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Hope someone can help me.

I have an iPhone4 32GB and I am getting no audio out of the handset speaker. I've had the phone 3 weeks and the fault may have been there since purchase as I've only been using the headset until today.

It works perfectly through the loudspeaker and headset but I get absolutely no audio from the handset speaker during phone calls. I have tried a 'soft reset' and the plug in and unplug idea but both to no luck. When I play MP3's they play through headset when its plugged in and loudspeaker when its not. I have tried using Skype and standard calls.

I have a screen protector but it does not cover the 'foil' bit at all or the front camera.

I'm reluctant to do a hard reset as I have 25GB of data and it'll take forever to resync. I am running iOS 4.1

Thanks for any help

iPhone 4, iOS 4
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