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Hey all. I've got two micro SD cards and a normal SD card that I've been able to read/write on with no problems... Until tonight. Now, I can only read them.

My SD card is the one I use in my digital camera. When I plug it right into my MacBook Pro's SD card slot, I can't delete items from it via Finder or Disk Utility. I also cannot delete images from it through iPhoto.

However, if I hook the camera up to the laptop using a USB cable, I can delete the images through iPhoto.

All three cards are Fat16 which, I assume, has always been the case. I've never had a problem until now. I've even tried formatting the cards in the digital camera, but it hasn't changed anything.

When I look at the cards through Disk Utility, I can only Verify the discs and nothing else.

None of the cards are locked. I'm using an SD card adapter to load up the micro SD cards.

What could the issue be? I'm hoping to try a USB micro SD adapter tomorrow, to see if the issue could be my SD card slot. Any information would be appreciated.


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MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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