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  • LionmanPortugal Level 1 (0 points)

    Today I went to the shop to try to get a new iPad and for my luck they had one available unit.  Went to my house with positive thoughts. Started the iPad and did the usual green, blue , yellow, white and black test and the Light Leak was considerable less. Got very happy , until I start seeing dead pixels.  5 dead pixels !!!!! What the **** is going on with these guys ? Well, will try to test my luck on both ways once again (finding a shop with an available unit and praying not to find to much Light Leak and no dead pixels).

  • LionmanPortugal Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Olive,


    Do you know which weeks have the least probability of having Light Leaks or dead pixels ?


    Thanks !

  • idgienews Level 1 (0 points)

    You all who keep arguing are not helping people with questions they have about iPad 2. Arguing seems to be the way you all bolster your egos at the expense of those who have real questions. It's hard to wade through so many posts to find real help for our real problems. I've been receiving 35 posts a day by email of your arguments. I saw 3 that provided actual information. Please stop filling threads full of ego based crap. Put your d*cks back in your pants!

  • OliveRoudoudou Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Lionman,

    I can't make any assertion as the phenomenon seems to happen at random no matter which s/n you get.

    The more recent series I've heard of (manufactured last week) is still affected. Basically it's like a Russian roulette...

  • Doug Lerner2 Level 4 (1,030 points)

    There isn't a way of determining if your screen is a Samsung or LG one is there?



  • LionmanPortugal Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Olive,


    Thanks for your answer. I will keep trying till I get my lucky day !

  • moviewatcher78 Level 1 (0 points)

    Anyone received their iPad from the "new batch" that has been shipping from China over the last week or so? Mine shipped on Saturday and is hanging out in Alaska right now. This will be my 4th iPad and I'm really hoping the light leak issue is resolved.


    For the first one (32GB Wifi White), the light leaks aren't too bad and my wife was okay with it so I didn't return it. For the 2nd and 3rd ones (both 64GB Black ATT 3G), I purchased them at Wal-Mart (different stores / days a couple weeks apart) and both had light leakage. The first much worse than the second. I decided to order one from Apple directly knowing there was a 2 week window before it would ship which would give me time to find another locally. Last Friday, I took the defective one to the local Apple store and got the same song and dance about "they all have's LCD technology...we can swap it once, but no guarantees" so I said no thank you and took it back to Wal-Mart for a full refund.


    Given that these were tied to LG and that issue has supposedly been resolved, I'm hoping my iPad that is on it's way now is fixed and will not have any of these issues. Just curious if anyone has been able to see one that was manufactured after the LG announcement...

  • Doug Lerner2 Level 4 (1,030 points)

    According to another poster here, mine was manufactured in China in week "M" (the fifth letter of the serial number) which is supposedly week 19 - just two weeks ago, and came installed with iOS 4.3.2.


    I believe that is after the LG fix announcement.


    It is a white 32 GB wifi+3G, sold in my neighborhood electronics store here in Tokyo. (They didn't even go on sale here until April 28 because of the earthquake.)


    There are no problems with my screen.



  • goodolcheez Level 1 (0 points)

    dookster wrote:


    Here's the thing why the replacement stock are in the brown boxes. The first major thing is that the brown box is the same box they will use to ship the faulty unit back in. The second thing is the cost of the retail packaging is drastically higher (obviously) than the brown box. Third is that there is also the cost involved in regards to the packaged accessories for retail boxes. Lastly, Apple needs to keep their retail stock separate from replacement stock or else it will create a inventory tracking issue for them. Those are basically the only reasons why the replacement units are brown boxed. It saves them A LOT of money in shipping, packaging, and accessories cost as well as keeping their retail inventory (very important) manageable.

    Awesome points. They all make sense. I didn't think of all those you mentioned. 


    Apple is using common sense. I have no issue with that at all..




    To all, I have the biggest, a million dollar question:


    Who is the fault of this light bleeding issue?  Who caused this?   Is it the assembly error in the Chinese factory or is it the screen itself made by LG?   Which one?  ..  or BOTH?   I wanted to be sure on this.




  • OliveRoudoudou Level 1 (0 points)

    Doug, I'm afraid not.

  • simon5080 Level 1 (0 points)

    Well got my brown box replacement today.  Asked the guy to check it was ok before I left the store as this was my 4 th one.  After a bit of persuasion he did eventually take it to the back at checked for light leaks.  Came back and said it looks fine to him, he did say that if I was not happy I couldn't do another swap and my only other option was a refund.  That seems to be the policy now.


    Anyway tested it the usual way, left handside - perfect!, top- perfect!, right side- perfect! , feeling like I had hit the jackpot then bottom- **** it!!! Just right of the home button a light bloom.  It's the best one I have had and I have been using it trying to ignore it but whenever there is a dark image from a website or video it just looks so ugly.  Oh well refund it is then.  Had enough now.  Think I will wait until people start posting successes with online or retail purchases.

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    I picked up a IPAD 2 3G 64gb AT&T on Sunday at the Apple Store in Mayfair Mall, Wi.. Defective LCD screen. It was a little better than the last 5 Ipad 2's. Returned it today for a refund. The Apple rep was nice. Never asked me why. I simply asked for a refund. Interesting...I have been through the routine of having them order a replacement, however that one was just as bad. Now I just ask for a refund. No one seems to know when they have a good shipment or not. Some may complain others may not. Interesting.....


    Good luck Everyone!

  • LionmanPortugal Level 1 (0 points)

    I think you have touched the right points.  The main issues here are:


    - Apple surely know that they have a huge problem in hand;


    - There isn't the concern of issuing a statement recognizing the problem and stating all the measures taken to    

       solve this issue;


    This is what concerns me more, it is not the issue itself (mistakes happen) but rather the passive attitude as if expecting that a larger number of consumers won't notice the problems (and probably most of them will not notice the issue or ignore it). 


    This is not the typical behavior of this wonderful company (I still remember 18  years ago all the nights woken up programming LISP on my Macintosh).


    Let us see what happens ( I will receive tomorrow my third iPad2.....).

  • Doug Lerner2 Level 4 (1,030 points)

    I am curious about the "week" for the iPad 2s with screen problems. My serial number's fifth letter is "M" which apparently means "week 19" since it was made in China and I am in Japan. So apparently mine was made just a week before I bought it, which was on Saturday. And it was already installed with iOS 4.3.2.


    My screen had no problems as far as I can tell.


    It would be interesting to hear the week numbers for people who have problem units.



  • optimysticguy Level 1 (0 points)

    The one I just returned had the letter N.


    Best regards

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