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Michael McLinn Level 1 Level 1
Hi everyone,

I just bought a new mac mini (the basic model) and attached it via HDMI to a HD TV. I bought the mac wireless keyboard and magic trackpad to go with it. Everything works except that both the keyboard and mouse are consistently slow. Not quite to the point of un-useable, but very noticeable.

I've read that it might be radio interference with the bluetooth signal. To test this, I put my Macbook Pro right next to the new mac mini (while it and the screen were on) and paired the keyboard and mouse to the macbook pro. Everything was super fast, no lag - so that leads me to think the problem is with the Mac Mini. I've tried playing with all the bluetooth options, to no avail.

Anyone have any suggestions? I've also tried attaching a bluetooth magic mouse and had the same slowdown. Nothing seems to affect the lag, it's very consistent and probably around half a second between keystroke or mouse movement and it's reflection on the screen.



Mac Mini 2010, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
  • redbird123 Level 1 Level 1
    go to system preferences and go to "keyboard and mouse" the set how fast you want it to be.
  • Michael McLinn Level 1 Level 1
    No, it's not the speed of the mouse, the mouse movement is delayed by about a half a second due to lag in the bluetooth system somewhere. The keyboard has the same lag.

    Thank you though.
  • cwebber1 Level 1 Level 1
    I have the same issue.

    I have a MB Pro, which has a built-in trackpad. It feels very comfortable and easy to manipulate the pointer.

    But on my new Mini-Mac using Apple's BlueTooth trackpad, moving the pointer is extremely tedious. There is a very noticeable delay (latency) between my finger movement, and the pointer reaction. So when you are trying to hone in on a button it seems to always shift after you stop moving your finger. I've resorted to dragging a USB cord across the living room for now.

    Is this just a Mini-Mac issue? (I have the new model with HDMI).
    Bought Trackpad and MiniMac in September.... Will Apple still make it right?
  • acgeorge Level 1 Level 1

    I experience the same problem but it comes and goes.  Every once in a while the trackpad will lag and be pretty unusable for several minutes but then become fine again.  Mac-mini as well. 

  • John Krenek Level 1 Level 1

    I just got a new Mac MIni over the weekend and connected the same trackpad I've been using flawlessly. I am experiencing the same issue and I've turned off the bluetooth in my phone and any nearby device as well as setting the trackpad directly next to the mini. There is definitely a problem there somewhere.

  • MitchF Level 1 Level 1

    I had this problem - strange jerky bluetooth mouse behaviour with my Magic Trackpad. I found it to be caused by the Wi-Fi signal. When I turned off Wi-Fi, the issue went away.


    To resolve, I changed my wireless channel from 11 to 1 on my router to change the frequency of the Mac's wireless conversations. Not had the issue since !

  • davrosuk Level 1 Level 1

    Nice work spotting that! I was using channel 6 and moved it to 1 and that cleared up my issue too. 2.4Ghz is just too darn crowded!!

  • Halfmoonh4 Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for the input on WiFi interference.   I reset my airport channels and turned off my 2.4 GHz wireless phone.....   It seems to make the keyboard work marginally better, but the Mouse still barely works, but still virtually unuseable.    I've resorted to a wireless (RF) MS Mouse.    I've got my 2011 Mini in the entertainment center (cabinet w/closed doors), only 15 ft away.    So it should work.    My 2009 MBP (SnowLeopard) works perfectly in the same setup.     The Lion BT drivers need work IMO.

  • jimmiejambalaja Level 1 Level 1

    I have had the EXACT same issue with first a magic mouse and a wireless apple keyboard. Both brand new and hooked up to my new mac mini.


    At first it was not usable at all, everything lagged so bad that i ended up using my iPhone as a keyboard and mouse.

    But then after alot of testing (turning of WLAN, installing updates etc) i realised that it was the scaler in my reciever that was causing the problems.


    My mac mini was sending out 1080p signals --> To my reciever wich converted them to 720p --> and then back to my TV that once again tried to scale it to its maximum resolution of 1366x768.

    This scaling takes some time and results in HORRIBLE lag on your mouse and keyboard.


    Once i turned off the scaling on my reciever, switched my MAC to send out 720p 90% of the lag dissapeared.


    It's still far from perfect, but atleast i can use it now

  • tsharpe Level 1 Level 1

    Hey All,


    I've got the same issue with my Mac Book Pro and a new Samsung LED 3D TV. Its connected through a DVI out from the mac to a gold HDMI adaptor, then to HDMI into the TV. I've used this set-up with my last HDTV which was a Sharp LCD, and there was no lag and no issues.


    I noticed that for me, the lag appeared on the TV, but not on the laptop, so I thought it might be the connection (If I went right to HDMI instead of an adaptor maybe it'd be better) but I don't think it is given that the last TV worked fine.


    I then went to my display settings in the control panel on my mac and changed the refresh rate from 24 Hertz to 60 Hertz (NTSC) on the TV and the issue has pretty much completely dissappeared. Not sure why that was the default, but I imagine certain video and other media will play even smoother as well!


    Woo hoo!


    Hope you all figure this out too!



  • pauls996 Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you tsharpe, your suggestion fixed my problem. Once I changed the display to 60Hz the problem has since cleared up. Odd that the default is 24Hz.

  • achitnis Level 1 Level 1

    I have had (and still have) the same problem, and maybe worse.


    I have the original (3-battery) Al BT keyboard, and use it with a variety of devices (including my iPads). Works fine everywhere, EXCEPT with my early 2009 Mac Mini, where I have massive lag, missing typed letters, etc. The mac mini has wifi turned off (connected via etehrnet), so it isn't that. My router's wifi channels are all in the higher ranges (9-13) since 1-6 are just too crowded. And IAC, Bluetooth's "frequency hopping" design should take care of any interference, right?


    I have no problem using Bluetooth from the Mac Mini with my iPhone (or any other phone), so I know that BT on the Mac Mini is fine, and the keyboard works fine with my iPads, so it is fine as well.


    Any ideas on what this could be causing this? Any way of debugging this?

  • Halfmoonh4 Level 1 Level 1

    There's really only fool proof solution to bluetooth.   Don't use it;  go Logitech RF wireless.   After wasting all kinds of time on my new mac mini,  I said bye-bye to bluetooth and bought the logitech K750 keyboard and MX Air mouse.   VOILA!   plug and play!   what a concept.    Now I have a keyboard that doesn't require batteries  and an air mouse that doesn't require a table.   I love the keyboard, I finally have a home, end, page up/down buttons and a numerical keyboard.    The little solar app is that goes with it is way cool, you have to try to understand.   The MX Air mouse works as advertised.      


    In addition to the keyboard/mouse,  I programmed my Harmony RF Remote to be an Apple Remote and loaded "Remote Buddy" on my 2011 Mini.   Now I can control iTunes, XBMC, Front Row, and all kinds of other apps with my Harmony Remote.   Check out Remote Buddy, it works as advertised.

  • esset09 Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks, that fixed my issue as well. Had it set on 50 Hz (PAL), which obviously was plain wrong...

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