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    Thanks!! This worked for me.

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    YES!!!  This worked for me!!!  THANKS!!!

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    Same issue.  Snow Leopard (10.7.3) /iPhone 4 /iTunes (10.6).


    I recently reset my phone becasue it wouldnt sync with the Apple store.  When I tried to put my music back on the device it wasn't syncing properly.  I used to be able to drop all of my playslists at once, but if you do that now some playslists will show up blank of with only one or two songs.


    Albums aren't syncing (missing one or two or ten songs).


    Wasn't working properly over WiFi so I tethered the device but the issues still remain.


    Any solutions?

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    I have an iPhone (4S) which is synced to a single smart playlist.  The playlist has several criteria, one of which is rating.  Live Updating is checked on the playlist.


    I recently noticed that an album that is in the playlist was not on the phone, and did not appear on the phone after several attempts to sync.


    I finally got it to sync by doing this: 1) Change the rating of the album so that it no longer was in the smart playlist, 2) sync the phone, 3) change the rating back to the original rating so that it was once again in the smart playlist, 4) sync the phone again.  Afther that series of steps, the album was on the phone.


    This indicates to me that the sync process does not actually compare what is on the phone to what is in iTunes, at least for smart playlists.  There must be a flag somewhere that indicates whether iTunes thinks the smart playlist has changed since the last sync, and if no change has occurred, no sync is necessary.  This sort of approach will speed up the syncing process, particularly if you have a lot of songs, but is subject to glitches like people have been noticing.


    There is probably a way to reset all of the flags and force iTunes to actually look at what is on the phone to determine which tracks to sync.  Rebooting, resetting, clearing caches, etc might all be ways to reset the flags, which is why they have been working as solutions to this problem.  It would be nice to know what Apple recommends when this happens.  After fixing the problem with this album, I still have 12 tracks out of 2000 tracks that aren't being synced properly.

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    finally! thank you so much!!!

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    Thank you so much for posting this. I tried most of the other suggestions above and this is the only thing that worked. Created an id just so I could say thanks It's been driving me crazy!!

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    Same issue. I switch to manul syncing to see if I could get the songs on a device, but I get an error reply saying that the songs are not in iCloud. This is really strange because most of the songs were bought from iTunes.

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    after trying all of the above to no avail, my problem was finally solved when i realized some the songs in my playlists that weren't synching were categorized as a media kind other than "music."  i selected all the songs, right-clicked, clicked "Get Info," chose "Options," selected "Music" from the "Media Kind" drop-down menu, and once iTunes processed that change all the tracks were successfully transfered to my iPhone 4 upon my next sync.

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    I am happy to report I am now syncing my iPad 3 correctly. I tried all of the fixes above without success and in the process I added duplicates to many of my songs.  When I first got my iPad I synced some music to it on my win7 PC because at the time I had OSX 10.4 on my iMac and it did not recognize the iPad.  Since then I have upgraded to 10.6 and the new version of iTunes.  The songs that were on my iPad were the thing that was keeping my iMac from from syncing with the iPad correctly and failed to populate the play lists. These songs are the same as those on the iMac but still caused the problem.    I had to delete all of the music on the iPad first to make it work.  The undocumented method to delete all music is to Go to Settings/General/Usage/Music, then slide your finger over "All Music" and it should come up with a button saying delete.

    Now that music is empty it will sync correctly.

    If you are not current, Update iTunes

    If you are current Go into iTunes  Preferences -Advanced

    Reset All Warnings (this also changes the auto-sync setting for iPad etc) 

    You should change that setting to prevent unwanted syncs.

    Reset iTunes Cache

    Sync iPad  

    Apple:It shouldn't have to be that hard.

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    Worked for me too

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    I have the solution!!! Just spent 3 days on the phone w tech support & they were unable to resolve....tried restoring iPod, reinstalling itunes, all other tips I read on blogs etc. I rcvd a MSG: could not sync song123 because file could not be found. If you are rcvg this same MSG....that song (& possibly others) will have an exclamation mark beside them in itunes. Select this song & double click will be asked if you would like to locate the file, a browser will open to search your computer, locate the original file & select it. Alleluia :-)

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    What worked:

    Go into Preferences -> Advanced

    Reset All Warnings

    Reset iTunes Cache

    Sync iPod 160gp classic

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    Goatchaps -

    after 4 hours of trying to figure it all out I followed your instructions and was able to download all my songs!

    Thanks so much for your help!

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    Appreciate it, worked perfect for me!!!

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    I just updated my itunes on my windows xp and my iphone 3g and realized all my songs in the library including playlists got unchecked! So for some this could be a simple fix!

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