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  • ZoiVan Level 1 (0 points)

    The fundamental problem is a Mac system problem which is pervasive across ALL applications and system fonts.

    Try this: Open up Font Book, and select any font, say Lucida Grande, and then display it at 12 pts. Now place a scale on the screen. The capital letters are just over 2 mm high. 2 mm corresponds to an actual font size of 6 pts. Even if you say I measured wrong, and it was really 2.25 mm, this is an actual font size of less than 6.5 pts. The real problem appears to me to be that the Mac system engineers have little to no regard for either the definition of font size or the readability measures that the printing industry has known for years - font sizes of less than, say, 10 pts are considered small, and for us old people, font sizes of under 12 pts are small.


    This has been going on for years in the world of Apple, and it would appear that the powers that be simply don't care. Perhaps they are all young enough that reading 6 pt font all day is no problem. It frustrates the h@ll out of me! Especailly when some *** says "Well, I have no problem." Good for him, but the typography industry has another opinion!

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    This is a system problem, and there is a simple Terminal fix for it.  I can't remember the details, but the fix was described in a MacWorld article a year or so ago.  I went through the described procedure in Terminal on my G5 running 10.5.8 and 10.4.11 and have had no problems since, but you will need to consult Apple (possibly via the Genius Bar at an Apple store) or search the MacWorld archives to find out how to do it.

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    This is a serious design flaw. The font in mail is tiny.


    If I type in mail i want to see wysiwig. whole concept of html email is so i can control what people see at other end.


    How come an email I sent from my Airbook is tiny html font but on my ipad its good, my iphone its good and outlook/PC its a completely different (default font)


    All the arguements above supporting apple are flawed to say the reciever can set their own message font styles for recieved emails is crazy- follow that logic and there is no point having a mail editor that change font styles.


    I want them to see what i can see - same same


    Come on Apple fix this

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    Would you be able give a little more information on the MacWorld article?  Or has anyone else found that article?  I have been looking for at +15 mins and have tried every combination of a search and have had no luck.  We are a small office but I am constantly hearing the complaint that our outgoing mail looks unprofessional because it is so large.  I personally am using the message font add-on but now we have people using Lion and Mountain Lion and it is not compatible.  Plus it doesn't seem to work with the signatures.




    Apple needs to seriously look at this problem!

  • Aussie David Level 1 (0 points)



    Yours is a classic example.


    To read and write emails you are tricking os x Mail by using an oversized font. It works fine for you but is a pain for your clients/ readers. I wont allow this as part of my business standards - I want my emails to look professional and the same whatever device I use


    One crazy version of this is if I read an email I have sent from my PC on my airbook, the font is fine.


    Another issue is I have cut and paste my signature into mail and it looks right. When I use the same size font to write the email and send it, Signature is fine font 12 - and body is like font 7


    Can anyone recommend email software for os x that works (Outlook for Mac would be great but it wont work with a google account)

  • Tom Gewecke Level 9 (77,165 points)

    Aussie David wrote:


    Can anyone recommend email software for os x that works (Outlook for Mac would be great but it wont work with a google account)


    Thunderbird has been mentioned in the past.


    Is Outlook really not compatible with gmail?

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    i am a long term windows user and have spent 1 week on the mac, this issue is killing me and drives me insane.


    i got IT to format the mac with windows. problem solved.

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    This is a serious flaw, therefore a bug.  Mail is not useable unless the font size is readable on incoming messages.


    I have recommended the MBA 13 to others who use their browser to access email online. I want it offline, too. 

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    Are you actually using 10.6 (which is what this forum is for)?  Of course no one is ever going to fix that when 10.8 is current.  Or are you actually referring to 10.8?

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    Try this (it worked for me in 10.4.x and 10.5.8) and may work for 10.6.x.


    In Terminal, type:   defaults write MinimumHTMLFontSize 12

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    I recently upgraded to 10.8.3 and use MS Office 2011 (macbook pro 15" 2011 model) hoping to fix this size issue but have the same issues re weird font sizing for received emails or sent emails when communicating to PC users. Commonly the issue seems to be my tahoma 11 receives as 13 and what I get is often 9.


    Other Macbook pro users and macbook air users in my office do not get the same issue.


    Did it ever get resolved? I look around and am struggling to see up to date posts on this subject in other forums.



  • Tom Gewecke Level 9 (77,165 points)

    Phattmoster wrote:


    Other Macbook pro users and macbook air users in my office do not get the same issue.



    I have not been aware of a fix, but if others who have the same kind of emails are not getting the issue, there should be a way for you to duplicate their situation.  Sorry, I don't know how to go about doing that other than for you to try to find out how their systems differ from your own.

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    This too is driving me mad!  I have tried everything to get my font look larger when typing.  If I increase the font size it increases to the inbox I am sending it to and look far too big.  I just want to be able to see the font larger on my screen when in Y mail... please help.. heres hoping its not too technical.. step by step instructions please!!! or my glasses are going to have to turn into magnify glasses !!

  • Tom Gewecke Level 9 (77,165 points)

    Jo UK wrote:


    If I increase the font size it increases to the inbox I am sending it to and look far too big. 


    Normally changing the font size in Mail > Preferences > Fonts and Colors > Message Font does not affect what the recipient of your email will see.   What OS version are you using?

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    Hi,  Im using

    Software  OS X 10.8.3 (12D78)

    new system only puchased a few weeks ago