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Hi, I'm using a Dell laptop with Windows 7, 64 bit. The problem is when I am looking at my songs in ITunes. Using the up/down arrows or the scroll bar creates weird glitches on screen. The songs displayed just freezes with only a few at the top or bottom (depending which way I am going) actually scrolling. There is no refresh for the vast majority of the screen. If I click on a part of the screen that is frozen, the correct song for that spot will appear. If I then use the arrows to move up & down, I can manually get the screen to normal, but it is a pain. I first noticed this problem with iTunes 9 and thought iTunes 10.0 would solve it. No dice.
I have been finding similar threads and have tried everything that they mentioned with no results. Specifically, others have found issues with a multiscreen switch (not an issue here), with older BIOS (I just updated that), and with older drivers (I updated all the ones Dell told me to yesterday).
I have Windows Update on automatic, so all recommended and important updates are happening.

Dell Inspiron 1545, Windows 7
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