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simonwai56 Level 1 (0 points)
I bought an iphone 4 outright from apple store in melbourne. After inserting a microsim from other carrier (Maxis Malaysia), Itunes show "The sim card inserted does not seem to be supported". I've tried everything and even restoring but no luck. Does anyone out there have the same problem? Anyone has any idea how to solve this problem?

My friend who bought the same iphone 4 from Australia works fine after he called up telstra to do the unlocking whereas I bought the UNLOCKED outright from apple store is locked. Anyone has any idea how to solve this problem which APple themselves cannot solve, apart from jailbreaking as it will void the warranty?
  • wjosten Level 10 (94,210 points)
    I believe the only unlocked iPhones sold by Apple are the one's purchased through Apple's online store. If you purchase your phone from an Apple retail store, it will be carrier locked. You will have to contact the carrier your phone is locked to as to their unlocking procedures/cost.
  • Julian Wright Level 7 (34,860 points)
    Only the original network to which the iPhone is locked can unlock it. You need to go to them, or...

    If you specifically stated you wanted to purchase an unlocked iPhone then you need to go back to the Apple Store you purchased from. No-one here can do anything for you.
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    I paid 859AUD for the iphone 4 when i bought it. It's not locked to any carrier I believe. The phone was activated on the spot with the message: "congratulations, your phone has been activated". I wasn't informed that the phone is locked to any carrier as during the queue, one of the staff came up and said APple store is selling unlocked iphone4 outright. If what you guys said are true, which carrier do i call? because I have no idea which carrier the phone is locked to. To make the problem worse, I have already left Australia for good. How am I gonna travel back to Australia just to solve this problem?
  • wjosten Level 10 (94,210 points)
    congratulations, your phone has been activated

    That doesn't mean that your phone is unlocked, just that your phone is activated. What carrier's sim was used to activate your phone? That's the carrier your phone is locked too. At any rate, no one here can help you. Call the Apple store where you purchased your phone, give them the phone's IMEI number. They should be able to confirm whether your phone is officially unlocked or not and if not who the carrier is the phone is locked too.
  • Andy :] Level 2 (400 points)
    All iPhone sold in the Apple Store in Australia is unlocked. Did you actually go to a proper Apple Store. There are only 2 Apple Store in Melbourne, Chadstone & Doncaster. If you want to neither, you did not buy it from an Apple Store.
  • Graham K. Rogers Level 5 (5,430 points)
    Let me update you on one point, wjosten. I cannot say what happens in Australia, but in some areas (and my experience is limited to Thailand) the Apple retails outlets, which are franchises and not owned by Apple, will sell unlocked phones. They may be carrier linked (for service/warranty I would take mine to a specific named carrier of the three carriers here), but can be unlocked. I do not think Thailand is unique in this and it probably stems from the local regulations on availability.

    I agree that the only way the OP is going to solve his problem is through Telstra, however.
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    I bought mine from Chadstone. It's an Apple store. I queue up 2 hour for it when it first launched in Australia. Sounds pretty ridiculous as I could not use it overseas. I'll try to ring them and give the IMEI code to see if that helps to do the unlocking. Frankly I do not think the phone is locked to any Telco company in Australia as I already paid a full price for it, unlike those who go on a plan with 2 years contract.
  • varjak paw Level 10 (169,827 points)
    Removed: redundant information.

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    Graham, I believe that Apple sells unlocked iPhones in Australia only through the online Apple Store. This is the case in other countries as well; an unlocked iPhone being available only via the online Apple Store. iPhones in Thailand are not locked to any carrier, regardless of the outlet (assuming an authorized reseller, of course), so the situation in your country is very different.

  • Allan Sampson Level 10 (123,405 points)
    I'm pretty sure there are no Apple franchise stores. Apple does not have a franchise program for Apple retail stores. If there is an Apple retail store, it is owned by and operated by Apple.

    There are no Apple retail stores in Thailand.

    Apple retail stores are available in the following countries.

    Unites States
    United Kingdom

    There are official Apple resellers or retail outlets that sell Apple products and provide service, but there are no Apple franchise stores.
  • Graham K. Rogers Level 5 (5,430 points)
    I was merely trying to correct a point that wjosten made in reply to the OP and I am afraid that your reply complicates matters and is wrong. The three carriers in Thailand that handle the iPhone (AIS, DTAC and True) lock them for the 2 year contract period, but they do provide an unlocked device as an option.
  • Graham K. Rogers Level 5 (5,430 points)
    Alan, as in my reply to Dave Sawyer, I was initially trying to correct a point that wjosten made in reply to the OP. In Thailand (and this is getting off message - I apologize to the OP), all retailers of Apple products are under the iStudio or iBeat franchise. As in any franchise, they are operated under certain conditions set by Apple. We may be splitting hairs here.
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 (123,405 points)
    There are authorized Apple retailers which are not Apple franchise stores. There is no such thing as an Apple franchise regardless an official Apple retailer meeting certain requirements in order to be an official Apple retailer.

    This is not splitting hairs. A franchise and an official retailer for a company's products along with selling similar and competing products are not the same.
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    Can someone tell me an effective solution for my locked iphone 4?? To summarise the problem, how can someone use an iphone4 bought from another country? The iphone 4 is bought outright from an Apple store. Not franchise nor retail. It's an official Apple store. Whether the phone is locked or not, I have no idea but I have already paid a full price and still not able to use it overseas.
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