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I figured that I would ask this question here, since does not seem to have the answer:

I am wanting to subscribe to NBA League Pass through my Apple TV - offers 3 different League Pass subscription options, at 3 different price points, I was wondering which option was the most cost effective if I only wanted to watch it on my Apple TV? I checked on and they make no mention of the AppleTV. According to their website, it sounds like the "Mobile Only" subscription would work for what I want.

Does anyone else, on this forum, use the NBA League Pass option with their AppleTV? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Apple TV with iOS 4.2, Windows 7, iTunes
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    I am using the International League Pass and have access to only one package which includes all games as I am ex-US.

    Regarding your question - the Website hasn't been updated to include any references to AppleTV. So it might make sense to wait one or two days to see if comes up wwith an AppleTV tailored package.

    However, I cannot manage to log in to League Pass through the AppleTV. Works fine on my iMac though.
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    I checked the AppleTV page, on, and I noticed that, in the feature description, it specifically mentions "NBA League Pass Broadband", which is their (NBA's) 2nd tier subscription option so I went ahead and purchased that. Since I already subscribe to, as well as NHL GameDay, I'm now waiting for the NFL to follow suit so that I can finally cut the Comcast cord.
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    Thanks gavnone,

    well spoted, an other user posted a response he received from the NBA support team regarding the login for international users. You are right, the service is limited to US residents only.
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    I would also love for the NFL to offer their Sunday Ticket package on Apple TV, but if they do I'm worried it would be as expensive as it is has gotten on DirecTV. $350 for a sports package is just too much money for lots of people.

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    I am from Germany and just updated my appleTV.

    Why is there only showing up in the menu? No one cares about Baseball here in Germany... Better get the International League Pass working!
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    Hi, few hours ago I purchased a 3.99$ one day pass Premium Package just to test this new service.
    I was able to register a new account through
    Then I've tried to login from my Apple TV several times but I was unable to connect.
    After one hour, I've seen that the page has been changed.
    I've tried to contact the support but they gave me a support ticket which is not working.
    My question is: what I've paid for?
    I can just watch a match for one day from my laptop?
    Thank you all.
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    you have to select "United States" under Country somewhere in the Settings / Einstellungen section. After that NBA will appear right below MLB. However, ILP is not supported yet according to another post here. Still, you can watch game recaps and standings.
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    the International League Pass is not supported by Apple TV as of now. Only the (national) League Pass is available. Disapointing, but true.
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    Hi, thank you for your answer. What is the difference between National and International?
    Just to let you know that even though I am in Italy, I'm connected with a VPN which has the server in San Francisco and I am also able to watch Netflix from here.
    So there would be fine for me to watch the national league.
    Thank you.
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    I believe the national pass subject to more restrictive blackout periods. but if you go to and choose league pass, you should automatically be offered the national version as the website recognizes your ip address as a US one.
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    Same here.  Purchased full broadband league pass yesterday, dec. 15, 2011, and it says we are ACTIVE but when we go to apple tv and try to log on it FAILS every time.  Two days now with no luck and NO support from   Their "live" help is dead, too.  I'm out $169 right now with no access.  Didnt spend that money to all gather around a laptop and watch games!


    What to do???  Why can't we log on??  Apple site says to go directly to NBA with problems, not to Apple.



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    I don't think it's up and running yet.  If you notice, when trying to log in using a regular computer at the "Launch" page, it just directs you to the order page.


    This was the case last year, too; it wasn't until a day or so before the season started that you could log in and pick your five teams, etc.  I wasn't on ATV then, though.


    The customer service is atrocious, so I'm waiting until next week before I get all fraught about it.  Let's compare experiences here...



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    I just subscribed the new NBA ID Pass 159$ and I was shocked that it didn't work with my ATV2

    but when I contacted the NBA customer support the told me latterly that "Future support for the ATV is under works, but there is no timeline for release yet" i was disappointed from this answer as the season will kick off next week 25th Dec and still they didn't solve this problem. However, why when you try to log in NBA in ATV it says need to subscript NBA ID Pass from ? since this pass doesn’t accepted with ATV

    I think this is not fare, and misleading customers

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    The current description on Apple's page is: "Access your subscription and see every dunk, free throw, and rebound live from your couch, or replay regular season games on demand." And there is nothing anywhere that says anything about requiring another device to stream it from. Very misleading and disappointing, especially with MLB showing how well it can work.

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