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    i have done exactly TO THE LETTER wat u said in ur post. i live in mauritius but i`m still not getting the " NONE " option. i tried changing my country, created a new account. it`s still does not have the none option. i just bought an iphone 4s which is **** expensive n i can`t put ANY apps on it. cud u plz tell me wat 2 do. and i can`t contact apple by mail. all they di is keep sending me to FAQ. plz, I REALLY NEED HELP. RPLY SOON. MY EMAIL IS

  • Dah•veed Level 7 (33,655 points)

    However, as you can see, the None option IS available in your nation when one follows the simple instructions provided by Apple for obtaining a free app and creating a new account!


    Creating an iTunes Store, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store account without a credit card


    Screen Shot 2012-03-30 at 10.43.51 AM.PNG

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    hw to creat apple id???    can teach me?? coz i n hav credit card so i cannot creat it!!

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    Why does apple make everyone jump through hoops when they can just add a simple "None" option whenever they are asked to a payment method? Instead, you have to navigate through these "simple" steps which are obviously not that simple.


    Why do you need to make a WHOLE NEW ACCOUNT when they can just add in a "None" option to a pre-existing account?

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    That is a question for Apple. ASC is a user to user forum, no one here speaks for Apple, Apple does not answer questions here, nor has Apple ever gotten into the details of why the online stores work as they do. Apple has provided instructions for setting up an account without a credit card. I have followed them myself, they are indeed simple.

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    For Canadians it is a different story, see pic below where there is no option to select "None"

    so my question is why is there not an option for Canadians for my kid to download?


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    AWFC wrote:


    For Canadians it is a different story,

    No it is not.

    See pic below where it does display the None option.




    why is there not an option for Canadians for my kid to download?

    There is. See my photo (from the Canadian iTunes store) above.

    Did you follow the instruction posted (far too many times) in this thread about attempting to first get a free item from the iTunes store? (Step 4)

    Make sure you are not signed into the iTunes store before doing so. (Step 1)


    See this ->

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    The important thing is that you have to follow the instructions precisely. You have to create a NEW Apple ID and iTunes account. These instructions are not about using an existing Apple ID.

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    yes you are correct, that is one mistake that alot of people make (inlcuding myself) is that it does not work in using an existing apple id but has to be a new apple id to be created and have tested that to be working

    i guess my intention was to change an existing apple id to not have to register a credit card.  the apple id was created but did not complete the whole registration process as I did not want to enter in the credit card, now it will not allow me to add that option in or is there an option?

    I would like to use that apple id instead of creating another new one if possible

    help appreciated

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    If you want to use an existing Apple ID then you will need to supply a bank card. However, you should be able to turn around and take that bank card right back out. I have never used an iTunes gift card. But you should also be able to fund an Apple ID with an iTunes gift card.

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    I am ****** off at Apple at first I thought my account was hacked because i couldnt sign in, so than I made an account using the same Apple ID I had and it did make a new account. Some how my old account was deleted screw this crap Apple! I am not going to put in my credit card information to please you, I want my old account restored with credit card option as non.

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    PEOPLE I have tried 5 to 10 times to create a new account and there WASNT A NONE BUTTON. And then, in the 11th time it appeared!!!!  WOW!!! so it must be a glitch in the system...

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    This no longer works.