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  • Thomas PL Level 1 (0 points)

    I've done a bit more research and seem to have found the solution for printing properly (i.e., not lines only) on LBP6000 in Mac OS X 10.6.7 (and possibly 10.6.6).


    Get the version 3.31 of CAPT from Canon here:


    After installing this (which requires quitting ALL programs!) you must go to Printers in System Prefs, REMOVE your original printer, and then ADD your printer again (click "+", and then "More Printers...").


    Once you've re-added your LBP6000 printer, it should work fine again.




  • DoctorFresh Level 1 (20 points)



    thanks for your helpful post.


    However, I have downloaded the CAPT v3.31, removed my printer, restarted my iMac (10.6.7), opened System Prefs, Printers, checked the LBP6000 is not listed, clicked +, More Printers, use Canon CAPS USB, the LBP6000 is there - clicked on it, then on Add......and nothing happens.  At all.


    No system crash - just inaction on adding the printer.


    Any ideas anyone?



  • Thomas PL Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi DoctorFresh,


    The symptom you describe is exactly what happenod to me when I didn't first delete (i.e., remove) my previous printer icon. That previous icon had software 3.30. Without deleting that first, clicking the Add button, as you say, doesn't result in any response—the dialog just does nothing and you have to cancel out of it.


    So I suggest that you check again that you haven't got that printer added under perhaps another name. Making sure you've deleted all instances, you might like to try installing the 3.31 software one more time, and then adding it. Hopefully, that should work.


    I actually installed it twice myself, and that may have caused it to work in the end; I'm not sure.

    What I am sure about is that these drivers from Canon are really, really ridiculously complex. And printer drivers shouldn't be like that!




  • DoctorFresh Level 1 (20 points)

    Hi Thomas and thanks for the reply.


    I'm no computer whizzkid but the ONLY THING THAT GOES WRONG, EVER, ARE PRINTER DRIVERS!  I bought the Canon because of p***poor support from HP (for a P1009, which oddly I now have working)


    I've tried your recommendation.  It didn't work. 


    I can be certain that:


    1.     I had deleted the Canon LBP6000 printer icon using the '-' key

    2.     I rebooted the computer with the printer unplugged

    3.     I opened the Print/Fax again - the Canon wasn't there in the list

    4.     Installed 3.31

    5.     Connected the Canon and did a power cycle

    6.     Click '+' in the printer list

    7.     "More Printers" - Canon is listed under Canon CAPS USB

    8.     Click 'add' ....and nothing happens (the dialog box remains in situ as if I hadn't clicked it.  Do so again and again with increasing levels of force - I am human - without any effect)

    9.     Do lots of swearing and wonder if I can recruit a human printer with nice handwriting.


    Since the human printer won't be available at 2.30 a.m when I will need him/her most, do you have any other ideas?  Is there some way to find and remove the traces of the Canon software and reinstall?





  • DoctorFresh Level 1 (20 points)

    I tried searching for and deleting any CAPS software and (ii) clearing it using CleanMyMac and (iii) then rebooting (iv) installing the 3.31 software, then (v) connecting and power cycling the Canon and (vi) adding the Canon through the Systems Prefs table.


    Same result.


    I could murder someone from Canon.  It worked two days ago.

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    I am having similar, yet different issues.


    I have an LBP6000 and it was working perfectly until suddenly it stopped printing text in word documents and text in powerpoint slides

    - the print job appears for about 2 seconds and then disappear.


    I have read everyone else's comments about their problems, with hope that i would find an answer for mine. I have been unsuccessful


    The printer was perfect and i thought the sample toner may have run out so i bought a new one = no solution


    The printer will print images in word doc's and ppt doc's but no next


    I printed out this exact page as i was half way through writing this post and all it printed was the sad face, absolutely nothing else.


    My overall problem is trying to get the printer to print text


    Help would be much appreciated


    Thank you

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    Hi I was having same issues. Followed Thomas PL's instructions , downloaded 3.31 and installed.Had same issues you had. No printer showing up under usb printers. Restarted the computer and it was there!! Now prints texts!

  • peter157 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi just remember to restart after installing 3.31

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    I am now having this problem again, after upgrading to Lion. Using the method supplied in this thread, I was able to get the LBP6000 running with Snow Leopard, but now it seems to have died again.


    I reinstalled the latest drivers and attempted the same process, but the 'more printers' option simply isn't there any more - does anyone have any information on this or a work-around if you have had the same problem?


    Thanks, Rob.


    **Problem Solved**


    In case anyone else encounters this, Canon have new drivers for Lion available form their US website (no others, as yet) - for the LBP6000 they were here, but you can find others too nters/imageclass_lbp6000 .


    Once you run the installer, they even show up in the list of print drivers so no mucking around with 'more printers' etc...


    Hope that helps!


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    Hi ! i have the same problem with canon lbp6000 after upgrading to os x lion 10.7


    i tried install the driver, then do as u had suggested but the printing process keep on running for more than 30minutes without any printed paper comes out on the feeder ...  can you help me?

  • rjpinney Level 1 (0 points)

    Did you delete the old drivers? You need to remove all the CAPT drivers you currently have, then install the new ones, then restart. Then add the printer and the driver should show in the normal list - that is what worked for me!


    Good luck!

  • Stijntjhe Level 1 (0 points)

    Where can you delete the CAPT drivers? And where to download/install the new ones?

  • Suzanne Thompstone Level 1 (5 points)

    Hey all -


    Would just like to say that I've upgraded to 10.6.8 (finally!) and needed to re-install my LBP6000. Went to the site that rjpinney linked us to: nters/imageclass_lbp6000

    downloaded the 10.7 driver (I think it's 3.40), installed the CAPT stuff, added the printer and so far it's working.



  • BDAqua Level 10 (122,202 points)

    Thanks Suzanne!

  • vimyridge Level 1 (0 points)

    Let me tell everyone on this post that I will NEVER buy a Canon printer again.


    I thought I was buying a printer that would be good for the Mac as I did my research beforehand and the Canon marketing says that this printer is Mac-friendly.

    But it is definitely not!


    I've had to reinstall the driver a HALF DOZEN times in the 6 months that I've owned this printer. It works fine.... for a while... then all of a sudden the printer stops working.... it doesn't respond to print commands. You end up having to install the driver AGAIN.... not a different driver, not a new one, not an improved one, but the SAME ONE. Go figure how the system just "loses" the driver when it feels like it and for no reason whatsoever.


    Each time I do this it takes me an hour or so. The first time it took 3 hours. All because it is very difficult to (a) find the driver, (b) find instructions how to install the driver, (c) find instruction about what to do after you install the driver.... and when you find those instructions, they don't work.


    The only thing that helped me in this frustrating process was THIS POST. No information from Canon (if you can find any, good luck) is helpful.