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  • Steven_wt Level 1 Level 1

    As I believe, all companies can make mistakes, it`s human. I`m a mac user for more than 10 years, and yes, I had also problems with my macbook pro, as I posted on this thread. A lot of of problems, hard freezes, etc. and finally, these problems are solved, in guarantee while it was over, after bringing it two times to the apple care centre, and now it works like a breeze, and I`m verry happy with it, I still love mac

    Not trying to convince anyone, just do what feels good, mac or pc, all is well, for me, I`ll stick with mac for I love it.


    All the best,

  • puntopelota Level 1 Level 1


    at the end there any solution?


    I have this same problem and spain barcelona AppleStore say my MPB 17 2011 nothing happens



    I'm very disappointed with Apple Company

  • josevtome Level 1 Level 1

    I fixed my problem by uninstalling Flash player... a little disappointing solution; but then I upgraded to Mountain Lion and the problem was solved, I reinstalled Flash and everything is working nicely.

  • LM3870 Level 1 Level 1

    I have a 2010 Macbook Pro 17" and haven't had this problem for about a year, until it occurred 3 times in last 2 days!!  It occurs when I attach an external projector via rgb. The last major update was to Lion 10.8.2, but that was a couple of weeks ago - anybody else seeing this??

  • adzuch Level 1 Level 1

    Just found this thread as it seems to be a common problem with the 6750M 1GB


    Running Macbook Pro 15inch, Early 2011 (2,2 core i7 with 8GB 1333 RAM and 512GB SSD)


    The issue only started happening a week ago and happens under load when it seems to switch over to the ATI GPU.

    I'm able to run my Macbook for 72 hours straight sitting idle at OSX on blank screen with just the dock open and no running applications.

    As soon as I start up VMware and other applications it will instantly freeze


    I managed to replicate the issue by installing gfxCardstatus and forcing it to use Discrete adapter - ATI GPU. It will freeze almost instantly

    If I force it to use only Intel HD 3000, so far VMware + Windows 8 and all my applpcations have been running fine for 2-3 hours (will leave this overnight)


    Surely this is a common widespread problem - Is Apple looking after its customers with a fix? I'm about to call them and see what they can offer in terms of a solution (have not read all 119 pages of this thread).

  • Kristian_F Level 1 Level 1



    it is not related with the VMWare Fusion. Or the double graphic adaper


    When I bought my newest MBP, it crashed (hard freeze) when it was starting the OS for the first time.


    After installing Temperature Monitor I found out that, at the CPU was running 80-106 Celsius (when the temperature reaches the 106 Celsius, then did come the hard freeze), what is around 222.8 Fahrenheit.


    I opened my MBP, disassembled it and found out at there was too much thermal paste between CPU and the cooling element. Usually CPU and cooling element need just a drop for the thermal paste, but my MBP CPU got at least spoonful of it. Way too much. When there is too much thermal paste, it will isolate CPU from the cooling element.


    I cleaned it with pure alcohol, added Arctic Silver thermal paste and assembled my MBP back to it's original condition. After since I have been very happy with my MBP.


    Now it runs (barely) 86C (186.8F) when running games and/or VMWare Fusion.

  • adzuch Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for your post Kristian_F


    I find it strange to have the Macbook running now since my last post with gfxCardstatus forced using integrated Only : Intel HD Graphics 3000 chipset


    Not a single crash yet and this is with VMware + Windows 8 running all night long.

    The more seems to be related to the ATI GPU and not the CPU in this case.


  • djanderz Level 1 Level 1

    i have issues aswell with the gpu, posted a ptcture here of the problem.

    i ran the Apple Service Diagnostic ASD v3S144 test and it crashed on the ARB test

    hopefully when 10.8.3 gets released the new graphic drivers will fix this

  • BinaryFunction Level 1 Level 1

    Hi there, I am in a very similar situation and no Apple refused to replace my machine and only offered to repair it at the cost of £416, I dont think so Apple.. Read my first and only post regarding this problem. We need to make a stand as quite clearly there are many users experiencing the same issue.





  • puntopelota Level 1 Level 1

    Lord, this is for the model MBP15.



    Although it also seems the same problem.



    In my case, it happens when you work the ATI graphics. Sometimes I have to reboot to 10 attempts.

    It looks like a thermometer defect within the ATI.

    Why not start to fail when the fans blowing hard. I think one possible solution is to increase the fan RPM as the ATI does work

  • RRV Level 1 Level 1

    I bought mine in May 2011, got a replacement in 3 days after display and CPU freeze. New one freezes up at will, and sometimes won't wake up. Turned it in for servicing. Is not worth $3000 plus.


    There should be a recall for such terrible products.

  • incagraphy Level 1 Level 1

    Also running Macbook Pro 15", Early 2011, 2.0 GHz


    I had kernel panics and different freezes, followed by inability to boot the computer on a regular basis.


    Service Provider said it "is" logic board, or graphics card which is connected to the logic board.

    They reset my logic board for 60euros and it worked smoothly for a day. Now they want to replace the logic board for over 500 euros ($700). Being out of warranty, they expect me to pay.


    With so many people having the same issue, I think Apple should fix the issue for us all.


    I tried software updates, installed Mountain Lion.

    I reformatted the drive several times.

    I exchanged it with a new SSD.

    "dev/null" test with Photobooth described elsewhere makes the computer crash on each OS X version I tried it on.

    During the tests my CPU temps hit 90 degrees celcius. However, the Heatsink was considerably cooler; i think around 45-60. Not sure if that is normal.


    At the moment, the computer has an erased HDD but does not even start up with install dvd or Mountain Lion thumb drive. So it's dead until Service Provider fixes it.


    Apple has kept me on the phones for about 3 weeks already. Senior technician who asked for diagnosis results from my Service Provider left the company just the day after I sent him the test reference numbers.

  • EdMurrieta Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same exactly the same problem on a Macbook Pro 17" i7 early 2011.  It began about a month ago and the Apple Authorized Service Provider after a week told me that it was the logic board and a new one would cost me $25,000.00 mexican pesos (around $1,925.00 USD).


    All I can say that is that this is NOT a few machines here and there, this is a widespread and numerous problem that should be addressed by Apple.


    I'am really mad!.  I bought my first Mac in 1988, a Macintosh SE an believe it or not it still works!!!.  Over 25 years I have had more than 20 Mac of all kinds.  Before the Mabook Pro 17" unibody I had a Power Mac G5 (Tower) that lasted 8 years…  EIGTH YEARS of constant and highly productive use.


    I'am so disappointed that I'am seriously considering "Switching" to Windows.


    And to hear the rumours that Apple is working on an "iWathch" is really pathetic.


    Its definitely NOT a Mountain lion issue.  I have extensively replicated the problem on Snow Leopard, lion and Mountain Lion.  Its definitely the AMD Radeon HD 6750m.  ONLY when the "discrete graphics" is in use these problem happens.

  • aryx281 Level 1 Level 1

    what we should do,its right if we make a petition for apple company

    mbp early 11 is my first mac stuff, maybe its gone be my last mac stuff from apple. we paid more expensive because for we want long term used notebook.thats ironic.


    please contact me,if there's some solution for this tragedy.