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    Just so others know. I opened iMovie the next day and no Events or Projects. I used a clean my mac application and uninstalled iMovie completely - then reinstalled and updated. The program worked well - and still is - with events and projects coming up regularly.

    iPhoto, however, took a hit with the reinstall of iMovie and I could not open it! A bubble came up saying I had to update iPhoto before it would open (I had updated it about a week ago) - so I updated and the same message came up - that I had to update - so I updated again. This time it worked and is still functioning, along with iMovie - but - my fingers are getting sore from being crossed.

    The Apple people need to work harder on quality control. I have continually used macs since 1983 and the quality a'int what it used to be. An example is iMovie 6 worked better than what is happening today!!
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    My heart leapt when this massage came through thinking it was a resolve .Im aiming to to shake things up , Tried all the above and apple shops 2 of them cannot fix it doing the above. But this time Aperture Icon had appeared , but no movies . Yes you right . apple getting to big headed and forgetting quality. No complaint department or a place where you can get a ticket help unless it cost lots of money. macs going to lose out if they don't wake up.
    Im sick of this I movie 8 or 9 afraid to get 11 where did 10 go? still I have to sit and click and click and click for anything up to 45 min to clear before I can access anything in I movie . Why is it not being sorted or news that its being looked into. Hole reason I bought this was for these aps.
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    there is no where to buy 11 in Borneo !
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    Ok all . As i have some time on my hands to day, I have gone all over the net putting out this unsolved problem. As those who say they can fix it , it still come back.

    I Movie O8 09 and now i have leant I11 all still have issued of looking for none existent files on your mac. Files or projects that were removed as they were completed .? right?

    All forums seem to be up against a wall. So I phoned Mac AU and put an Official complaint. As I new the 35 $ charge would not resolve the problem . After spending days in the mac dealers.

    So keep fingers crossed . may be you can give them a call too
    in your country .
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    Have all of you tried tried the 9.0.2 update released last week? Maybe that will help.
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    Cannot use it . . Everything has been up dated . Thanks
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    I haven't had the problem reoccurring since the 9.02 upgrade last week. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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    Move out of the Preferences folder to where?

    Thanks Macs4Maine
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    Just make sure you are using iMovie 9.0.2. No need to delete the plist.
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    As iI said my I movie 09 is version 8.0.6 no up dates .

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    Just Typical , Just as I had clicked 12 pop up asking to find video files , and then HA HA! Im in. the programs operating . stable . edited a couple of videos and exported them. Then my report . Was not too good , so I opened the web cam to do a report . What did i get as Soon as I captured . The pop ups started again. searching again and again .

    So where is the action from Mac after I lodged a complaint to mac in Oz . hello out there . Are you looking into the matter?
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    I too am having the same problem where everytime I start iMovie, it searches to no avail forever. Have removed the files as per instructions posted earlier in this thread to no benefit. Help!!!!! Please!!!!!
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    I honestly think that some one has managed to build a bug to get at mac , or this 09 and 11 was built on a bad day Friday. Where are the builders of 09 and 11 . Not even a notification if we are getting the issue looked at.
    Well not sure if this is allowed . Do you have skype? As to what I did was on 11 after I upgraded. to much to type to explain. But found 11 not working in music and stills. I wrote to I tunes where I down loaded I movie 11 , they refunded and reported the matter. Just have to sit and wait and lose money. I would splash out on a I mac but fear the same trouble.
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    Very concerned.....I could have stayed in a windows platform to have these problems....and to find that its an active topic on this site without anyone from Apple jumping in......not a good evening my friends.....
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    Iv been trying to sort these matter for months . this time persistent and patients is not working. its all ran out
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