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My new AppleTV arrived today (yay!) and I quickly set-up and configured it. While generally impressed I'm observing that the audio and video for Netflix streaming are not synching up properly. I've got the ATV hardwired to my network and am not connecting via wireless.

I have both the HDMI and optical cables plugged in I've tried audio over both interfaces and with the ATV setting for "Digital Out" set to on and off and all variations have the same synch issue.

I've tested the same show with the Netflix app on my iPhone (over wifi) and using the OSX Silverlight player (hardwired) which both synch the audio/video properly.

Anyone else experiencing this? Did you find a solution?

Mac Pro 1,1 (w/ 2.33 E5345 & ATI 4870), Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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