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Eric Rosenwald Level 1 Level 1
How do I hit the "send" button when I'm using the wireless keyboard with my iPhone? I can use all of the text functions. I tried "command-return", etc... thinking that that was a shortcut. Didn't work. Does anyone know how, besides the obvious "press the send button on the iphone"? Sure, I can do that, but I want to do it with the external bluetooth keyboard!

3.0 GHz 8-core Intel Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8), two 17" Apple Monitors w/DVI-ADC boxes, PCIe USB hub, Digidesign 002R /Command|8
  • gizzys dad Level 1 Level 1
    Check this site. It will tell you about all the features, abilities and shortcomings of wifi keyboards and your iphone. our-iphone-ipod-and-ipad/
  • pichoux Level 1 Level 1
    Hi ! ,

    Try 'shift' + 'enter'
  • Eric Rosenwald Level 1 Level 1
    That doesn't work. Nor does any other combination of shift, command, and/or option... and return, that I can think of.
  • David Hamilton1 Level 1 Level 1
    I found the answer to hitting the send button from an apple bluetooth wireless keyboard. It's not the perfect answer, but a decent one nonetheless, and, really, I am finding it to solve other issues as well. Turn on your iPhone's Voiceover and learn how to use it. DoesLook in your iphone manual for all the wireless keyboard commands for manipulating your iPhone. You can temporarily turn on the iPhone's Voiceover from the keyboard when not using it for your SMS messages or other items. In any case, I was excited by finally solving this issue. It has been a pain.

    Essentially when in VO, you use the arrow keys and space bar while holding down the control and option keys to select and tap what you need. But read up on it.
  • appleharo Level 1 Level 1

    Here is what "tamara" emailed me ...


    "I guess it's just too much work for you to lift your hand a few inches and tap the screen."


    That is the "constructive" response given to a first time apple support user.  A slap in the face.


    considering that they said my post complaining about how this feature could be left out was 'non-constructive'

  • appleharo Level 1 Level 1

    you might as well delete my account and ban me from here because I am not going to stop exposing your unprofessionalism towards your customer. 


    I am also not going stop exposing how you just blamed the customer for being the problem.


    As soon as you are done banning me from here I'm going to send a copy of all these posts along with your replies to Steve Jobs, every website that covers Apple issues and never let this insult be forgotten.

  • _ikhaled Level 1 Level 1

    Even though its few inches, why we can't use the fn + enter to send a msg? what's so complicated!

  • YogiMaster Level 1 Level 1

    Wow, appleharo!!  unbelievable response!!  A fully supported wireless keyboard requires that it have a key combo "send" feature.  If the support team gave you that as a response, it means they are not technical enough, or smart enough to step out of their box and resolve the issue.    It also means that they're missing the point.  Actually I think the "send" button on the iphone (which is essentially the MMS application) needs to tie into the " enter/return"  button on the keyboard.  Say, add the feature that if you press and hold the enter/return button on the keyboard, this is equivalent to the "send" button on the iphone  or code the MSS app to accept another iphone key stroke (or combo) to be the equivalent.  It's not that hard to code/update their MMS application.  --Jason

  • deggie Level 9 Level 9

    How did "tamara" get your email address? As far as I know she does NOT work for Apple in any manner, are you confusing a post she made here with an email you got from an Apple host regarding your post?

  • bronzewarlockx09 Level 1 Level 1

    Agreed. I also don't understand why there is not a menu for assigning keys for shortcuts or why the buttons on the top row (music controls etc.) are not assigned to anything and do not work on the iPhone. I cannot speak for the iPad, but I know they should be functional with the iPhone and that the Send key should also be programmable or already have an assigned kay.

  • steven.tys Level 1 Level 1

    David, might sharing what you found out?

  • YogiMaster Level 1 Level 1

    To David's post:  it's still not acceptable.  Voiceover is very cludgy just to press the send button.  I now have to turn on Voiceover then press 3 keys simultaneously to get to (select) the <send> button, and press three keys simultaneously to press the <send> button.  Then turn off Voiceover when not txt'ng.  Like I said, still not a valid workaround.  Certainly not a "fix"!

  • YogiMaster Level 1 Level 1

    Bronzewarlock:  I completely agree! 

  • thedrewsk Level 1 Level 1

    I would really like to see this added to iOS 5 in some way. Despite the fact that the screen isn't very far away from my keyboard, it would still be so much faster to tie the "Send" button so something, even if it was Function/Control/Option/Command/Shift+Return, that would make things so much faster when sending emails, or sending messages on the messages application.


    I just recently purchased my Apple Bluetooth Keyboard for my iPad 2 and am very disappointed in the lack of integration of commonly used shortcuts. You can't even use the arrow keys to scroll down on a webpage? It seems that it would satisfy many Apple customers who have purchased the keyboard to tie in to iOS a bit better than it does now.


    That being said, typing this post using my keyboard is 100x faster than it would be using the virtual keyboard on the device.

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