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  • 1bruce2mac3 Level 1 Level 1
    still says 4.1.1

    and doesn't appear, at least at first glance, that's fixed any of the netflix loading, pausing, issues. wonder what the update was...i was already up to date last night at midnight pst.
  • Jimmy23142 Level 1 Level 1
    I just spoke with apple - they say they know all about it -it is a Netflix issue -slow servers - and they hope thing will get better soon, so help us all - call Netflix and tell them to fix it!
  • drjohnson Level 1 Level 1
    I don't believe that it is Netflix' "slow servers" because my computer (same home network, same Netflix account) starts streaming in SECONDS while my Apple TV STALLS FOREVER. This is a problem since Apple's "update" and the sooner they accept that and release a fix, the less annoyed their loyal customers will be.

    YouTube streams almost instantly.
  • drjohnson Level 1 Level 1
    Apple "Geniuses": restore does not help, just wastes more time.
  • tgibbs Level 1 Level 1
    drjohnson wrote:
    I don't believe that it is Netflix' "slow servers" because my computer (same home network, same Netflix account) starts streaming in SECONDS while my Apple TV STALLS FOREVER. This is a problem since Apple's "update" and the sooner they accept that and release a fix, the less annoyed their loyal customers will be.

    YouTube streams almost instantly.

    Keep in mind that Netflix has software and content distributed over multiple servers managed by multiple providers. Different devices may be getting their content through different sources, and managed by different code. So the fact that Netflix is working on one device but not another does not really tell us anything about where the problem resides.
  • drjohnson Level 1 Level 1
    Mindful of your caveats, tgibbs, I guess I should've written "repeatedly". The odds are very very low that the ATV always (lately) connects to the "slow" server but the computer (reproducibly) connects to the fast server. Occam's razor and common sense suggest it is an Apple TV problem.
  • tgibbs Level 1 Level 1
    The odds might be low if Netflix's software rolled dice to determine which server to connect you to. But it seems more likely there is a fixed algorithm to determine which servers to connect you to (probably multiple, because from what Netlix has said publicly about their systems, it sounds like the software that manages your Netflix account does not reside on the same server, or even with the same provider, as the one that actually streams the video to you), based upon which type of client (it is clear that Netflix has specialized software for different types of clients) and some sort of estimation as to which is likely to be the "closest."
  • drjohnson Level 1 Level 1
    The computer streams instantly but the ATV is VERY SLOW. Reproducibly, and I am talking about content, not account info to which you refer. Therefore, independent of distance and any fancy 'algorithms', it would only make sense if Netflix simply distinguishes these 2 clients. Maybe they assign the ATV connections to their 'slow' servers. It seems unlikely, but perhaps it is true.

    If so, Apple would be in the best position to know this (many of us share our connection info with Apple) and should 'encourage' Netflix to reform their practices or risk being cast out of the garden. The sole advantage of living in Apple's walled garden is that they can ensure peace and tranquility.
  • tgibbs Level 1 Level 1
    From Netflix's public statements, it is clear that they do indeed distinguish among different clients, so it is not safe to assume that different devices in the same home are streaming content from the same server or even the same provider. Moreover, Netflix has been transitioning to new software and content providers as their streaming business has expanded, so there are a lot of ways in which things could potentially go wrong. It is worth noting that if you look on the forum for the Roku box, the first and presumably most mature Netflix streaming platform, you will find some complaints very similar to ones we are seeing around here, so it is clear that Netflix streaming problems are not unique to the Apple platform.

    So there is really no way to tell where the problem resides at this point. It is a safe bet that Apple and Netflix are communicating about improving performance, since both of their businesses depend upon it. On the other hand, when most customers are getting good performance, as is clearly the case, tracking down the source of the rare failures is likely to prove tricky and potentially time consuming.
  • Ronald Hilton Level 1 Level 1
    Ordered ATV 2 the day it was announced and it worked perfect until the upgrade to the OS. It then was so slow downloading Netflix and YouTube that it was unusable. I tried all the fixes I found on these forums to no avail. Yesterday I called Apple and after 45 minutes of testing and resetting etc, the tech set me up an appointment to swap it out. At the Apple store the tech ask if he could test the unit, I said sure, expecting it to work perfectly. It work very slow just like at home. The new ATV that he gave works great. Bottom line, if you are having this slow down problem, you may have a defective ATV and no amount of tweaking will fix it. Good luck to all who have this problem.
  • SonomaGrown Level 1 Level 1
    Ditto with everyone who can stream Netflix directly through a browser but not using ATV. Even using my crummy old Vista laptop and playing a movie directly from the Netflix website using Firefox and connecting the laptop to an RGB port on the TV and listening through the tinny speakers ... the movie plays fine (though not a great experience).

    ATV gives a GREAT experience for the 30-60 seconds that the movie plays, before stopping to reload or whatever it is doing.

    So, Apple, say it is your problem and step up to the plate. Just fix it.
  • 1bruce2mac3 Level 1 Level 1
    Ronald, I take it you did not update the software on the replacement?
  • TeeMax2008 Level 1 Level 1
    The issues with Netflix streaming would get resolved very easily if Netflix allowed a "load and buffer" type streaming similar to iTunes and YouTube. The way ATV was designed to work with iTunes is perfect IMHO. The quality remains constant because you're watching an actual Quicktime file that buffers onto the memory.

    Netflix does this weird, bandwidth dependent, server dependent, quality switching streaming thing. I'm guessing this is due to either a) agreements with the distributors about buffer sizes, and b) the desire to hit multiple devices with the same file, such as Blu Ray players with limited on-board memory etc. I know this service will get better over time as they debug it, but I wish they worked out a solution to "load and buffer" on the ATV since this device is designed to handle that.
  • romys Level 1 Level 1
    I used to follow this discussions because I had the same problems with Netflix, ie. sometimes I can play movies, sometimes not, more often not. Then I read somewhere that I should find out the best DNS service to use using Namebench ( r-your-computer). I did and I updated my AppleTV DNS, and it's been 2 weeks now with no problems. Hope this helps.
  • John Altman Level 1 Level 1
    My problem solved:

    I just bought my ATV2 yesterday. Out of the box, I could get Netflix to work just fine if I plugged it in to an ethernet port on my Time Capsule, but when I tried to go wireless, all I got was the waiting spinner.

    I then upgraded the firmware on my Time Capsule (7.4.2 -> 7.5.2), and now the wireless performance of Netflix on the ATV2 is just fine.
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