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    For blakefromdanbur:  Did you contact Apple prior to your email, or did Apple just send the email?  Thanks

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    That is the same story I was told. I want to know why? simple. just WHY? FedEx was rude, Apple Customer Service was "consistant" with the story line.... I waited several weeks for a 64GB Verizon model and it makes it from the other side of the world to within 100 miles and is returned without explanation. Not a satisfactory result. I had mine engraved also, again, why replace an iPad that has been engraved with another due to miscommunication with shipper....??? That is asinine! I only find solice in reading these post knowing i am not the only unhappy Apple customer.

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    If you call Apple and tell them you want to be compensated for this snafu, they will put you on hold and a few minutes later tell you that they don't normally do this, but go on to say that they will give you two accessories of your choice as goodwill.  I already received one of my goodwill accessories delivered via UPS today, less than 24 hrs. after I called to complain.  So why can't they turn the iPads around in the same amount of time?

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    Does everyone who has the delivery problem order the Verizon 3G version?  

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    Verizon 64G Engraved is what I ordered.

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    I just received this email from Apple:


    Dear Timothy,

    Thank you for your purchase.

    Apple has received notification from the carrier that the first delivery attempt for your shipment was unsuccessful. The carrier will make two more delivery attempts before returning the shipment to Apple.

    Apple offers three options for your convenience:

         1. If you will not be home for delivery, you can pre-sign for your shipment. Just visit <>, log in to your account, and click the "Pre-sign for this shipment" link.
         2. You can also contact the carrier directly to:
              • Hold your shipment at the carrier for pickup
              • Correct a shipping address
              • Return an in transit shipment to Apple


              To contact UPS about your shipment, visit <> or call 1-800-742-5877.


              To contact FedEx about your shipment, visit <> or call 1-800-463-3339.


         3. You can submit a request to Reroute your shipment to a different address at <>.


    If you have already received your shipment, please disregard this notice.

    For more information on shipping and delivery options, please visit Online Help at


    To speak with Apple Store Customer Service, please call 1-800-676-2775, Monday - Friday, from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., or Saturday - Sunday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Pacific time.


    Apple Online Store Team

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    Has anyone had this problem with a UPS shipment?  I've only seen FedEx's name here.

    What is it that decides the shipper?  If anyone contacts April again, please ask. 
    I'm glad mine is shipping UPS.

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    Check your order status to see what the ship and delivery dates are.  Mine is:


    Ships: Jun 23

    Delivers: Jun 29


    However, if you go to you can order one and get it within 1-2 weeks.  So, either the website is lying to their new shopping customers or Apple Customer Service doesn't give a crap about expediting shipment to affected existing customers.


    Maybe I should just cancel and wait for iPad3.

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    I also ordered a Verizon 64GB engraved and it reached the local FedEx center this morning. It should have been delivered but first was held at the FedEx center "for pickup", then the address was "rerouted" and then the shipper requested it be returned.??  FedEx said that if the shipper requests a return, they return, no questions asked.


    Apple insists that someone, not Apple, requested that the iPads be returned to sender and that Apple is investigating.  They say they will expedite previous orders and will reship in 24 hours.  This makes no sense.

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    I feel I am being held hostage! Not one honest open reply from Apple. I still have not been told that my ipad will be replaced. The only email I have is the one I posted earlier here on this forum. Totally unacceptable.

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    I received an email around 5:30 pm today saying a replacement iPad is being sent. No explanation as to why. Honestly I don't even care what the reason is, but they should have communicated. If they has just sent an email saying they had to recall a shipment for some reason or even "oops, we accidentally told FedEx to return your shipment", I would not have thought twice about it. But the cryptic FedEx messages and the Apple reps who are not informed of the situation (or acting like they're not) for my almost $1000 purchase - did not instill confidence. Apple customer service was great though, and gave me 2 free peripherals, which in my opinion more than makes up for my 1 day of stressing out.

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    Just spoke with Apple again, and Fedex again, many times back and forth, to attempt to resolve the issue.  Let me tell you what I found out. 

    It looks like there is a problem with the Verizon iPads.  I had ordered a white 16GB, and it was suppose to be delivered today.  Apple claimed everything was O.K. with the shipment, but Fedex insists about 2,000 shipments were recalled and it could not have been a computer problem because person to person confirmed the recall.  Also, supposedly Fedex had to put into the system 'undeliverable" because that is how they send it back, and they are not set up to say "recalled by seller".  Maybe I believe them.  Because Apple is being hush hush I imagine they find it embarrassing that there is something wrong with our iPads. 

    This is what you do if this happens to you:  Call Apple and get a case number ASAP, get the dirrect number w/ extension of the person you spoke to in the phone in order to call back easy, and insist to get those 2 free accessoriies.  I canceled my order and still got 1.  Will take 5 business days for refund to hit account.

    I will still get an iPad, but not right now.

    Remember your rights, you have the right to a refund, and compensation for the problem.  Common sense rules normally match the Sales law of this county.

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    Yes Sandylp, I contacted Apple this morning but just got their response late this afternoon, at about 5pm  (east coast time)  Disapointing to say the least.  It'll be now over a month since I ordered before I get my $800+ purchase! 

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    I took the day off from work to wait for FEDEX to deliver my new Verizon 64gb wifi/3g the last minute FEDEX says it was held  by  the  shipper and that it would be sent back to APPLE.


    I called Apple and they say that thousands of packages have been help and sent back to the shipper and they were working with FEDEX to resolve this.


    I call FEDEX again to ask if they know about this ....I speak to a supervisor and they have no idea what I am talking about.   They said I had until 5:30 today before the shipment goes to ELKGROVE instead of San Francisco where it is supposed to go!


    Although Apple has credited my account for the cover that was purchased for the IPAD the mistake in holding my package as well as thousands of others without an explanation is not the way to do business.


    I have never had this problem with any other retailer before.  After waiting 3 weeks to get this $1000 dollar ipad the company from which it was purchased is unaware of how or when I will reeive the package.


    My money was taken and still I do not know more at 10pm  than I did this morning at 10am when I was told that Apple was working on it.



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    Just found out that instead of June 9th delivery of my Ipad that it "SHOULD" be delivered on July 2nd.   ***~!


    This is going to help me since I am going to be out of the country!@