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    Apple tech does not read these forums. PLEASE be sure to send your findings and shortcomings to Apple Feedback, it is the only way to get things noticed and hopefully fixed
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    Grab seems to work for me, not sure I like the quality of the capture... Come on Apple, this is a step backwards... Used to be easy with Imovie 09...
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    I just upgraded to '11 yesterday, and I am creating stills from my video right now... sort of.

    When I get to the point in my video that I want to create a still from, I press the control button and click my mouse, then choose "Add Still Frame to Project" and it makes a still frame. Here's where I'm still mystified.

    It used to be that then you could Control and click on that still frame and you would get to choose "Reveal in Finder" to grab the actual still and move it to where you want to use it outside of iMovie, but I can't seem to do that anymore. So I can create stills, but not get them beyond iMovie so far. There has to be a way.
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    Ok, so I just spoke with an Apple Creative rep, and he said that if you want to pull stills out of your video for use in other apps, you have to download MPEG Streamclip for free and use that. He said it's what everyone at their store likes to use.

    I just downloaded the free program in less than ten seconds, opened the application, and dragged one of my video files in. I was able to scan to the point that I wanted to make a still from, export the frame, and I'm pleased with the quality. It gave me the choice, when I exported, of what aspect ratio to use, what format to save it as, etc.

    I still don't get why Apple would fail to include this feature in '11, but at least there's a no-cost way to get what we need.
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    So did you use feedback or just shouting here? There's nobody from Apple here.
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    Welcome to Apple discussions!

    You are not addressing Apple here. We are users just like you. I agree with you, this is an important feature that is missing.

    Apple does provide a method for you to give feedback regarding their products.

    They do read this feedback and changes do get made.

    I use this feature a lot with iMovie 06, when I use iMovie 11 and I normally just do a screen capture. Hold the Command key, Shift key, number 4 key.

    Leave feedback here:

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    Hey folks,

    The best workaround I could find (until apple get off their bums to fix this) is:
    1. Create a new project, perhaps call it "Still frames"
    2. Holding down the control key, click on the frame you like, then select "Add still frame to project".
    3. Go to "Share">Export using quicktime>select best setting for export, i.e. highest quality and size
    4. Open your still in quicktime
    5. Open the program called "Preview" then File>take screen shot>from selection
    6. Save screen shot as a jpg

    Then you can import into iPhoto. Yay, it only took half an hour...
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    Clicked the link you posted but it doesn't seem to work.

    In regards to whether Apple is here or not, according to their own TOU, Apple employees, along with Apple moderators and discussion hosts DO have to right to view and respond to these discussions. They should, since this IS the place where app developers can get good user feedback on their products. I mean, it is Apple's forum. *Where are they?* And yes, I am yelling.

    Clearly, the feature for making stills frames within the iMovie 11 application is missing, and the workarounds are cumbersome and lack quality. Apple could (and should) make good use of their mac app store by providing an update that includes this feature (as well as any other iMovie 11 fixes). I know this won't satisfy those who haven't "upgraded" to snow leopard, but I envy you folks anyway for not being swayed by the app store. This does need to happen though, Apple. I know you are watching.

    In the meantime, I will patiently await right here better workarounds from the experts but hope that Apple can respond with the update before that.
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    Use feedback in the iMovie menu. The only Apple employees who might be here are moderators, who's business is to supervise content. They may or may not know anything about the application. So don't bother shouting at the rest of us. Use feedback. That's why it's in the application.
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    Clicked the link you posted but it doesn't seem to work.

    Sorry, try this one.

    but I envy you folks anyway for not being swayed by the app store.

    I have found that the physical possession of the software on a DVD or CD is a better way to go. There have been many times when I have needed to reinstall software and the software is no longer available online for any amount of money.

    In the event you have a computer problem and must rebuild your system or reinstall software, it is always easier to do so if you have the physical media in your possession. Later, if you uninstall the software from your computer you can usually sell the disc when you upgrade.

    Look at all of the Mac users who pay upwards of $100 for iLife 06, just so they can get a copy of iMovie 06.

    Apple. I know you are watching.

    They very rarely watch here. Generally, the only time Apple people come to this forum is when a complaint is made. When you have two bars or more you have the ability to report someone's post (I rarely do this).

    I urge you to use the feedback link, these *do get read by Apple*. You will get no reply. But if enough people report on the same issue things get fixed.
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    Thank you, Tom...

    The one-way marketing survey that is referred to by Apple as "feedback" serves little purpose to people looking for immediate answers to application questions that cannot be answered under the help menu. And, as the feedback page states, I should expect no return feedback. So, essentially I have little option but to come to this forum for help. And although I appreciate user workarounds, I would also hope the good folks at Apple would address the problem directly.

    Again...Apple please. This is *YOUR WEBSITE*. Look and learn.

    There are a number of reasons why I converted back to Mac after years of being force fed the PC experience. One of the foremost being the ability not to have to tweak the OS, the applications, etc. And since I purchased this application through the mac store, I certainly think Apple can handle the mod with a simple update. Isn't that a purpose of the app store?

    I'm sure there are at least some Apple employees, dedicated enough to their jobs (no, not Steve), that at least check monitor this forum and take some interest. Hopefully that is happening. The TOU says what it says, I just hope somebody out there is watching from Apple.

    Anyway, I did as you suggested and answered all their non-related marketing questions. Now I would like to see some action by Apple. Hopefully it will happen soon.

    For everyone else, if you haven't already, please provide feedback directly to Apple through the previous link provided by Tom. Maybe it will ring a bell up there in Cupertino.
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    While it is impossible to tell if the Application developers monitor these forums, the only forum where I have actually seen a developer reply is the Aperture forum, and that was back when Aperture was just getting off the ground.
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    Thank you for the response and new link. Tom also supplied the same info through the help menu of iMovie 11.

    Of course, it's always better to have the DVD/CD, but physical possesion is becoming less-and-less fashionable. Apple users had better get used to the idea of an app store, as this appears to be the direction of the company with all their OS. Still, as an app developer, Apple should make their best effort to support the applications they offer. Anyone who owns an iPhone, iPad, or iPod already know and trusts this upgrade system. I mean, how cheap can you make it for yourself? This is something they should have fixed from day one out of the app store box. Obviously, they don't know or don't care.

    As far as them watching, I certainly can't vouch either way since I don't work for Apple. It would absolutely amaze me though that the app developers and their underling employees would not be trolling here to get input and reflections on their work. They must be paid very, very well.
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    There is no one from Apple here. In all the years I have been on the Apple forums I can only think of once, about five or six years ago, maybe more, when a product manager posted a message on a forum here, and it was only I think because he had posted similar messages on another non-Apple forum.

    Feedback is for feedback on what you what to change or bugs or feature requests. It's not for support. You can get user to user support here. You can get support in an Apple store. Or you can purchase support from Apple. But support is not what you want is it? You want a code re-write. The usual reason why code gets removed is because it interferes with something else. Putting the code back may not be a simple matter (though I don't know why in this case). One I think I know with certainty is that shouting on this or any other forum will not get you anything but frustration.