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Ever since I've bought my Mac (July 2010) I've been having trouble with the Airport. I'll be browsing the net and all of a sudden my pages won't load, it just stops. The Airport icon in the menubar shows full signal, but when I go into System Preferences it says that my Airport if "Off." When I click the button to turn it on it acts like a dummy button, it just doesn't do anything. I can click it twenty-times and my Airport will still be off.

I doubt this is a router problem as I have tried this with various routers at various places. I took it into the local library, a hotel, a local gas station that has Wi-Fi and it continues to happens. Not to mention that the Airport itself shuts off. This really ***** when you're in the middle of a 1GB update and it just stops...then you have to start over.

After I do a complete reboot the Airport is on again, well most of the time. Sometimes it just stays off and I reboot it again. Sometimes it stays on for three-days and sometimes it stays on for five-minutes and I have to reboot six times or so until it stays on for a while. The average is about 30minutes until it shuts down again.

I've tried reinstalling my operating system, delete preference files, deleting my Airport connection and then recreating it, updating my Mac, trying different firewall settings, I tried booting in 64bit mode. Nothing seems to work. I tried an Apple Hardware test two times. One time I just did it and it reported no problems. The second time I waited until it shut down but it reported nothing, although I think it's because I rebooted and the Airport was "fixed" and it detected nothing.

I thought this was just something temporarily when I got my Mac so I waited and didn't call support. After 8months I decided to call support and they want $50 to try to diagnose it for me, which isn't fair because it happened from day one and I just thought an update or something would fix it. Not to mention, that a Genius Bar will look at it for free (two hours away from the closest one). Any hints, ideas, or tips? Thanks.

Macbook Pro, Spring 2010, Mac OS X (10.6.6), 2.4GHz Processor, 4GB RAM
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