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  • biggerboy Level 1 Level 1
    I have the same configuration, using a cheap-o Acer 20" monitor and the VGA dongle.

    I've noticed that the flickering happens more often when there is activity that "stresses" the machine. For example, it happens quite a bit when using VMware - less so without.
  • Mr Schnider Level 1 Level 1
    Seems like there's no solution to this?

    Might be better off selling this machine before it self destructs...
  • MBSoft Level 1 Level 1
    After a long period of living with these time to time problem i found a funny trick. Today the screen starts to flicker but was still alive. So i go to the "Apple"-Menu and choose the "Restart"-Option. Not easy cause i can see the mouse just a few times/second without flickering/black screen.
    And: Bingo....all the issues stops immediately when the "Really want to start new?"-Screen appears.You can click "Cancel" and the issue comes not back. Checked this twice since i found that "trick". So it must be a software issue otherwise it couldn't be stopped by the Restart process.
    Both times the MBA was up for only a few minutes and i have just only Safari and Mail running, CPU load under i was not able to find out, what software or process could be responsible for the issue...
  • steelrat Level 1 Level 1
    hello there,
    I also have this flickering issue on my new MacBook Air 13". It only affects the external Display. The flickering ist not that extreme that it prevents working on it but it is still pretty annoying. I am using a Dell 2408WFP Display. It seems that the hardware resetting with all the fancy button pressing while rebooting works only once per session. So I would have to do this every other day. This issue is sort of ridiculous..has there been any official statement by apple?
  • Joris Witteman Level 1 Level 1
    I have this problem too with a 11.6" Air and a 24" iiyama screen.

    Disappointed that 10.6.7 does not address this.

    For completeness I feel I should link to other threads about this issue:
  • Mr. PAL Level 1 Level 1
    Hello all. Just to report that I also have the flickering issue in my MacBook Air purchased a month ago.

    It is an 11" version, all maxed out. I'm on OS X 10.6.6 (updating to 10.6.7 in a moment).

    When I use the VGA adapter, the external monitor (Samsung 21", purchased very recently) flickers more or less intensely, with no apparent pattern of occurrence (cannot relate to processor load, or to anything else for that matter).

    This has been happening from the very first time I used the adapter, which was a couple of days ago.

    Will be reporting this to customer service ASAP if 10.6.7 does not address this issue.

    It is a disgraceful situation, since I cannot really complain about anything else in this little fantastic adorable piece of technology. Hope this issue of external monitor flickering can be addressed very promptly.

    Thanks, and cheers to all.
  • klamath92 Level 1 Level 1
    Hi all,

    I have a MBA 13", OS is 10.6.6. WIth DisplayPort to VGA - Same flickering problem as everyone else. Extremely annoying and (mostly) unusable.

    Went I switch to a DisplayPort to DVI - totally different experience. NO Flicker.

    Tested with a 28" Hanns-g and a ViewSonic VA2223wm.

  • steelrat Level 1 Level 1
    10.6.7 seems to have mitigated the problem here, but this is my personal impression only, so I could be wrong.
    Flickering is still an issue!
  • onechrisjones Level 1 Level 1
    Dammit, I JUST got my MBA, and as I was syncing my iPad, weird vertically moving noisy waves ripple from bottom to top of my screen. What should I do? Total freeze, and I have to force it off. I had dropbox and steam, but only dropbox was running.

    This seems to me like a graphics issue, and I sure as he'll hope it can be resolved with software. This *****.please advise... SOMEONE!
  • ECsongradi Level 1 Level 1
    I'm noticing intermittent rippling on my screen when using an external monitor with my MB Air. At this point, it is annoying more than anything as the computer does not freeze. However, I hope there is a solution for this issue. The screen ripples did not occur when using the same monitor with my old MB Pro.
  • Xallarap Level 1 Level 1

    Here also to report a flickering issue on my MBA 13".


    My MBA had been having issues with White Screen of Death since December 2010 and Apple Support finally recommended to re-install of OSx and update. I had not had any issues since then (3-weeks since re-install).


    Last night, the screen started flickering while browsing e-mails with Safari. Flickering was only limited to a wide vertical section (aprox 1.5") on the right side of the screen and I was able to see most of the screen just fine. So, I attempted the following before searching the Web for a solution (listed in order of execution with no success).


    1) SW update + Restart

    2) Shutdown and restart.

    3) Reset of SMC.

    4) Reset PRAM

    5) Checked EFI firmware as suggested in discussions/web pages.

    6) I tried other things mentioned in other web pages until I found this webpage:



    I closed the lid and waited for 15 seconds as suggested. Open the lid again and the flickering stopped.


    My MBA was not attached to anything when the flickering started. I have only connected it to an external projector once back in February to give a Power Point presentation. I only connect it to my external drive to do a backup once a month.


    Also, I do not shutdown/restart my MBA often. I just put it to sleep and wake it up when I need it. This process may go for weeks until I have to restart it for any reason.

  • sublimespot Level 1 Level 1

    I have this problem also. I'm currently backing up my MacBook Air 2010 and going to take it to the Genius Bar on Saturday.



    Great machine with the exception of this crashing. Sad.


    Will Apple let us return the computer for a refund? I've had it for 5 months...

  • NatyGM Level 1 Level 1

    i have the same problem since 5 months ago, also we call for guarantee and apple by the distributor the replace the macbook air for a new one, but soo bad lucky this one new, also have the problem of screen "flicker" and freeze.


    i already update at 10.6.8 and i will wait if the flicker stop,  otherwise i will call for guarantee again.   Anybody already solve this issue???



  • Xallarap Level 1 Level 1


    I don't know if this posting helps but I sent my MBA to the Apple Repair Shop back in April and they kept it for a week running their tests but were unable to duplicate issue.


    When they sent it back to the local store, someone from the Genius Bar was able to duplicate the flickering problem and decided to replace the screen.


    It's been two months since I received it back. I use my MBA an average of 10 hrs/day and rarely restart it (I mostly put it in sleep mode)... I am happy to report the system has performed with no issues at all. No flickering and No White/Blue Screen of Death.


    Perhaps replacing the screen is the answer to this issue.


    Suggestion to readers: If possible, do video recording of issue when it happens so you can send it to Apple. Since the issue was intermittent, Apple did not believe me it was happening when the Repair Shop was unable to duplicate.

  • Maximusbzg Level 1 Level 1

    I have a similar problem, flickering of a portion of my screen around two and a half inches with vertical lines (gray, green, blue purple mainly). I tried reinstalling the OS and that has not solved the problem. There seems no specific application or command that triggers it, and it goes away when it feels like, most annoyingly it is there most of the time. so i  have to work on my files using only half the screen.