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    This Seems to be the easiest option. Simply create a folder in you PC pictures folder and call it what you like. Then go into itunes, select your device then navigate over to the right and click photos. Now tick the SYNC PHOTOS FROM  and select the empty folder then hit sync at bottom right. Do not forget to apply .

    It will then say that is replacing all sync photos on your device with the folder you made in your pictures, click ok.

    Ok so thats done, now untick SYNC PHOTOS FROM and hit sync again and apply. This will remove the new folder you made as well so now its all empty. retick for future photo syncing.

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    I found out how to do it.  I had the same problem.  I synced my photos with icloud when i deleted my account because I didn't know if it would delete the pictures off my phone or not.  I know that you said you went through itunes and tried that already, and it might not work for you, but I will describe exactly what I did, just in case it could work for you as well.  First of all, I hooked my iphone up to my computer and opened itunes, I then went to photos on my iphone and clicked on "selected folders" to sync my photos.  I then unclicked all of the folders and applied that to my phone.  I checked my phone, and voila! they were gone.  Hope it helps you.  And if it doesn't, myabe it will help someone else having the same problem.

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    thank you so much dencav11 this is the only answer that actually worked!

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    Thanks!  I had also copied the photos onto my PC then deleted the photos in the files on the 4S.  It opened up a great amount of space on my phone.  Thanks again for the info!  You saved me a trip to the genius bar.

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    I tried it once then hit sync then went to main home screen...its didnt do anything so I tried one more time. I kept it on my photos app and it took away other folders after I hit sync leaving only Camera Roll as a folder.


    I had the same problem. It took me awhile but I finally figured it out. As you know the photo library is created only when you have copied your photos to your pc and then re-synced your phone. The only way to remove one or all of the photos from the photo library is going to depend on if you want all the photos gone or just selected unwanted photos. Here is how to delete the photo library and one or more of selected photos only.


    If you want to just remove selected unwanted photos only.


    1. find the folder on your pc that your iphone photos were copied to. Sometimes if you did not create one, the iphone places them in the My Pictures folder. I always make up my own folder and put in on my desktop so I know exactly where it is. Easy to find.


    2. Create another folder and from the folder containing your saved photos, select the photos you want to put on your iphone and place them into the newly created folder.


    3. Attach your phone to the pc and open up iTunes and after selecting your device, select the photos tab and then place a checkmark in the Sync Photos From. In the drop down menu, select choose folder. Select browse and go to desktop where your newly created folder is and select that folder. Sync your iphone to that folder. Now you should have a photo library that will contain only the photos from that folder. All others should be gone.


    If you want to completly remove the photo library from your iphone. Follow the procedures above but create another folder named "iPhone Empty Folder". In step 2 above, you selected the folder that contained your photos, this time follow the same steps but this time select the "iPhone Empty Folder". When your phone is synced with the empty folder, the photo library will be gone because there are no photos to be sync'd with.


    WARNING: Be sure that you have copied any photos from your iphone that you wish to keep prior to following these procedures. Once you've removed the photos from your iphone, they can not be retrieved except by having them on your pc.


    I hope this helps. It help me and I can't remember who posted it before but I thank that person. It was so stressful trying everything and then finally it worked.


    Just an FYI - To get just the camera roll photos into one main folder i just plugged my phone in then went to computer then to what mine was named (Jennifer's iPhone) then clicked on internal storage then DCIM and i put all of those wierd labeled numbered folders in one main folder (which I created a new folder in My Pictures) on my pc so that way if I lost anything while trying this I had the camera roll pics backed up on my computer so they were not lost

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    First off, I want to say, thank you for your clarity and explanation of how this works!  Unfortunately, this is where my problem begins, on your step 1., what if the original source no longer exists? In other words the computer that contains the original photos that were synced to my phone no longer exists because it crashed.  How can I get photos in my "Photo Library" from my iphone to my current computer?  I don't want to delete all of them, just some of them.  Any suggestions? Before anyone mentions it, I do understand the difference between, "Cameral Roll", "Photo Stream", and "Photo Library".  "Photo Library" is the one I can't do anything with, delete, transfer to computer or anything other than (like comments above state) make them disappear for good, which is not what I want. HELP!!!     Oh and in my case, it's an iPhone 5.

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    The fix is very easy. Use the image capture app (standard with Mac OS) and delete as many images as you want. Command A will select all images.


    Thanks to a You Tube vid.

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    dencav11  your solution worked like a charm thank you so much


    A note to others make sure your icloud is not set to  backup your photos or they will just be put right back




    I had this same problem so I started messing around. Please bear with me, the beginning sounds like all the other posts.


    1. Go to the photos tab(the one where you can choose to sync)


    2. Select sync


    3. Click the drop down for folders and click Choose folder...


    4. When the box comes up to select a folder, create a new folder. Select the new folder.


    5. Sync


    It won't let you sync with nothing which is why none of the other suggestions worked. The folder would be empty so no photos would be added to your device but the photos on your phone are deleted.


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    Thank you soooo much!!!!!!  It worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you!!!!!!!!

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    there is not a photos tab available

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    The fix is very easy. Use the image capture app (standard with Mac OS) and delete as many images as you want. Command A will select all images.


    Finder > Applications > Image Capture app

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    Thanks dencav11!

    Could not delete any pictures or albums, couldnt update due to not HD space either.  Pretty simple solution and brilliant, I was totally stumped.

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    dencav11, you rock!  thanks for the help in deleting pics!

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    I didn't read all the replies so sorry if this was already stated

    At first even syncing wouldn't remove the photos I couldn't delete.

    However, it finally dawned on me that the photos I was trying to delete were in a folder and that folder had a name and that folder no longer existed on my computer.

    So, I added an empty folder (didn't put anything in it just left it completely empty) with the same name as the folder on my phone, synced it, and more undeletable photos

    Hope that helps