoping someone came out with a solution but I am starting to loose my faith. I wouldn't like to place an order for a new trackpad to see the problem persists, how can I tell if the trackpad's hardware is really the issue...?

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    I had the same problem with my Macbook Pro (2009 model) and it drove me nuts.  I did all the things that many forums had... to no avail.  What worked for me, finally, was the following:


    Go to System Prefrences

    Then go to Users and Groups

    Click on Login Items


    Here I deleted some of the programs that would automatically start when I turned on my computer.  There must have been a conflict and they were not programs that were "do or die" for me.  Even if they were I could always start them manually.  I restarted my computer and have never had the problem again.


    I know each problem may have a different source, but this worked for me.  Hope it can help you!

  • zindra Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you for your reply. I only have itunes helper at the startup. The macbook was ok for a couple of days but now it's acting strange again (even with the battery removed). Trackpad does not work at all, and now the keyboard sometimes lags or misses characters. At this point I am afraid it might a hardware problem, I am just hoping it doesn't involve the logic board. The Apple hardware test came out fine.What I don't understand if it comes down to hardware issues is the relation between the trackpad and the keyboard, since they have different cables and connectors to the logic board.

  • jojoguitar Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)



    I mean the part about the lens cleaning on the track pad ONLY!

    don't do it in the screen

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    FINGER NAIL around the TrackPAD!


    For the last 2 days my computer cursor has been possessed! It has been impossible to use the computer as everytime I started typing the trackpad would jump and click and thereby open up random files.


    After some searching I found out how to disable the trackpad by going to System Preferences - Universal Access and clicking "Ignore Built-in Trackpad when mouse or wireless trackpad present" and then connected the apple magic mouse via bluetooth and I was able to use the computer. 


    I was searching on this post and a couple of others and got out my screwdrivers as I was convinced I needed to open up my unibody macbook pro 15" and check the battery for swelling.  Just before doing this I read a couple of posts about running your fingernail around the trackpad to remove any dust or particles. 


    Well, I did this and then turned off my magic mouse ..... and BOOM.  My trackpad is working perfectly again.


    I don't know how long it will last, and will post again if it starts playing up again, however it has been an hour and all is good.

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    I found this to work best for myself so far.

    After some searching I found out how to disable the trackpad by going to System Preferences - Universal Access and clicking "Ignore Built-in Trackpad when mouse or wireless trackpad present" and then connected the apple magic mouse via bluetooth and I was able to use the computer.

    After unplugging my microsoft mouse the cursor quickly goes nuts highlighting, right clicking, and opening apps. For the forseeable future I won't be using my trackpad at all until I do some more hunting..

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