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    Just turned my phone off and then back on and now it is working
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    Thanks to someone on here, I simply deleted the alarms I have set over time and then powered off. Then after turning it back on, I set an alarm and it worked. Thanks. I didn't realize I relied so heavily on my phone's alarm. And to all you whiners, just get over it. Apple is still and continues to be the superior product on the market.
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    You didn't need to say that. It's very clear that you think Apple is superior simply from looking at the number of major Apple products you own.

    Unfortunately, "superior" is subjective. And the quality control nightmare that has been iPhone 4 (overall still a good product, IMO, but I come from Windows land, where we're all too stupid to realize we're getting viruses every two seconds and blue screens every five, and none of our hardware works because there are just too many drivers, and gosh, I dunno, I really don't feel like I'm having those problems, but a Mac user told me I am) does not fit most people's definition of "superior." I use a case to avoid an antenna problem. I can see my proximity sensor in the dark, and that's an improvement. I get GSM buzz in my earpiece speaker. And now my alarm doesn't work.

    At least this newest problem isn't only on my spiffy new model. And I'm confident there will be a fix soon, because (as no one here seems to have noticed), this is not the first appearance of the alarm bug.
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    Glad you use a case, it will help with the antenna problem if you happen to hold the phone there. I never did and my body is not very good at attenuation. This problem was WAY overblown.

    I could see the proximity sensor in the dark on my 3G. I can see it on some Android phones. So what? Is this a big problem I didn't hear about?

    You can get GSM buzz from ANY GSM phone if it is connected via EDGE. That's why it is called GSM buzz and not Apple or iPhone buzz.

    My alarm works fine now, but I never relied on any cell phone as my primary alarm. Maybe I'm just too old. Or I have trust issues. Or both.

    It has already been "fixed", at least for this year. And I heard about the daylight savings bug in NZ and Australia. But can you give me a link for the first appearance of the alarm bug? Have to admit I didn't notice it existed before and apparently no one else has, except you. So if you would please, post it here, I like to learn.

    I would also argue that the iPhone hasn't been a quality control nightmare (how many times have you replaced yours? Zero for me.)

    I can't dwell on this too long, I have to get up early to go to Dallas to help someone who had a problem updating their iPhone. Turns out it was because they did not use antivirus/antispyware software on their Dell laptop and have become infected. But I won't tell them they are having those problems since I'm a Mac user. Because reading through these forums it is clear that no one running Windows ever had to reformat their drive due to viruses and/or spyware/malware.

    If you really do believe the iPhone is a quality control nightmare, and you live in Windows land, have you looked at any of the new Windows Mobile 7 Mobile Phones? I do like the first screen interface and you might want to check it out. Can't tell you whether the phones it runs on are a quality control nightmare or not.
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    The prox sensor glowing in the dark isn't that big a deal, but trying to tolerate calls before the "fix" was quite a task. I still face-end at times, but it's much less bad than it was.

    Google "iPhone alarm problem" or something similar, and look at some of the results. It happened back in November, too. Try this one. owners-late-work-alarm-setting-does-update.html

    The GSM buzz I am referring to is not the phone interfering with other devices, it's the phone interfering with itself. Thankfully At&t's network is so terrible where I work that I hardly experience calls anyway.

    Don't get me wrong, I have liked the iPhone/iPod touch family a lot. And I'm in too deep to back out now, anyway. I like the new features in iOS 4. I like a lot of things about iPhone 4. But saying it's clearly superior to everything else on the market is going a little too far. No, I haven't replaced my phone, either, because all of my issues were issues that occurred with most or all iPhone 4s. So I had to decide whether they were something I could live with, and I chose to keep it. Thankfully, I didn't have one of the phones whose screen separated from its body.

    And re: viruses and spyware, that's a cute story. Be thankful Mac users are still a minority, because if Mac (and Linux) ever become bigger targets, I'm pretty sure UNIX desktops will turn out to be... not as impenetrable as previously thought.
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    Sorry. I guess that was the Australia/NZ daylight savings bug you referred to, which wasn't limited to Australia and NZ at all. But probably not the same bug as the new, better bug that made alarms not work.

    Again, please understand what I'm doing here. I love the iPhone, but we as consumers have a right to complain about this kind of thing. If Apple wants to continue selling iPhones, I think a better strategy would be to make them work better instead of trying to use Jedi mind tricks. "Your phone does not need to make calls reliably. You don't need to hold it that way."
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    Never face-ended so I can't comment.

    Yes, I know about the daylight savings time bug but that is not the same issue.

    GSM buzz refers to GSM phones causing interference with other electrical devices. Not sure what you are referring to, again haven't experienced it.

    Why would anyone sign on with a cell phone provider that has lousy service somewhere that they spend a good percentage of their life?

    Not heard of the screen separating from the body, must not be as widespread as you think. And whether someone thinks it is superior to other phones is subjective so I don't see why that would upset you. Some people think Ford's are superior.

    I would never say that OS X is impenetrable, especially when you factor in problems between the chair and the screen, but it isn't just the market penetration that is a reason there is also a difficulty factor in writing viruses that target Unix-based operating systems such as Linux, OS X and Android.
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    Mine is also not working. i deleted all the alarm on Jan 3rd, and reset it afterward. The alarm was on, however, it also on at the time that i didn't set.
    for example, i set 8am, and 8:15. it was on 8am, 8:02am, almost every 2 mins. even after 8:15am, the last alarm i have, it was still keep going on every 5mins until i deleted all the alarms. it is driving me crazY.
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