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    I should also mentioned that we also upgraded her ios from 5.1 to 6.1 - I didn't expect it to work based on other posts in this thread but figured it was a good excuse to get her up to date.

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    Not having same problem, but rememer reading about this a while ago.   Dug up the article - hope it helps someone out:


  • chris78cook Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks - I've tried most of these, but it's nice to see them all in one place to be certain.

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    One thing I want to be clear on is I am in no way abdicating Apple of their responsibilities.  The contacts should not disappear.  In my case the bug occurred after applications began to freeze or automatically close.  This seems to be a relatively consistent sympton prior to the contacts disappearing.  Apple should be working on a fix for this and communicating their progress.


    Rectifying the problem for me was quite simple on my Iphone.


    As Jimmy Page says


    Cryin' won't help you, prayin' won't do you no good,

    When the levee breaks, mama, you got to move.

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    Same here! I too have an iPhone 4S running on 5.1.1 which I never upgraded – lost all my contacts after turning phone off/on. Strange though that they still show up with names and all in the left-swipe search function! But when going back to contacts, text messages, or caller list or > NOTHING!

    Seems countless users are experiencing this nuisance > the view counts in the respective forums are constantly going up (see also this thread:


    Tried contacting Apple Support online, but all they told me is that my Apple Care Protection Plan has expired... go figure!

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    My iPhone 4s on iOS 5.1.1 did the same thing to me. All apps started to crash, turn OFF and ON the device, all Contacts gone. Don't know when I last backed up the contacts.

    Can the apple geniuses please provide some remedy for this?


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    I'm using the iPhone4 ver. 4.3.3, my Whatsapp suddenly hang after received a message then all contacts disappear!  I've tried to reboot it few times but no help at all.  Never tried to backup the contact list to iTunes.  Please anyone can help and fix this out?



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    I have had almost the exact same thing happen to me (in the Middle East). And my sister had the same thing happen to her in another part of the world.  Dont know if this is somehow related to Whatsapp or to apple...


    Almost surely nothing to do with carrier.


    i have resigned myself to having a partial list available from backup.

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    I had this problem also. I called Apple Support about this and this is what they answered me :


    - First, we cannot do anything if you doesn't update your firmware to the last version. This bug is surelly corrected in the new version of OS


    - You must synchronise your Iphone's data if you don't want to loose your data when this kind of problem happend.


    - If you update your os and following by synchonise your contacts, you will fix your problem.


    It is what I did and everything is now A1 until 4 days.



    Finally this problem is owned by the person who didn't backup their iphone until lot of time.


    If you have done this, this problem didn't be catastriphic.


    Good luck!!!

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    Same issue with my wife's phone.

    It just randomly deleted all her contacts.


    I'd have to think they are still there in the device, i don't want to mess with it too much.


    she does not sync contacts with icloud, never hooks it up to itunes.



    Any advice?

    whenever she gets this straightened out my advice would be to buy a samsung!


    it's pathetic that apple's response to this is to blame the customer.

    how about blame your crappy product?

    i've NEVER seen this happen on any android device.

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    Let's get on the social media.

    I am sick and tired of being pushed around from Apple.

    I am going Samsung!!!

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    My iPhone 4 just did this a second time. iOS 5.1.1 isn't that old so Apple doesn't really have any excuse not to support it.


    This issue has made up my mind, my next phone is going to be a Samsung.

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    When I encountered this problem initially, I sync'd from my last back-up. Although losing all my photos(saved to a file prior to back-up), messages and new contacts etc from my phone since that back-up, it was working well. All the contacts were back and I was happy again, my phone was a phone, until yesterday afternoon.


    ...same glitch as before, received a text message, couldn't open it, couldn't do anything on the phone. Turned it off then back on - all contacts gone. My initial instinct was to smash the phone against the wall. 'Fed up' is a polite way to describe my mental state at the time.


    What peeves me is the audacity apple has to charge the ever-loyal apple customer for a simple product support call. What has this world come to? I refuse to pay to speak to the greedy pigs.


    Like other people have suggested before, if this software glitch isn't rectified soon, it may be time to investigate other products on the market. Surely the competitors are more competetive nowdays.


    Apple, shame on you!


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    I have a backup, and the Apple iOS isn't really an update, it's a new OS for the phone that reduced functionality for what I wanted and caused further issues with the phone.  I'm sorry if you had to pay to get those answers from Apple .


    And when I ran the backup it got all the way to the end of it and popped up a message that said something like "this isn't the same iphone, this backup is no good" and canceled out.  It had overwritten my texts and deleted pictures but didn't do the contacts. I took a short walk and a few deep breaths and tried it again and it worked.


    Since this first happened I had uninstalled the facebook app, which is the last thing I "did" before I lost my contacts (I updated the app).  I haven't reinstalled it, and haven't had the reoccurrence others on here are talking about.  I'm also happy to say I thumbed my nose at Apple and I'm still stickin' on the 5.1 iOS.  Screw 'em.  I'll update it eventually when I darn well feel like it.

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    Just want to add a further report of the same problem. Got text message. Messages kept crashing out as I tried to access text. Turned phone (iPhone 4S, OS 5.1) off and on.


    Next time I went to call someone I went into Phone, Favourites and before my eyes the names on the contacts changed to numbers.

    In Contacts all information is gone.

    In Messages all texts are showing up as coming from numbers not names.

    However in Search names still appear beside text messages, so they are still in there somewhere.


    I have no syncing set up. This appears to have been triggered by the crash of Messages.


    Do Apple monitor this thread? Is there any official response from them beyond 'restore, upgrade, backup' ???

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