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    I have an iphone with newest upgrade...One voicemail would not delete...I would delete it and think that it would be in "deleted messages" but it would immediately reappear. i tried the old fasioned attemt and accessing my voice mail...but no messages were in the cue. 


    I read several posts here and simply shut off "cellular" and deleted the message .... I rset cellular. Message is gone.

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    I have the latest version of iOS 7 and I keep having the zombie voicemail problem.  I delete a voicemail only to have it reappear a few minutes later back in my voicemail folder.


    This bug makes visual voicemail very frustrating.  This used to happen for me on my old iPhone 3GS on earlier version of IOS but I just attributed it old hardward.  Now I have a 5s and the same problem.


    As a software engineer I find it hard to believe that Apple and ATT are not addressing this issue. 


    How do we file a formal bug report with Apple and ATT?

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    Try calling in to your voice mail and manually deleting the messages via the phone interface. I use AT&T so it is 7 to delete, then 19 to listen to and erase deleted messages - again by hitting 7.


    After doing that, (so far) my issues of 'zombie' messages appears to have cleared up.

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    The only way I have found to file a "bug report" is at the following url:



    Apple seems to kind of hide this so pass it on so we all can report our problems.

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    Try calling in to your voice mail and manually deleting the messages via the phone interface. I use AT&T so it is 7 to delete, then 19 to listen to and erase deleted messages - again by hitting 7.


    After doing that, (so far) my issues of 'zombie' messages appears to have cleared up.

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    Thanks, but wow!  Is there an update, patch, fix whatever? Do we know?

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    Thanks SamBlap, your solution was the only one that worked for me.  I thought that verick's solution would be the fix, but I never could find the RED button over top of my voicemail icon after restarting and turning off airplane mode.  It might have been becasue I was trying to delete 17 of 30 messages.  (Not all of them).  Anyway, I had to do them one by one, but deleted them once, then when I went to Deleted Messages, I would Undelete the message, then go back, delete it again, Go to Deleted Messages, and the 2nd time would Clear All.  it's been 30 minutes and they haven't reapeared.  I have iOS 7.1 on an iphone 5S AT&T.  Not sure it really matters though.


    Thanks again.

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    This has been happening to me for quite some time, through the last few software updates so I dont think it's a new problem. I seem to be able to delete most of the voice mail messages as long as I dont delete more than 5 at a time. If I delete 6 they have appeared in the in box before the clear all button in the deleted folder is even enabled yet. I got rid of them with a combination of everyones suggestions in this thread because no one procedure worked. I think it's a timing thing between iOS and AT&T and that they are probably still arguing amonst themselves as to who's fault it is.


    Following on the other excellent suggestions in this thread I put the phone in airplane mode. Deleted all the voicemails and then foce quit the phone app, I didn't have to restart. Do that by double clicking the home button and then swiping the phone app picture upwards. Then restart the phone app and turn off airplane mode. This time the clear all button eventually enabled and I was able to make them go away. They haven't returned.

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    Finally Solved......


    I have been struggling like everyone else for months with this problem. My problem first appeared when I got the 5S. I purchased it as soon as it was released. I called Apple and AT&T and was told several times that they had not heard of this problem. BS. This thread goes back years! I did all of the typical stuff like resetting the phone, going to AT&T (where the swapped the SIM card once) going to Apple, completely reloaded the OS, etc. Nothing worked. Yesterday I had enough and went back to the genius bar. I was not leaving without a new phone or at the very least beta software (7.1) loaded on my phone. I have a very technical job and have to diagnose similar problems all of the time. Logic started to kick in. My entire family (3 others) all have the same exact phone. None are experiencing this problem. If the OS was causing the problem, then why did completely reloading the OS not solve the problem? This leads me to believe there is a hardware issue that is causing the problem with certain phones. I finally had another person from Apple come over and try to convince me that the software engineers are finally aware of this problem (as of about a week ago, yeah right!) and that swapping the phone would resolve nothing. When the guy ran diagnostics on my phone I should mention that several apps were also continually crashing. I asked him doesn't that make you suspect of the hardware? My point was, look I've tried everything else. I've been beyond patient waiting for you guys to resolve this. The only thing we haven't done is swapped the phone. I've bought every model iPhone from day one and as a loyal customer I think I deserve a new phone so at least we can say we have tried everything. Begrudgingly, they swapped the phone. They said OK we'll swap it but I am 99% sure your voicemail problem will still be there. Well I am happy to say they were wrong! The new phone has not only solved the problem but has also fixed issues where it seems to lock up or freeze momentarily. I am convinced Apple is trying to software their way out of this versus swapping countless phones. As a loyal Apple customer, I am extremely disappointed in how they are handing this. I have a very small business and sometimes when things go wrong you simply have to eat it. Getting in front of the problem and being honest with your client is essential to maintaining them as a customer. They have not done that here. 

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    Yup the delete one at a time and clear all from deleted finally worked.

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    same here

    On phone with AT&T Enhanced Support re my iPhone 5s.

    Airplane mode thing didn't work, but deleting one at a time did.

    AT&T and Apple please fix this!

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    Oh as an added bonus, this is not a one time fix.  If you delete a set of messages, the problem will occur again.  Just forcing you to have a "zero inbox" policy on your voicemails.

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    I've been trying everything to get my voice mails to delete. I've tried the suggestions on this thread, but to no avail, those pesky voice mails keep coming back.


    The thing that has worked for me (so far) is to delete messages for a single date.  For example, I deleted all the voice mails that I received on 1/25/14, then went to deleted messages and cleared them.  Whenever I selected messages that spanned across multiple days, they would end up coming right back.  When I only deleted voice mails that were from a single day, they did not come back.

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    Dust-iMac's solution worked for me too. Only if I go into the Deleted Messages folder too quick, the delete button is grayed out. Need to wait @ 10 seconds after deleting and going into the Deleted Messages folder.


    Kind of a PITA, but at least it works.



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    Verick, Thank you...a genius you are!!!  i just bought an iphone 5s five days ago and the visual voicemail already had "zombie" voicemails, two in fact, that would not delete...followed your steps and , bam, problem solved! I too move around alot and I think the different tower hook ups have something to do with it, thx again