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One day, I noticed that my wasn't retrieving or showing me my new messages. I have a mobileme account, which pushed and showed me new emails on my iphone but they're not showing up in my mail application. I have 3 mail accounts (mobilme, exchange, and gmail) and none are syncing but all say that they are online. There is no alert ( ! ) symbol next to any account.

Every time I try to check for new mail the Mail Activity in the bottom left corner shows 57 of 57 incoming emails (and keeps rising every day) but nothing is showing up in my inbox. It also makes the no-new-messages sound.

I control clicked each mail account on the left side panel and clicked Get Info. It showed me ALL of my new messages that it wasn't showing in my inbox but I couldn't open them and if I clicked on them, it only gave me the option to Remove From Server. So I assume it's getting all my new mail but it's now showing me in my inbox or anywhere else I can find that I have new unread messages. Also, there are no little red numbers indicated the number of unread messages on my Mail icon.

I've looked in other forums but nothing seems to be working. I tried to uncheck the SSL box and made sure the port was 110 but that just made things worse and took my exchange account offline so I undid that. Right now, SSL is checked and the port reads 995. The authentication is NTLM. I have a feeling that it might not be those connection settings that are wrong because I didn't change anything before the problem presented itself. I also tried the connection doctor (Mail>Window>Connection Doctor) and it said everything is connecting just fine.

Mail has been doing this for a month now! Please help!!!

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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