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benny20510 Level 1 Level 1
I have recently bought a new ipod touch 4g to replace my old 2g ipod touch, the main reason for this is because it is supposed to be faster, granted the internet speed doesnt have much to do with the processor
But i noticed the internet was slower than usual, so i put my new and old ipod side to side and used the Freeappaday app (because it accesses internet immediately and takes a while to start up even on the fastest of connections) and on the last attempt the 2g took 10 seconds and the 4g took 30 seconds, if there was only like 5 seconds between them i wouldnt be too bothered, but it takes about 20 seconds just to load the achievements in game center!
Is anybody else having this problem? Should i take the ipod to an apple store or send it in for repair?



Macbook 7,1 iPod Touch 4g, Mac OS X (10.6.4), iOS 4.1
  • benny20510 Level 1 Level 1
    Just some more info, i have tried resetting networek setting and restoring etc, this hasnt helped, and I just tested the speed with same app but this time making sure no apps were running on 4g ipt and then turning them off and on, then running the app, this time 2g took same, 10 seconds, 4g took longer, 75 seconds! I am starting to get really annoyed but it doesnt really make sense, because web browsing (safari) isnt much slower than on 2g, but all other apps (including apple apps like itunes, app store etc) are really slow.
  • kyledummy Level 1 Level 1
    i am having this same exact issue i took my first one back and my second 4G does the same exact thing. please help!
  • luvlabs Level 4 Level 4
    Since your new touch can connect via N, just how is your network setup? Time to start looking at your router and how it handles networking protocols. You might want to see if you are running in b/g mode or b/g/n mode.

    BTW, how old is your router?
  • tiagoaf1 Level 1 Level 1
    My brand new ipod touch 4G does the same.
    I have all the other aplications closed, I also have the latest firmware (not jailbroken) , and my router is brand new.
    Even checking my email is painful, when compared to my old ipod touch 2G that is a lot faster. -.-'
  • TPNils Level 1 Level 1
    I've gat more or less the same problem, i just gat my iPod 4g 32GB and had no problem with the internet. I've been downloading some apps on my iPod (directly from my iPod not from my computer) at normal speed. than on xmas, after 2 day, the internet was VERY slow. now it something like 5-10KB/s thad i download. its very hard to do something with my iPod thad needs internet. anyone gat an idea how to solve it?
  • TechDudeGeorge Level 1 Level 1
    Same here, the lags... Safari loads pages much slower and same for videos. And even apps load slower...:(
  • luvlabs Level 4 Level 4
    Try rebooting your router. Just unplug it from the power brick, wait, and plug it back in.

    There is one thing that can contribute to this and it is a mismatch in encryption protocols. Make sure your router is running the latest firmware and do use WPA2-TKIP.
  • hughesy136 Level 1 Level 1
    When i got my Ipod touch 4G the wifi was running at a speed of 7-10 KB/s. After having a look at my Wifi Modem i changed some internet security settings and now my Ipod internet speed is over 800 KB/s.

    These are the list of things i had changed on my modem.
    1. Change the Wifi Modems password.
    2. changed the modems wifi channel to 6
    3. changed the WPA-PSK to WPA
  • MasterKD Level 1 Level 1
    Thats interesting but my laptop is worse because usally I have my brother doing his university work and using the internet and when I'm on my laptop is sometimes crashes or the internet just loads up pages really slowly so then I use my iPod touch and it's quick as it usally is so thats my story.
  • eddyaus5 Level 1 Level 1
    hey buddie,

    i might have found a solution to this wifi thing...
    i have a router that is 802.11b/g...
    so i went into the wifi options, and set my ipod's ip to be permanent.
    this changes the lease time to infinity...
    you can find all the mac details in the router when the ipod is connected, and you can just copy them.

    hope this helps mate:D
  • rdrap Level 1 Level 1
    "m have the same problem. Simultaneous, side-by-side download speed test: iPod Touch 4G = 0.97 Mbps, iPod Touch 2G = 9.2 Mbps. I have a Netgear RangeMax WNR834bv2 N-router. I've changed the router speed from "up to 270 Mbps" to "up to 130 Mbps", but no change. I've changed the channels on the router, but no change. I've powered cycled the router a million times, but no change. I've reset the network settings on the iPod, but no change. What are the differences in the wireless antenna between the 2G and 4G that could be affecting download speeds? I've taken my iPod Touch 4G to Starbucks, and my download speeds are much closer to my 2G. My wireless router and Touch 4G are not playing nice.
  • luvlabs Level 4 Level 4
    I think you have pretty much answered your own question - it's the router. If Netgear has a firmware upgrade available for that router, by all means download and install it. If there isn't one available, try downgrading it to G only. You honestly won't notice a difference between the two as you are probably limited by your network speed.
  • Mulac Level 1 Level 1
    I had very slow wifi when I first got my ipod 4g, dont bother taking it back or anything, and no, its not the router. I dont know why but when u first use it the internet it very slow. But after a while of using the internet its back up to speed, faster than the older ipods.
  • davidfromwinfield Level 1 Level 1

    Go to settings, scroll down to safari, scroll down, clear history, clear cookies, and clear cache. Thanks Please like

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