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• I've 3 email accounts (1 Gmail, 1 pseudo-Gmail, 1 MobileMe) — all IMAP.
(The "pseudo" is from Virgin Media in the UK, and uses Gmail as it's back-end, just Virgin branding on the front).
• Issue doesn't happen with MobileMe.
• Issue only happens in on my Mac (not webmail or iPhone 4).

For example, I compose an email and it takes me say 10 mins, then either send or save as draft. If I do either of these things, when I goto the Trash folder on either account, I have auto-save versions appearing in there, which look to be saving every 30 seconds of my typing on the email (I can tell this from the dupe email date+time's, and the text gradually revealing itself as I skim through these dupe emails).

Why is this happening? It's SO annoying!

I have been through the Settings on both Gmail accounts online and on my Mac, with no setting there to deal with this. Why on earth are emails getting auto-saved as I type, and if so, why are they saving as separate emails rather than just saving as a single email.

Virgin Media tech support were of NO help for me as a Mac user (as ever!) and blame for the issue which they don't offer tech support for.

As an experienced user, I can't believe I just can't solve this stupid situation. Any help on this greatly appreciated.

2x MBP 2.93GHz, 4GB RAM, OS X 10.6.4 "Snow Leopard"/32GB iPhone 4, OS 4.1
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