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    same here to, called service center and they replied it is our own fault because in the sales agreement is stated that up grading with i tunes is always at the owners risk. they will repair at my expence!!!
    they never heard about it so for them the problem dos not excist, strange that i've read hundereds of complaints.
    so fellows with this wunderfull neglect from apples side we have a 300$ dust collector now.
    way to go apples and thank u for the wunderfull rip off!!!
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    Please read my post earlier in this thread. Check your stats, what have you got? What have you tried? Note, "everything" is not a valid answer.



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    Thanks for this post.  I had been struggling with my iPod Classic 160GB all day.  I read this post and went into diags. mode as you described.  It turns out I have 16 hours of power on time and over 14,000 reallocations.  It sounds like a bad hard drive to me.  I just plugged my 8 year old 5th gen iPod video in and it works fine.  Thanks again.

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    14,000 reallocations sounds pretty terminal to me. At least you know its not worth struggling any further.



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    So my when i put my ipod in my computer, and i go to fix these problems, i right click the ipod icon to click format, but my computer becomes unresponsive, anyone know how to fix this?

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    Reallocs: 2752

    Pending sectors: 24

    Strats/Stops: 11179

    Temp current: 33c

    Temp Min: 9c

    Temp max: 57c



    80gb classic, less then a year old and rarely used. Managed to get one album onto it.....

    Whad'ya reckon

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    Its got too hot at one point. Not supposed to get above 50c. If it's less than a year old and you haven't been cooking it then perhaps you will be able to have it replaced under warranty.



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    No idea why that happened. I work in a hot country, but my Ipod is never outside or directly exposed to sunlight. Thanks for that reply.

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    I followed all of your directions, have no bad sectors and am still having issues.  HELP!

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    I'm also stuck in 'verifying' and iTunes stuck in this state.  I eventually had no choice but to disconnect device (I know, a no-no); after doing so iTunes frees up.  I've done a reboot.  And now I've done the HDSMARTData* under iPod Diagnostics.  I don't know how to interpret them except to see that at some point I let my iPod become too hot.  Feedback regarding the results is welcome.


    160GB iPod Classic


    From Diagnostics Mode [SELECT+MENU hold 6 secs > reboot starts/continue holding > wheel to REWIND |<< hold 6 secs > Diagnostics > Manual Test > IO > HardDrive > HDSMARTData]




    Retracts: 0

    Reallocs: 72

    Pending Sectors: 0

    PowerOn Hours: 383

    Start/Stops: 4987

    Temp: Current 32C

    Temp: Min 3C

    Temp: Max 60C



    SNO: Y92ASHN0S

    FW Revision: VS210A

    LBAs: 0x12a19eb0


    I don't know whether or not it was a bad idea but I did a reset from the diagnostics menu.  It had some effect as my menus changed slightly (must have been from when I peronalized them originally).  I plugged in my iPod and was back to the 'Verifying' nonsense.

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    I'm betting my hard drive is either out already or "leaving the building" with these stats:

    Retracts: 45

    Reallocs: 210 (fairly high, I attempted to sync and it stuck at 2 of 124 and when I re-diagnosed it had gone up to 237)

    Pending sectors: 3 (I'm on a roll here)

    PowerOn Hours: 29 (Can you believe how few considering the other stats?)

    Start/Stops: 35

    Temp: Current 29c

    Temp: Min 18c

    Temp: Max 44c

    Apart from the temparature everything else is pointing to a disc issue. My 80GB Classic now about 4 years old is well and truly not syncing even the tiniest piece of my music collection. Now I need to find out how much Apple believe can be charged for a simple hard drive swap or I may be forced to a fix it yourself site where I'll look for an SSD and try to sort it myself. This will be my very first test ever of Apple hardware support, software support was very good so I'm cautiously optimistic.

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    The stats don't look too bad at this stage, but until the pending count stays at zero and the device works following a restore it's hard to be sure. Hours used looks low, but I've no idea if/when this might roll over or reset.


    At four years the device will be out of warranty, and extended support if you paid for that. I'm not certain that Apple will swap out a hard drive but they may offer refurbished units, and there are third parties that will supply the parts and/or a fitting service.


    Try restoring a few more times to see if you can push through and map out all of the "problem" areas. Might be worth using this reset method at least once in case it does a more thorough job of it.


    DFU Reset

    Connect the classic to your computer with iTunes running then press and hold down Menu & Select like a normal reset but keep holding for 12 seconds. The iPod should reset as normal and then the screen should go black. iTunes should detect the device in recovery mode and offer to restore.



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    have the same issue... Grimy said  If this were any other country, you'd have starved to death long ago. I feel the same way about Apple these days, if it was any other company I'd have given them up long ago.

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    So, I just spent the last hour fighting with my baby and fearing that I would have to restore it (I have a ton of music! It would have taken me a while to restore!) and I had just given up. I went to the iPod screen in iTunes and "threatened" it with a restore. I click the restore button but when I had the "accept/decline" option, I simply clicked on the x and it seemed like back to where it was without the "verifying" crap. I then synced and it worked perfectly! This worked for me. I seem to have let my poor babe get up to 53 degrees though. Thank you for that info on checking the stats!

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    FIXED! (At last!)


    *****Please note this will wipe your iPod******

    I tried a number of things on this. after checking disk (it was fine) and waiting on the verifying (overnight)  I did the following:


    Unplug iPod Classic

    Put it into Disk Mode. To do this:


    1. Unplug iPod from PC
    2. Verify iPod is charged.
    3. Make sure hold button is not on.
    4. Press and hold the Menu and Select buttons for at least 6  seconds until the Apple logo appears.
    5. When the Apple logo appears, release the Menu and Select buttons  and immediately press and hold the Select and the Play/Pause buttons  until the Disk Mode screen appears.
    6. If still running on PC close down iTunes
    7. Plug iPod into PC
    8. iPod will now appear as an external HDD
    10. In Windows explorer Right click on the iPod external HDD (for me it appeared as XXXXX = where xxxx was the name of iPod) and Format this (I used quick format)
    11. Fire up iTunes
    12. iTunes will detect that the iPod is in recovery mode
    13. Select OK (or similar to recover using iTunes)
    14. Voila - iPod is back in town and listed as a device.


    Hope this works for others. I trawled through many sites - used many variations to get this done.