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    AppleCare fixed mine by replacing the logic board. Fortunately I have the extended AppleCare that covered it. I should have taken care of it the first time I saw it (within 15 days of purchase). Looking like a common issue with 2011 MBPs. I am still checking out things to make sure they got it right.

  • RRV Level 1 (0 points)

    Mine got fixed by replacing logic board. Luckily I have AppleCare. One thing I learned long time ago about laptops is "quality consistency". Notebooks tend to break more. Apple may be better, but they are not flawless :-)


    Apple has a flat fee fix - At least that is what I think Around $310.00. They will fix it up. You can try that option. Fighting Apple may be in vain.

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    I was going to dig through the 120 pages of this thread to check something, then I remembered how lazy I am.


    Anybody else with the BTO 2.3GHz i7 having this issue?


    I have no problems with my early 2011 17" model. Not in Windows, not in Mac, not with VMWare or Skyrim running. Never once had an issue with any sort of lockup.


    Anybody have a surefire method that works for them to replicate the problem everytime?


    If you are experiencing this issue, give this a try. I've used this method to test graphics failure in the past and hasn't led me astray yet. Open Photobooth, enable the Pop Art effect. See if that causing any kind of issue.

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    As I told in the beginning of this discussion, the problem is with the manufacturing process (malfunction) with the late 2010 and early 2011 MBP's.


    When I started my MBP for the first time, it freezes when installing process of the OS X was going.


    I did open and disassembled my MBP and found out, at there was too much of thermal paste between the CPU and the cooling element.


    Way too much. A spoonful. Right amount is approx a drop.


    Too much isolates CPU and cooling element and when CPU runs over 100C system hang whole computer to prevent physical damage for the CPU.


    I cleaned it, added Artic Silver and assembled my MBP again.


    After that, it runs cooler and all hangup's are gone.

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    mine got fixed with logic board replacement.

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    That is the last thing, when eventually CPU cracks (because of the heat) and whole motherboard is ready for the replacement.

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    There should be a way to argue against paying all the expenses if the problem is like you explained. After all, that would mean it's a manufacturing defect, letent from the day of purchase and should not matter whether the warranty is over.


    Do you suggest any precautions for people like me, to ensure that the problem does not repeat?


    I have iStat Pro installed, and whenever I hear the fans, I check the temperatures.

    Installing an SSD made a big difference too. It's always cool. Though, not sure about the HDD. So, far I have not made the HDD work hard where it is in the optical bay, which I believe is at a disadvantage if the hardware was designed to keep the original location of the hard disk cool rather than the optical bay. (Trying to figure out how to really configure the combination of the two drives).

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    The manufacturer of the part has already stated that it was a defect in manufacturing, but Apple is not the manufacturer of the part.

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    Where is the info on that

  • Csound1 Level 8 (46,900 points)

    Search on nVidia and apple replacement, use Google.

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    That’s other very similar case.  The early 2011 Macbooks have AMD Radeon.

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    I was unaware of that, Google turn anything useful up?

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    I have no choice but to pay for a new logic board!

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    how much did they charge?

    did apple help at all in anyway?

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    Replacing normal hard-drive with the SSD does not really make any difference.


    CPU & GPU cooling are different place


    HD & SSD are passive cooled.