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    I will summarize my problems with the IOS 5 in an email and send it to him as well



    I wont waste my time going to the apple store for them to tell me its my car or they cant help me


    most of what apple does is perception    it doesnt work but they made you feel like you got white glove service



    I will post my results to this page when i have an update



    back when i had a blackberry bold running version 5 i could stream music to the car via bluetooth




  • Drostbro Level 1 Level 1

    2008 Sentra here with the same problem.  Prior to updating to iOS5 this month I had my phone paired with my car and also my girlfriend's parrot bluetooth system.  Both worked perfectly for almost a year (I got the verizon iphone at launch).  The updated firmware broke both of these connections to the point that I can't use them.  It is beyond infuriating trying to make a call.  As everyone in this thread says it will connect for a second then lose the connection and so on.  It could not be more obvious that this is an Apple problem and not every car maker out there.  The bluetooth update should be backwards compatible.  To top it off you can't revert to iOS4.  I hope they fix this asap.

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    Well folks, I gave up on trying to get a resolution this problem for my 08' Frontier.  I bought an Iphone off Ebay that had not been updated to ios5.  The new, un-updated phone works perfectly in my truck. (well whatdaya know) Guess I'll sell my old iphone to recoup my costs.  Nothing wrong with it except if you want to use bluetooth in a Nissan.  I admit it was a radical solution but it did solve the problem.  I didn't use that Icloud crap anyway.


    I can't describe how disappointed I am in Apple in the fact that they won't even ACKNOWLEDGE there is a problem.  It's just a blame shift, lets point the finger back at Nissan, or whatever car manufacturer that way we dont' have to deal with it game to them I guess.  Very sad.  I have about a year left on my current cell phone contract.  I think it may be time to go away from Apple since they appear to not care anymore once that contract expires.

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    I own a 2010 Nissan Altima with the Bose system, and i have an Iphone 4S currently (previously a 4 and a 3GS whcih my husband has my 4, was using my 3GS) All have worked perfectly fine with my factory bluetooh. Before my altima i had 2x-2010 Sentras and bluetooth worked fine in both of those and they were non-bose systems.


    the only problem i really ever encounter is the system not recognizing what im saying eg it'll cancel instead of call..


    I have multiple phones paired to the system right now (my 4s and husbands 4)

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    OK guys, more interesting info:


    I have a Tracfone (a Samsung T301G) which is a simple slider phone that has Bluetooth.  I successfully paired the phone to my 2007 Sentra SL, and made and received phone calls with it.  No dropped bluetooth connections, and everything works as intended.


    However, my iPhone 4 with iOS 5.0.1 still has problems.  I can pair it fine, but I will lose the bluetooth connection occasionally, and the iPhone will constantly try to reconnect with my Sentra.  When it does work, I can make phone calls with the iPhone using the onboard Sentra bluetooth system, but incoming calls will not ring.


    These problems just don't exist with the cheap Samsung slider phone in the same car.


    The iPhone has been disconnected completely from the Sentra Bluetooth.  What I'm doing now is using the Samsung as strictly my car phone, and enabled call forwarding on the iPhone to the Samsung (works beautifully.)

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    I have a 2011 Altima Coupe, and it has worked flawlessly with both my iPhone 4 and now the 4S.  It pairs up every time I get in the car, no issues.  If you haven't tried it already, I would try going into the car's BT settings, erasing any phones in there so it's clear, then start over.  Also, make sure the iPhone doesn't have the car in it's Bluetooth list.  When both are clear, start the pairing over.  I'm running the latest iPhone firmware.

  • Drostbro Level 1 Level 1

    I've tried this with my 2008 Sentra and my iPhone 4 (Verizon).  Does not work.  I've also gone as far as a complete factory reset on the phone and did a fresh pair (erased from car prior to pairing.)  There is a problem on Apple's end.  I really hope that they do something about this or at least acknowledge that they caused the problem rather than blaming the car companies.  As my bluetooth system is factory I don't believe I can update its firmware so my only hope is an Apple fix.

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    Is your system a Parrot bluetooth system that's up on the roof next to the reading lights?  If so, check Parrot's site and see if there is an update from them.  If not, you're probably out of luck unfortuately.  I'm surprised because I've paired my phone with a bunch of various stock bluetooth systems without issues (Nissan, BMW, MB, Lexus, etc).

  • Drostbro Level 1 Level 1

    No it is a factory bluetooth system that came with my 2008 Sentra.  Out of curiosity were these cars new (2010-2011) or older models?  Almost everyone i've seen reporting a problem has older bluetooth systems.

  • Meinnocenthah Level 1 Level 1

    according to parrot site, Nissan uses their system in other countries besides the US...(looking at their customer map)


    Ourr handsfree bluetooth systems are indeed located up by the map/reading lights. we have controls on our steering wheel and it integrates with the factory headunit.


    Like i mentioned, i have a 2010 altima 2.5SL w bose, i have NEVER had any problems. (i own an IP4s and an IP4) i previously had 2 2010 Sentras (a 2.5s and a SR) both had factory bluetooth...both worked with my 3GS and my 4. the only problem i really ever encounter is it not understanding my voice commands....the bluetooth rings through my stereo/speakers and everything...



    i dont think its a problem with Apple or its software...i think its the user or possibly nissan software..maybe there are some bugs out there..

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    Omg!!! We figured it out!  It's the multitasking "open apps".  My husband has a 2008 Nissan maxima and the bluetooth cut out/would hang up constantly, unusable after the ios5 update.  Yesterday I thought what if it's overwhelmed?  LOoked and saw my husband had every single app showing in multitasking. Closed them all and now it works flawlessly.  Showed my husband how to close them and reminded him to do it periodically throughout the day.  SOLVED!  Explains why some had succes with shutting the phone completely down, but over time it would stop working again.  I can't believe it.  Apple should pay me a finders fee :)

  • brianfromsayville Level 1 Level 1



    great pickup      i have sucessfully used my Iphone 4 (verizon) with IOS5   with my altima 2007 bose system



    i had to close all the apps (which proves that this is a apple issue)     but i have finally been able to use my iphone in the car with the handsfree




    I hope that apple can resolve this issue o it works like it should,   it makes me believe then this is a larger issue then they are leading on to.

  • brianfromsayville Level 1 Level 1

    everyone in this forum with a problem has an older nissan


    nissan went through a product change in 2009 or 2010 its possible that the components in your 2010 are different then in my 2007




    but as parent posted before


    you can connect an ios 5 phone if you have all the multitasked apps closed





  • Drostbro Level 1 Level 1

    I tried the apps trick and it didn't work for my IP4 (Verizon) and 2008 sentra.  Last night I did a complete restore (again) and did not load any apps or personal information on my phone before pairing it to the system.  It still had the exact same problem.  Glad some of you have had success, but I guess my only option is to go to the Apple store and see if they can help.  I was really hoping to avoid going there.

  • TonyLukes3 Level 1 Level 1

    Some of the cars were pre-2010.


    It's really a matter of the iPhone being backward compatible (which it is with older Bluetooth protocols) and the system it's connecting to being able to connect.  Hate to break it to everyone but there's nothing Apple can do unless they modify the os. I doubt theyll go out of their way to support older Bluetooth systems. At this point you're just going to have to deal with it or swap the Parrot system with the newer version. I've been there before with a nice Pioneer unit that stopped connecting after an update. I didn't run to Apple, it's the nature of the business when you have older tech.

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